Thursday, July 2, 2015

YIKES!!! The Ground Is Shaking!!

Little did I know what was coming down the pike in the middle of the night!!  I heard a terrible rumbling and the ground began to shake.  Both dogs jumped up and started barking!!  I was out of bed and dressed in a flash ... I was sure this was the BIG ONE!!!

Turns out it was the big one, but not the one I thought.  It was a huge train passing within 50 feet of me at a screaming speed!!!  I guess they forgot to tell me about the train tracks.  Two more times the ground began to shake and vibrate ... keeping me up most of the night.  Good thing I like trains!!
I left my rig in good hands to complete the last of the warranty work while I loaded up the puppies and headed off to Eugene Textiles for a weaving lesson.  Poor babies had to both be stuffed into one kennel.  They were so good I can't believe it ... even when people came by to pet and talk to them, they were quiet and well behaved.  I think they were just scared since mom shoved them in jail!!!

Since I arrived early, she put me right to work warping the loom ... passing 64 threads for an 8 inch scarf through those little wires, then through something called a reed that will move the cross threads (weft) into place. Lucky for me, I was a step ahead of everyone since Miss Terry already showed me this on her loom.
This is what it looks like from the back.  Honestly, I'm still not sure what I was doing ... I just did what they told me!!!  Haha!  I hope I remember how when this project is done ... thus the pictures.
After an hour or so, I had this much of my scarf done.  By then, it was time to get the puppies and myself back to the rig and pay for THAT bill.  My credit card is as hot as a tin roof in my home town!
This loom folds up to 25 inches wide and 16 deep ... fitting nicely by the dining table when I travel.  Even when set up inside, there's lots of room to walk around.  
The charges for the warranty work ... new slide seal, water drain valve and gas monitor came to $898 ... which my insurance company is paying for.  

All of the other repairs, including slide tracks coming away from the rig, cordage problems on the awning, blue tooth microphone installation, double check all outlets, adjust all doors inside and out, cover inside slide addition with carpet and reattach, adjust sewer drain vents, install locks on heavy drawers to keep them closed, repair seal on bottom of slide, clean household batteries of acid and adjust and clean jacks, came to $700.  Add to that the electricity I used with both AC units running from 2:00 until 8:00 each night. 

The babies were sound asleep by 6:00 and I wasn't far behind them ... at least until the trains came by four times last night.
SOOOOO looking forward to a quiet's night sleep and a little weaving when I get back to Florence!!  And of course BJ's Ice Cream.  It will be a nice change of pace to have ice cream for dinner instead of tacos!!

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