Friday, July 24, 2015

Getting Mail On The Road .....

I never realized it was such a problem to get mail on the road.  Not that it's actually been a problem, but more of a nuisance!!  My permanent address is at a UPS store so I don't have to worry about someone stealing my mail or paying someone to pick it up at my house.  That part has worked out well ... except when I'm home, I have to make the 5 mile trip at least once a week.
Being on the road is another story.  My escrow papers had to be sent by UPS for tracking purposes, and since I couldn't find a store here in Seaside, I had them mailed to Warrenton, a 20 minute trip down the road.  I was looking at another 20 minute trip ... and time out from my "busy" schedule of kite flying, to get the papers returned.

I looked for a drop box in Seaside, but finding none, headed to the Pendleton Outlet Store ... and what should I find directly across the street in the alley, but a UPS store.  Tiny, but a UPS store nonetheless.  YAY!!!  Not only did I get the papers sent off, but I can have my mail delivered to them, all of four blocks from where I'm staying!!

I imagine over time, I will know where every UPS store is along the coast, as well as the best places to eat and where to get fuel.  Now if I can just remember them all!!!!

Once that was accomplished, I hung up my $50 shirt that I paid $16 for, worked on the loom and played with the puppies.  Finally at 2:30 I headed to the beach with Nick and Terry for another Revolution kite flying lesson.  I need LOTS of them!!!

I definitely think it would help if we had a little more wind because even my super ultra light kite kept falling out of the sky.  There's supposed to be a storm coming in during the next couple of days ... not that I want to be out there with a kite when there's lightning around ... but maybe that will shake things up a little!!

After a couple hours, I was pretty tired since I had walked the 400 yards to the beach in very deep sand TWICE when I dropped my kite handle and didn't realize it.  I was almost too tired for the GREAT barbecued chicken Dan cooked!!

Me thinks today will be a rest day in preparation for expected winds of OVER 10 mph because 5 mph just isn't cutting it!!!


  1. I've been using a scan service for mail this year.

    1. I heard about that Jan! It sounds pretty interesting ... I'll have to check into that!!

  2. You are very resourceful, with your mail, good idea. Good luck with the big winds...