Friday, June 14, 2024

I've Turned Into A Rabbit

 Well thank the good Lord the weather outside cooled down a bit.  We are back to 65 degree mornings, the better to cool down my house with.  I turn on just the fan and open doors and windows to bring in the nicer temperatures.  It doesn't last long, but it sure helps beat the heat.

Morning routine requires a Cooper snuggle while he catches up on his sleep.  Me?  I just keep taking naps to try and keep up.  It was a long meeting night, followed by 4 am this morning to get things done since the sprinkler repair guy will be here at 6:00.  

Maybe only two of the ten sprinklers out front have been replaced since this house was built.  None of them work correctly any more.  I bought the sprinklers so I would get a better price ... and hopefully I don't get charged an arm and a leg to put them in.

Yes I could do it, but it's too much of that four letter word ... W. O. R. K.  ... that requires shoveling.

As for the tools, it's bad news.  Two years sitting in water isn't good.  What a nasty mess they were.  I salvaged a couple of screwdrivers and the little yellow saw.  The stud finder is toast, along with most everything else.  

I thank everyone for their cleaning ideas, but in the end, I didn't bother to try and do a major cleanup.  Honestly, this set was all I really needed since I have my other big tool box, and a drawer full of stuff in the house.  Besides ... you can buy this set at Harbor Freight for $9.99.  It's not like I'm a mechanic or anything!

Back home, Mr. Cooper kept me entertained for a few hours.  He would bark, I would say knock it off, come sit down, and he would ignore me.  No surprise there.  At long last I had had enough.  I got up off the couch to find him staring at this pile.  

I know what this is!  Somewhere in this boxes there MUST be a ball.  He can smell them a mile away.  I had to take everything out of each box.  He was NOT to be deterred.  Of course he was right ... he is ALWAYS right!!  He grabbed it with gusto and was off to play Hide The Ball.  

That's when I remembered my outside landscape lights STILL were not all working.  I really wasn't about paying yet another repair guy ... so I went to take a look see.  It seemed to me this little part would just lift out so you could stick in a new one.

The little orange lens came off to find this.   Do you think this is a light bulb thingy that I can just unscrew?  I haven't tried it yet.  I did unscrew the entire stem, but wires keep it in place.  I thought maybe I could just replace a bulb and be done with it.  I have two of these not working.  Big sigh!!  Maybe one day, in a land far far away, I won't have to repair any of this stuff any more.  Please tell me there are no repairs in Heaven!!

Soon I was off to the monthly Trustee/Board meeting at the Elks.  It was WAY too long, but we got a lot accomplished in one night and everyone went away happy.  

Here's the latest crazy idea from a member.  She wants to have a Speed Dating Night.  Are you kidding?  That's like from the 60's, isn't it??  It isn't for me, and I'm SINGLE.  They are even taking OLD folks 65 and over!!  Hey, if they have fun and it makes money, it's okay with me.

I don't know ... maybe I'm too old for this.  If that doesn't work out, they want to try the Dating Game.  I think I've become an old fogey.

I do know I HAVE become a rabbit.  Yessirree ... I've turned into a rabbit food eater of epic proportions.  When I look in the fridge now, I look for something crunchy and cold.  Honestly, it's amazing that I haven't had any ice cream in well over a month.  

Not that it's helping much ... the weight loss came to a screeching halt in spite of eating LESS and with NO sugar.  The rabbit food may not be long for this world if it doesn't produce results.

I have to run ... repairs will be happening soon, then it's going to be nap time because I have another big deal tonight.  If there's one thing the Elks Lodge is, it's patriotic.  Tonight we have a Flag Ceremony, open to the public.  One of our Officers cannot attend, so I got talked into taking her place.  

I'm thinking tomorrow I will try to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG!!!


  1. Praying you get all your repairs done at a reasonable price.
    Stay cool!

  2. Speed Dating Night, also known as, STD Night! lol

    1. It's a new one on me!! You never know I guess ... might meet the love of your life at 65!!!

  3. The quality of cheap tools has really improved and unless you are using them every day as a professional, those tools are perfect.
    Those lights look to be LED from the picture. Once the diodes are flooded, they are toast. Try angling them so the water drains out and not in.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your meetings.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick ... certainly no professional here, so I thought they would be sufficient.

  4. Beem there, done that, with the tools. Luckily, there are cheap, decent quality tools for replacements.

    1. I was shocked when I opened the box. Now I have the all important side cutters.

  5. The tools look a right off, easier to just replace them, dogs love balls, just saying

  6. Look into intermittent fasting and dropping a meal. No eating after 7 or 8 pm.

    1. I never eat after 6:00 ... but I could probably do without lunch a day or two!

  7. By the looks of those tools, you made the right call.
    That Cooper, well, I'm sure he loves rabbits too!!
    He's so cute!!