Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whale Tales and Kite Flying!!

You have to be persistent to be a blogger.  I just spent 90 minutes writing this blog, only to have it totally disappear, whereupon I lost my internet connection.  So here goes the second round!!

Yesterday was a GREAT day to be on the Oregon Coast with my RV family!!  Our first stop was in Depoe Bay where Patty and Dan were to take a one hour ocean cruise.  With my past record of seasickness, rather than feed the fish, I chose to walk around town.  It's a good thing we like jello however, because all the tours were booked ... so we ALL cruised through the touristy shops.

This is the beautiful Depoe Bay bridge, next to the smallest harbor in the world, or so they say.  It was really busy with boat traffic, including the Coast Guard who had to wait several minutes for boats to clear the harbor.
On the way back to the car, we walked down the ocean side of the road to beautiful scenery like this.
Weren't we surprised to find whale spouts right off shore!!  After three or four spouts (sucking up air for their next dive) they would head back down to the deep.
Sometimes we saw backs and tails, sometimes not (probably the babies) ... but these guys definitely showed us their stuff!!
Patty has some whale tales to tell granddaughter Laila when she returns home.  We watched for about thirty minutes and saw several swimming in the cove.  What fun to try and spot them!

From there we walked under the bridge to the fish cleaning station.  Here seals swim around waiting for the guys to throw them a morsel or two.
They weren't the only babies ... this seagull baby had just been served lunch by mom, then began flapping his wings, practicing his flying.
On the way home for OUR lunch, we stopped at Cape Foulweather.  Definitely worth a stop, you can stand inside the building at the windows and look almost straight down to the water.  There were several whales swimming in this little cove also.
After lunch, we met Nick and Terry down at the beach for some kite flying.  I purchased a Prism Quantum stunt kite in Lincoln City last week, to go along with my Prism Snapshot speed foil.  Nick helped me set up my new kite while Dan got his Snapshot in the air.  The speed foil is just that, made for speed and skimming the top of someone's head (Dan Chance's favorite sport) while the Quantum is more maneuverable and quicker to respond.  What a kick THAT was!!!
Miss Terry got to fly her new Revolution kite, a quad line requiring even more finesse.  Nick, Patty and Dan became chasers for Terry and I.  After all, someone has to chase after our kites when they crash and untangle the lines!!
I switched back and forth between my stunt kite and the speed foil ... what a difference and what FUN!!  I could do this all day!!!
Sunburned and wind blown, after a couple of hours, we were pretty exhausted!  
Time to meet up with Barbara and Tom Westerfield for dinner at the Chowder House in Nye Beach.  The tacos were excellent, but the fish and chips iffy ... the fries were round slices of potatoes instead of "fries".  The clam chowder, served with almost every meal, was among the best we've had!!  The bread pudding was also delicious, but I paid for that ... TOO MUCH FOOD!!!
It was a GREAT day with AMAZING friends on the BEAUTIFUL Oregon coast ... it just doesn't get better than this!!

Today Patty and Dan will head out for their rescheduled boat trip while I track down some special dog food for the kids.  If you can't find me, I'll be on the beach flying my kite!!

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