Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ilwaco Farmers Market ... Don't Miss It!!

Saturday is Farmers Market day in Ilwaca Washington, a few miles north of the Astoria-Megler Bridge.  It pays to get an early start, or at least be on the road by 9:30.  Traffic over the bridge can be bad at times.  You can see the leftover clouds from the morning rainstorm and maybe even smell the fresh air!!!
The market sets up along side the harbor where the fishing boats come and go as you walk the length of the dock.  Just park where you see all the fisherman's trucks with boat trailers.
There's everything from food to hand crafted items to toys and woodwork.  The best part is I don't think I saw anything that was overpriced except maybe the tacos.  If you have a special request and can hang around another week, most of the artists will make whatever you want.  
These boats were being cleaned after coming back to the dock with crab and fish.  Unlike other docks where gates keep you out, you can walk down these docks to the boats and talk to the fishermen.
A group effort, ladies were selling raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt.  Patty and I donated a couple bucks to this and to the local animal shelter that works to adopt out all their dogs.
A couple years ago I bought some of the best smoked barbecue sauce, but he wasn't here this time.  Patty's fish tacos were however!!  Too bad I ate that big breakfast!!
There were things to taste, including olives, garlic and raw cranberry juice.  There was even cranberry lemonade ... YUMMY!!!
Here was an entire table of "Barbara" purses.  Barbara Westerfield has many purses this size, in just about every color under the sun.  These were all made from heavy tapestry material with matching glass zipper pulls that she made for each piece.  
For $15.00 I purchased this one after the one I had my eye on was taken by someone else!!  RATS!!!  It's okay, this one is beautiful too!!  There were fancy ones and plain ones ... perfect for Barbara!
These three play old cowboy tunes, every weekend, year after year.  They work for free, so throw a few bills in their tip jar.  Probably not the best band you've ever heard, but their enthusiasm makes up for it!!!
There were several wood carvers making everything from knife handles to bowls, but this Hobbit bird house had me at tweet tweet!!  It's over twelve inches tall carved out of a solid piece of wood and at a measly $25, paid for his entire space at the market.  Every other sale for him will be money in the bank!!  Now THAT'S the kind of crafter I like to purchase things from.
It was a great day in Ilwaco and I came home with a few treasures, but not until we stopped in at the quilt store in Astoria, to save Dan the embarrassment of being the only husband waiting outside on the sidewalk.  He was certainly happy about that!!
Today is the HUGE Astoria Farmers Market, my all time favorite ... also one you should NOT miss if you are anywhere near this part of Oregon/Washington.  After last night's deluge from the sky, we will again have beautiful clean cool air to breathe.  I can't wait to see what treasures reside on the street corners of Astoria!!


  1. I really like the purse with the red sunburst. Wish we could have made that Market. Though to think about it, I don't have a yellow purse. Amazing.

    1. They had some beautiful ones Barbara ... and the price was right!!