Sunday, June 30, 2024

Lost In Space

 Well dag nabbit ... in spite of my protestations, it's going to get even hotter.  So much for my zero solar bill this month.  They SAY 102 to up 108 every day for the next ten days.  That doesn't bode well for my trip to Utah.  All three of us (me and the two kids) may just melt into a big puddle!!

I'm surprised that this guy didn't.  It was 5:00 in the morning when he began the roofing project next door. Boy that's a dark roof to have in sunny hot California.  Luckily my house is well insulated and I don't hear all the noise.  He kept going until 3:00 in the afternoon.  I spotted him up there as I trotted back and forth to the rig.  Tough guy he is!!

First things first ... you know that all time favorite shirt you have that's SO ratty, but SO comfortable and cool you just can't throw it out?  I knew where I left it, but I could not FIND it to save me!  I tore this house apart.  I looked in every garbage can, including the big one outside.  

I went through every drawer and cupboard in the rig, thinking I might have stuck it there while in a heat fog.  Nothing ... like the socks in my dryer, it was LOST IN SPACE.  I called St. Anthony SO many times.  He kept leading me back to the bedroom.  Finally, I got down on my hands and knees and practically crawled under the bed.  

FOUND IT!!!!  It was stuck between the footboard and the bottom mattress.  Well that wasted an HOUR!!  I switched shirts just so I wouldn't lose it again!!!  Then I was off to the rig to check on those window coverings.  

I was getting pretty frustrated because they would NOT stay up!  Why would they make such a nice screen that won't stick in place.  After all, it's got magnets in the corners.  I finally got smart.  GOOGLE IT.  No kidding, you can get the answer to almost anything ... it might be wrong sometimes, but it's an answer.

The one thing I never thought of to do ..... OPEN THE DOOR.  You open the door, slap the thing on the window and CLOSE the door.  They fit perfect and stay in place.  Who knew??  Truthfully, it wasn't that easy since you have to balance on the step to be able to reach high enough ... but that's doable.  The difference in inside temperature is amazing.

Problem solving makes me hungry.  It's time to try out that fabulous shepherds pie.  Here we go folks ... remember, I try these so you don't have to.  

And believe me, you don't WANT to try this one.  It doesn't look quite like the picture, does it.  In fact, it looks like some nasty baby food ... or maybe ... okay, I won't go there.  Be BRAVE Nancy ... taste it.  The potatoes .. that's the white stuff ... were like glue.  The brown gravy kind of stuff had no flavor whatsoever, and the nice chunks of meat in the above photo magically turned into a big pile of ground up something akin to sand.  Do NOT ... I repeat ... DO NOT BUY THIS!!  It's the worst thing I've eaten in my life.  Marie Callender ... I'm highly disappointed in you!!

It gives me chills now, just looking at the photo.  So on with my day, I got a couple more Amazon packages.  It's been like Christmas around here, though I've had to return several.  These are the light bars for the bathroom and the closet.  Wow ... they put out a LOT of light!  You do have to charge them via USB, but the charge lasts for a long time.  

And FINALLY .... the fan!!  I had one of these in my Class A rig and I loved it.  It was very quiet, but now squeals like a pig caught in a fence.  Great minds think alike because just as I received the fan, I received an email from Miss Terry (of Gypsy Journal fame and Chef extraordinaire) saying this one was the fan to have.  

She was right ... it can be run on batteries or plugged in and is quiet as a mouse!!  PLUS it puts out an amazing amount of air even on the low setting.  

My stack on the counter of things to put in the rig is getting higher.  The problem will be finding the room.  Remember, I've still got two kids who require food, snacks, leashes and paperwork!!

After a long day of Reno Rodeo, it was time for another taste test.  I used to eat these a lot when I worked.  They were cheap and quite tasty.  I don't know what happened, but the tasty part seems to have disappeared.  This looks quite yummy, yes?

Isn't this false advertising???  I mean really, the only thing that looks the same are the carrots.  Even the peas don't match.  This is AFTER the cooking, not before.  At least there were 6 chunks of chicken, but they were NOT nicely brown.  I admit, I ate those and threw the rest away.  

My plan of taking frozen meals in the rig so I don't have to cook much, just went out the window.  I guess I'll have to make a couple recipes of my own and freeze them in little containers.  At least they would be edible!!

Mr. Cooper wasn't impressed with the heat and spent much of the day on the couch.  I know because I was right beside him ... and it's not even really hot yet.  

This morning, friend Renate is coming over to get some info on her holding tanks, along with some suggestions for electrical/battery stuff.  I think I've finally got that part straightened out, except for one thing.  Several sites say that as long as you are plugged in, your CHASSIS battery will also be charged.  I'm not sure about that part and will make a call to Canada this morning to ask that question.   

As for the rest of it, as Bill and Dave have said ... just leave it all turned on all the time.  The only time to turn OFF the batteries is when it's freezing cold.  Lithium batteries don't like being cold.

And so we are preparing for another warm day ... HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2024


 Enjoy it while you can!  It's going to get HOT HOT HOT this week, so there's going to be lots of NOTHING going on around here.  I admit, it's boring as all get out, having to stay inside.  That's why I head out early.  

Looky here ... another blooming plant, or tree as the case may be.  No use moving your head because YES, the tree is crooked.  When they planted it, they never staked it.  By the time I came along, it was what it was going to be.  

Next to that you see the sad results of a big wind last week.  These beauties finally bloomed after all these years before getting thrashed.  I cut off the droopy ones and left one or two.  Then it was on to weed spraying yet again.  I completely forgot the entire front area by my mailbox.  Weeds were already two feet tall.

I STILL have not filled in around that sprinkler, so that's numero uno on my list for today.

Then it was back into the camper van.  I discovered quite by accident that the bag with the extremely heavy and awkward front window sunscreen ALSO contained SIDE screens.  Well let's just try them out!  This is cool ... they are MAGNETIC.  Now that's an idea!!!  Perfect fit and insulated as well.  Too bad the front one is so heavy and awkward I can't even get it OUT of the bag, let alone set it up.

Here's an interesting little tidbit.  I got a call yesterday from Canada.  Yes I know a few folks there, but they know that it costs me $15.00 to speak to them, so we use Messenger instead.  I'm pretty sure my bill just went up by at LEAST that amount because this MORNING ... that would be 18 hours later ... I received a voice mail from the call I did NOT answer.

It's crazy ... it was from PleasureWay Canada.  They thanked me for purchasing their rig and provided me with a phone number and an email address for personal service with any questions or problems for the next year.  WOW!  Now THAT'S what I call SERVICE!!

Throughout the day, my phone and credit card were HOT HOT HOT!!  I was reading everything I could on Facebook about problems (there were very few) and suggestions (there were a lot) about things to make life easier.  

Here's one ... these are battery operated light bars you can place anywhere you want, like in the bathroom where I need a little more light.  Don't want to scare the little kids with crazy hair, don't you know.  They can be motion activated, or just on/off.  They are also magnetic so you can take them down and recharge the batteries via USB.  Nice ... we shall see how long they last.  I'm guessing I'll need all six placed around the mirror!!

For my afternoon enjoyment, finding it hard to get into my house due to the large stack of Amazon boxes, I grabbed my handy dandy box cutter and went to work.  Why they package all this stuff in boxes twice as large as needed is beyond me.  Their cardboard bill must be extraordinarily high!!  My bin is full to the brim and I still have boxes left.  Well that was fun .... destruction always is!!

Tired of watching rodeos, I hit my sewing room trying to tidy up a bit.  It's hard when you still have Arizona moving stuff stacked everywhere, now towering with RV things stacked on the very top.  Did I ever show you the ugly surfing material I refused to use?  I have a request for another baby quilt .... for a surfer dude.

That's a tall order and I haven't been able to find anything.  While scrounging in some boxes, I couldn't believe my eyes.  There at the bottom was this crazy panel I picked up maybe ten years ago.  I got straight to work adding three borders around it and VOILA!!!  A baby quilt for ... believe it or not ... one of the Australian world champion surfers.  He's having a boy, so do you think this will work?  Yes, I too am shocked that I know someone from this little town that is related to him.

And so, crazy as it seems, yet ANOTHER month has just disappeared into the horizon.  I imagine in about 4 weeks I'll be four years older!!  

Notice I haven't even mentioned the DEBATE?  Elder abuse is not a good thing.  

And so life goes on as I order yet another Amazon package.  I think that's four in the mail now, one of which was destroyed somewhere in Stockton California, and I cannot order another.  Oh gee ... more time on the Amazon website.  I wonder what I'll find now!!!

Friday, June 28, 2024

Return Return Return

 It was an exciting day yesterday.  Panic set in all over the County.  Friends were posting on Facebook that the temperatures this weekend were going to be upwards of 120.  I looked at my app that said 101.  Something is rotten in Denmark.  

After the last few years, I don't believe ANYTHING I hear from the internet or the media.  There was a big rush on kids swimming pools at Walmart.  No kidding .... maybe Walmart put out the info?  

Nope ... in the end, it was finally determined that the Apple weather guy (I didn't even know there WAS an Apple weather guy) posted incorrect information.  No telling where he got it from, but at least they finally admitted it was all wrong.  101 it is!!!  Sometimes it amazes me just how many folks believe everything they are told.  Walmart ran out of kids pools.

I almost bought one too, since sitting in the van trying to figure out this stuff was less than fun.  Couldn't we just have an ON - OFF button?  

I returned the Ryobi fan to Home Depot, hoping I could find something quieter.  It would be perfect at the other end of a Class A, but three feet from my head is a little too loud.  

I discovered my little $6.00 plastic toolbox from Walmart wasn't quite big enough to hold all the extra parts and pieces ... like hookup testers, and such ... so I went and picked up another one to hold a measuring tape, faucet connections, and one big HAMMER.  Hammers always come in handy.

There in the aisle was this big stack of fans.  Battery or USB cable, it swivels every direction, let's try it out.  Too bad they didn't have one OUT of the box for you to see.  The box is 10" wide.  The fan is 4" wide.  Nope ... not going to work even a little bit.  The only air you get is if it's on high and you stand two inches from it.  Yet another return!!!  Big sigh.

Lunchtime was nigh ... and I was hungry.  I'm tired of cooking in the heat when I'm tired.  I decided to take Mr. Ed's advice and get some frozen stuff.  I lived off this kind of thing for the last 12 years I worked for the County.  Not the best diet food, but it can't be all bad.  

Here's a new one ... Marie Callenders Shepherd's Pie!!!  Woohoo!!  Hey, the price was MORE than right at $1.28 each.  I would have bought them out had there been more, but alas, I only snagged two.  I'll report on the taste later.  This is the perfect solution to Camper Van RVing.  Fill that freezer with these perfectly stackable little boxes and just nuke dinner.  Add a glass of wine if you want to be fancy.

The third return was to Amazon.  Sometimes you get okay stuff, sometimes you get skunked.  I ordered a large truck sunscreen shade for the front window, along with two side window shades.  My side windows are maybe 20" x 30"???  When I opened the box, I thought surely they made a mistake.  They were maybe ten inches square.  Made in China, so what did I expect.  Return Return Return.  It would be so nice to actually go to a store that had products you could look at and see if it fit.  

I threw my hands up ... Uncle ... I give up.  Today is another day to order a sunscreen and yet another fan.  Maybe I'll be luckier this time!!

I spent the rest of the day going over Elks stuff, trying to figure out insurance and postage machines.  Oh the fun!!  

Since it's actually a cool 66 this morning, I'll be sitting behind the wheel trying to figure out yet ANOTHER computer ... the one that controls the engine!!  Come to find out, the left hand side is not just the cruise control ... it's a 2" square computer that tells you everything you need to know about fuel, mileage, cameras, def, oil levels ..... everything!  Let's see how far I get with THIS one!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Solutions .....

IT'S COOL!!  At long last the winds switched over from convection oven to cool delta breeze.  It's a lovely 68 this morning as Cooper and I sit on the patio.  That means my brain was actually working on solutions to those little problems of learning an entire new computer system.  

First off ... here are some of the specs.

Exterior height 10 feet
Interior height 6'3"
Fresh water 24 gallons
Grey water 35 gallons
Black water 12 gallons
Propane 8 gallons

I don't think any of these will be a problem for me since I'm only one person.  My philosophy is simple ... always use someone ELSE'S bathroom, every chance you get!!  Once I get going, I'll let you know how many days I can go without dumping.

It's diesel with a 3.0L V6 BlueTEC engine, (turbocharged) whatever that means, and yes, it uses DEF.  Fuel capacity 24.5 gallons and 23 miles per gallon of fuel (at least that's what Renate got with hers, and we have the same engine).  The hot water heater is Aqua Hot continuous water and can be set at "comfort" level, meaning it keeps slightly warm water in the pipes at all times.  No waiting for it to get hot. 

The fridge is 6 cu ft, the same as my fifth wheel had, and the microwave is convection, bake AND grill.  Three ways for me to burn food!  How exciting!!  It has a built-in induction stovetop which I have no idea how to use.  It's all about temperature instead of just turning it on high.

As you can see, the checkered dog blanket I ordered came in.  They say the fabric is tear-proof, but I don't believe it.  This serves TWO purposes.  It keeps the furniture clean, and it's so thick and fluffy, it makes a nice mattress for MY bed at night.  AND it's Cooper approved.

At Bingo the other night, my friend said they used a battery operated fan in their house boat that has no AC.  You can also plug it in to the wall.  Perfect I said ... I'll get one to use on those hot nights when I can't run the AC.  So here it is, using batteries I already have.

That is until I turned it on.  It says WHISPER ... but believe me, it's more like a roar.  Even on the low setting, it's too noisy to sleep with.  RATS!!  Back it goes.  I'll keep looking for a battery operated quiet one.  Honestly, I'm pretty addicted to being plugged in, so I may not need one anyway.
Heading back outside to mess with the control panels, because that's really the only way I'm going to learn ... I heard this crazy loud noise.  Wait for it ......... I thought it was a baby hawk in the trees screaming to be fed.  Then this second weird noise happened.  

Watch closely for the two tiny birds who flew to the top of the white fence.  It took me some time to figure it out, but it was THEM making that crazy loud noise.  How is that possible?

Back to the computer panel ... here's just one of MANY screens to play with.  I'm not plugged in at the moment, which really doesn't make much difference because this is all Greek to me.  I get the batteries are at 92%, the generator is off and the charger and inverter are on.  That's about it!!  

I spent the next three hours reading the Owner's Manual.  It was then that I discovered it's for a 2023 model ... and mine is a 2024.  It might not make a difference, but they changed a LOT of things on the 2024, including the all electric fridge and the computer screens.  I called the dealership to find they knew nothing about it.  No surprise, it is after all a DEALERSHIP.  Mercedes will send a new book to me in a couple of weeks.

I never did figure out what you turn off when, or if you even need to turn anything off when you run the generator ... which I did.  Do you turn the solar off before starting the generator?  I let it run for a few minutes, just to be sure it DID start up, and the numbers quickly jumped up to 100%.  I'm hoping if I hit the wrong button at the wrong time, it will give me a warning before exploding!!

Enough of that ... it was too hot outside to think straight.  Mr. Cooper and I fielded several more Elks phone calls.  There were even MORE text messages, but gee whiz ... those just flew right over my head into the outfield.  Awwww I missed them!!

Dinner was as easy as pie.  Brown some ground turkey, dump in Cole slaw and carrots, along with a good dose of ginger/sesame sauce.

Serve on lettuce leaves.  Talk about a diet dinner!!  I followed it up with a bit of peanut butter pie ... Shhhhh .... don't tell anyone!!!

I was done for the day until the door bell rang.  Some guy was going around the neighborhood selling his weed control, tree service.  He informed me I had a massive case of powdery mildew on the two remaining sycamore trees out front.  I wandered outside later, and sure enough, the leaves are COVERED!!  

RATS ... yet another thing to deal with.  Later ... I'l do it later since it's RENO RODEO time!!!

I'll be on the couch!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


 It seems the heat wave is still in effect, in spite of my attempts to convince Mother Nature otherwise.  It makes for some interesting days since I seem to slip into slow motion when it's so hot.  A low of 75 this morning has me pondering the installation of a swimming pool, or at the very least, a stock tank!!  I think Cooper would approve also.

It was a long day before Bingo even started, so let's get to it!

While the gardener mowed, missing my sprinklers (YAY!) and edging everything, I continued to do clean up work.  This wall was lined with everything from sewer hoses to four kinds of wax to dog bones and ladders.  It's amazing that I was able to stuff it all in the garage.  I'm thinking I'll go out to the Elks RV park, set up a table and sell my wares.  

The only thing I could NOT find, in spite of going around and around, was the mat to put down outside the rig.  I know I saved it .... somewhere .... but it's being very elusive.  Maybe I left it in the rig?  But I'm SURE it was empty!

In looking for a place to stash all THAT stuff, I found a second gate controller.  It didn't work, so I proceeded to hold a surgical session.  Even though I put in a new battery, it would not open the gate.  That's when I saw those little pins.  Hmmmm ... they are not set the same.

Doc Nancy got out her handy dandy surgical knife and flipped two switches so they looked alike.  I sewed it all back up and VOILA ... I can't believe it worked.  I now have TWO gate controllers, one for each vehicle.  It's the little things!

In no time I was completely deflated by a call for help from the Elks Lodge.  Let's face it ... we have a LOT of employees ... and employees can be a pain on occasion.  It seems TODAY was the occasion.  With that straightened out, I signed a ton of checks before heading to the dungeon to prepare for the onslaught.

Thank goodness for my Fairy Godmother!!  This girl is a sheep in wolf's clothing who cracks the whip and gets things done with a smile.  Here's an example of a big payout ticket.  These cards sell for $5.00 each, for a chance to win $500.  They go like hotcakes.  

We have one lady who plays EIGHT bingo cards ... that's FORTY EIGHT games for every one time the caller calls out a number.  I would have a hard time playing SIX.

Things went pretty smoothly until BINGO!!!  And bingo again ELEVEN times.  No kidding, eleven people had to split $200!!  That does not make the peasants very happy.  Especially since on this night we didn't have enough money come in to pay our usual $250 each game.  It didn't help that six of them were first time players.  They all yelled BINGO when the last number was in the monitor, and had NOT actually been called.

Bedlam exploded for ten minutes before everyone calmed down enough to call the last number!  Oh yeah, oh YAY .... $18.00 each.  They could buy lunch at McDonalds!!

The night was long as I coddled the infernal machine to give me the right payouts.  We started at $150, then switched to $200 and finally $250.  It took me 15 minutes to figure out how much I could pay for each game since we had three different KINDS of games.  Luckily the Knights kept me on my toes.

And so ended a LONG night of computing before heading home at 10:00.  The heat is getting to me.  I think I'll turn on the sprinklers and just stand in the middle of the lawn.  The neighbors won't even care ... it's just that crazy lady down the street!!

I'll gather some info on the van today and let you know all the specs tomorrow.  Then I'll return TWO of the THREE things I had delivered yesterday!  

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Storage ... Smaller Is Better

 Okay Mother Nature ... I know hot flashes are inevitable, but it's time to turn them off.  It's 79 degrees this morning at 5:00 ... WAY TOO HOT to do anything but sit inside in front of a fan.  The cloudy overcast all day didn't help ... the humidity was rising faster than the smoke from my kitchen.

Even Mr. Cooper was uncomfortable in spite of one ceiling fan and two floor fans.  It was a two shower kind of day.

In spite of that, I was out early organizing and purging.  My problem is that I think it's ALL good stuff, so most of it went in the garage.  Maybe I'll purge THAT in a year or two.  I know, yard sale ... but I just can't get up the gumption since that is SO much work.  Oh yes, I've become lazy in my old age.

I did however find enough energy to turn this ...........

into THIS.  Some went in the rig, some in the garage and a LOT in the trash.  My trash can runneth over.

Next I made a trip to Marshalls with my trusty tiny little magnet to check out their cookware.  It's good stuff and super cheap.  In spite of the picture, these are both the same 8" fry pans.  Not that I will need TWO, but you never know when I'll need to make a five course meal for Cooper.  

After going through all MY cookware, I found one perfect sized pot for something like boiled eggs.  We will see how that goes.   I really plan on eating a LOT of pizza ... the kind I can freeze and heat up in this new pan.

Then it was off to Target for plasticware.  This is my clothes closet with a rod across the top.  Perfect for hanging things, but you really need drawers.  These plastic bins are lightweight and really BIG.  It's like packing only a carryon for a trip to Hawaii for a month, which I did several times.  

This will be a piece of cake with more than enough room on the side for boots.  Those two things on the wall hold the pieces to make the queen bed, but they won't be needed, so OUT they went.

My bathroom secret is QuakeHold.  It's a museum putty that will hold everything to the counter like glue, yet comes off leaving no marks whatsoever.  Adjustable curtain rods make extra hanging space when the medicine cabinet is full to the brim.  Underneath the cabinet is the same amount of space that my other rig had, so no downsizing required there.

I did pick up a chair at Wally World that squeezes up into a 6" x 3' package (it fits in the back closet), and I'm NOT messing with sheets and blankets.  I have a great sleeping bag that will work just fine and rolls up into a nice compact bundle.  No struggling to get the sheets over the couch!!!

I didn't get far before the heat drove me back in the house, which is where I will probably spend most of today.  BECAUSE it's time for that age old FUN game of BINGO!  WOOHOO!!

Monday, June 24, 2024

Creative Downsizing and Smashing

 FINALLY ... the temperature got all the way down to 75 last night.  We are in a heat wave.  Not compared to Arizona of course, but that 105 degrees is HOT HOT HOT!  Especially when you are out in an RV trying to figure out how to make things work.  My brain doesn't work all that great when it's frying like an egg on the sidewalk.

First minute in the rig ... Mr. Cooper was not impressed.  Hey Mom ... this is NOT my couch!  I know little buddy ... but you will be just fine.

The first thing I need to do is get a rug for the very slippery floor.  As the place heated up, I pulled all the blinds and turned the vent on low.  I'm getting the panel figured out, except for the one that shows the solar stuff.  It's a 5,000 piece puzzle to me.

Out with the crazy stuff, like the window shade in that black bag that weighs at least 30 pounds.  I've already heard from other owners who said to ditch it.  Maybe there's a secret to setting it up, but I haven't found it yet.  Also, in the box, is a blow up mattress to lay across the front seats for an extra kids bed.  I won't be needing that.

In no time it was so hot inside that I stole the sunscreen from my truck.  What a difference THAT made. Yes I could have used the AC, and I did for a time, but when it's on high, it's pretty noisy, as expected.  Outside, it's as quiet as a mouse!!

Time to get inventive.  I made a quick trip to Wally World (in my truck) to pick up some storage containers.  Downsizing is the name of the game.  I have no plans to feed dinner to 25 folks, so all but 4 of each utensil went away, along with six serving spoons and eight kitchen knives.  Where did all this stuff come from?

I picked up a few plastic containers to hold canned goods and found my find of the day ... two plastic cereal containers.  Being creative is not usually my thing, but one of those boxes fit perfectly behind that bar to use as a waste basket.  Surprisingly, all my black tank products, TP and hair products fit underneath the sink.  

Thank goodness for Quakehold ... that stuff museums use to keep things from falling and breaking.  I used it to adhere my toothbrush holder and a soap dish to the counter.  That left more than enough room in the medicine cabinet.  Not my rig pictured here.  I'll take a few more pics today.

At least an hour was spent trying to get the TV to work.  Turns out you have to TURN ON the antenna!  Not my channels, but it's more about the "company" than anything else.  If it ever cools off enough, I'll spent a night or two in it to see what else I might need.

Surprisingly, my little toolbox fit perfectly.  Here's my next dilemma.  The gray knob controls the inverter, the red one the battery disconnect, plus I can turn the inverter off inside.  So do I leave both of these on ALL the time?  Even when I'm plugged in sitting in my back yard?  Do I need to keep the lithium batteries charged up or just turn it all off until I go on a trip?  

I turned them both off, thinking that would stop the occasional whirring sound of the inverter inside, but it whirred anyway!!  Is that a word?  I just can't seem to grasp the solar inverter thing versus being plugged in when I'm not traveling.  

Here's Mr. Cooper checking out the FOUR boxes from Amazon.  Yessirree ... I have been busy.  The first box I opened brought everything to a screeching halt.  My rig has an induction cooktop.  You can only use induction cookware, which I have NONE of.  I order four pieces ... least that's what it said.  Silly me, I didn't check the SIZE.  I opened the box from the top and went to slide the pans out.  Got it .......

Yup I GOT IT all right.  The 3 quart glass pan lid fell out the bottom and right on to my two left toes.  I won't repeat what I said.  I haven't been in that much pain since I broke two on the same foot when pulling out of a campground somewhere around Oklahoma I think.  MAN THAT HURTS !!#$#.  

Three hours later, it was excruciating, so I'm pretty sure it's broken.  It's definitely BLACK in spite of an ice pack.  Aspirin made most of the pain go away until I walked on the bedroom carpet barefoot.  It's now all taped up ... no use going to the doctor because they won't do anything for it.   That pretty much put the kibosh on my loading and packing for the day.

I'm returning it all.  It's way too big for my new minimalist lifestyle.  They say to take a magnet to the store and if it sticks to a pan, it will work.  So I'm heading for Marshalls for something cheap.  Sadly, two out of four boxes will be returned ... more on that tomorrow because right now I need to go play with Mr. Cooper and try to figure out how to get some kind of ladder .. or box set up so he can get up on the RV couch.  I really need to get creative on this one!

Sunday, June 23, 2024

TA DA!!!!!!!

 Here's a hint.  It's a waiting room, right?  Have you figured it out yet?  I know you have.  Let's just say it's ALL DAVE'S FAULT!!

Here's another hint.  "Don't Forget Your Key".  

And HERE is the story.  My photographer friend Renate bought a Camper Van.  She took it out on her first long trip a couple months ago.  Having a little experience in that area, I was able to help her a bit with a few things she didn't know.  She has never been RVing before in her life.  

Then Dave and Marcia said they were looking for a camper van.  Hmmmm maybe that is the answer to me not lifting heavy weights like big bottles of propane and the steps into my fifth wheel.  When Renate returned, I went over and scoped out her rig.  I loved it.  Small ... yes ... but I thought doable.

The hunt was ON!  I looked at truck campers, but they had even LESS room than this, plus I would probably need a one ton truck.  That cost about the same as this beauty that I found about 40 miles down the road.  Thank you Dave and Marcia for solving my RV problems.

I looked at several different models, but they had minuscule refrigerator/freezers.  This one has the same size as my fifth wheel did.  So here it is, but not without a little stress.  I was supposed to pick it up a week ago, but they said the AC wasn't working good enough.  They ordered an entire new one.  WOW!  But that made it another week for installation.  I cancelled THAT ride with Diane, and scheduled another one with Renate.  She wanted to go back because she had some questions.  Sadly, she got sick and didn't want to infect me.  I didn't want to BE infected!!

Yesterday was the appointed pickup day, but now I didn't have a ride.  That's when Cyndae asked for a room at the Kissack Hotel so she could take care of some house sale business.  Good friends are worth a million bucks.  She drove me up there yesterday to pick it up.

Driving it was a breeze ... with just a little bit of that motorhome movement.  Figuring out HOW to drive it was another story.  Good grief ... there's no key.  Most of you probably know you have to step on the brake first, but I didn't.  On the left is the cruise control.  YIKES!!  It took ten miles before I figured THAT out.  I think the right is all telephone, but to be honest, I don't know.  I was just concentrating on staying in my lane.

Floorboard it and it takes off like a jet!  The accelerator is pretty touchy.  The brakes will stop you on a dime, which I didn't expect, it being heavy and all.  The dash panel is like an airplane cockpit.  I'll probably NEVER learn all THAT stuff.

I made it home and backed into the back yard ... how could you miss with a rear view back up camera over a foot wide on the dash!  Sadly, in five minutes it was 107 inside.  Figuring out the AC and the hookups took a considerable time before I had to give up as sweat poured down my face.  Did I mention it was 103 today?

There's a nice swinging table (two pictures up) that I finally figured out how to install.  Is it small inside?  Yes.  Is there lots of storage overhead?  Yes .. probably more than I would need.  Is there storage in the back for things like a tool box and leveling blocks?  That would be a no.  Apparently they changed the model this year, taking up the two feet of storage space with bigger seats in the back.  

The entire space under the couch is filled up with lithium batteries and solar stuff ... so I'm going to have to get creative in the "where the heck can I put this" department.

Everything ... and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING is controlled by the black screen above the TV.  There are two of them.  I'm going to need a solar expert to explain all the info it shows, but at least I figured out the AC and the fan.  

The TV?  That would be a NO.  I got the guide (I don't know how) with the TV shows, but these are from their demonstration and are too far North for reception.  This is a smart TV that is MUCH smarter then me.  I finally got it to locate a couple local channels, but I couldn't get the TV to SEE them.  This might take a college degree!

SO ... I will be spending the next week teaching this old dog a LOT of new tricks.  I'll let you know how it goes because in three short weeks, I'll be heading off over the Sierra Nevada Mountains!!!  I better be a quick learner.