Friday, January 31, 2014


Medicare ... a nasty word!!  Unfortunately I'm turning 65 and my government health insurance is dropping me.  I realize I only worked there for 23 years, but I wouldn't have stayed unless I thought the health insurance and retirement would be worth putting up with the bureaucratic bull I had to live through all those years!!  Anyone with a government job, knows what I'm talking about!!

Now, because those dummies can't balance their own bank account, let alone the Countys, they are cutting out most, if not all, County-paid health benefits for retirees.  They are dropping their portion of my health insurance costs from $388 to $100 a month.  Of course if I was born in February instead of May, I would be getting $150 a month.  I spent an hour in their office today, and no one could explain the reasoning for that.  I totally can't wait until the Board of Supervisors (who have rice for brains) retire and get their $100 a month to pay for medical coverage and perscriptions.  I'm thinking I should burn through my savings faster than I planned, so I can be on the government roll, sit in my rocking chair and drinking beer on the porch!!  Okay, step AWAY from the soapbox!!

At least the RV updates bring better news, sort of.  The dryer manufacturer recommended Fresno RV for repairs to the dryer.
I'm sincerely hoping no one has had any bad experiences with them, because when they called me back today, they agreed to order the belt and call me when it comes in for an appointment.  The guestimate for repair is "maybe" $200 including the belt, it can be done in one day and probably IN the RV.  Certainly better than the $400 estimate from LaMesa Yuma.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

The windshield wipers didn't work out as well.  Here's the old ones.
The lady I spoke to asked for the year and make of the RV and assured me the wipers would be just what I had.  They weren't.  I went to pick them up and they looked like they were for a car, not a motorhome.  I vocalized my concerns, to deaf ears.  They just don't look at all like mine and they are a fraction of the size (thickness wise).  He mentioned that if I put them on the rig, I COULD NOT return them unless they were defective.  As we talked, he insisted I "try" them ... which means putting them on the rig, and we already KNOW what that means if they don't work.  Long story short, I left them on the counter ... but of course they have already charged my credit card.  Today I will call the credit card company and dispute the charges.  While I'm at Fresno RV, I will take a look at what they have available.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough not to have lots of these type problems.  I cruised along for a long time with little or no stress in my life ... lucky me.  Life always changes however, and lately I've been overrun with bad service and people taking advantage.  If it weren't for my puppies and RV friends, I think I'd be in the looney bin by now!!!  I am slowly learning however, that I just have to take it one problem and one day at a time ... and be persistent!!  Eventually, I will get back to the carefree days ... or maybe not, now that I have a rental and a motorhome!!!  My new mantra is NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

PLEASE HOLD ........................

I rather imagine that if you live in a larger town, it is easier to get things fixed.  In my case however, being a very small agriculture town, RV repair shops are few and far between.  After my aborted attempt to have repairs done at LaMesa RV in Yuma, I'm more determined than ever!!

First off ... the dreaded D R Y E R!!  I called two local appliance repair companies who had never heard of this brand and declined service.  Then I called Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay Alabama.  If you want something done, you have to go to the top.  An actual human being answered the phone there, a big plus, and suggested I call the California Rep Phillip H.  Phillip answered, but was just checking in to a hotel in Montana (???).  He did however, give me the number of the Westland Sales and Service office, home of Ariston by Splendide dryers.  Please hold .....................

Finally, a serviceman answered, who when told of my problem, promptly chastised me for "probably" trying to dry rubber-backed rugs, which will break the belt every time!!  With all the warnings on the front of the dryer, why did they forget to mention this one??  I confessed, I did actually dry one small bathroom rug with rubber backing.  THAT was my problem, I was informed.  Okay, can you just tell me where to get it fixed??  Why yes ... Chris in Yuma!!!  I held my tongue, but I'm sure my voice gave me away when I explained THAT particular episode!!  He then tells me to find the serial number, which confirms I am definitely in their system, but my warranty is no good (which I knew).  He did give me the part number, then suggests I call Fresno RV (the closest), have them order the belt, THEN make an appointment for repairs.  Okie Dokie!!!

I dialed Fresno RV.  Please hold .........................."This is Mel ... I'm out of the office, leave your name and number."  As of now, I have received no callback.

The next problem was the windshield wipers.  No wonder they were so expensive in Yuma ($185.00, I declined the service).  I called a small local RV repair shop.  Please hold ...................... You need to call the service department.  Please hold ....................... how can I help you?  I need windshield wipers for a Tiffen Phaeton.  Please hold ......................  Pretty sure I was on hold today more than I was talking on the phone!!  Finally, she says $45 EACH!!  I frantically called the Tiffen Rep back, now happily settled in to his hotel room, and we discussed wipers for about 30 minutes.  It appears that you cannot just replace the rubber ... basically you have to replace the entire apparatus.  Why can't I just replace the rubber part??  You can, but then you have to purchase additional arm thingies that will cost even more!!  THEN I find out the previous set I purchased probably still had a warranty on them .... somewhere .... which I imagine will involve more "holding".  The Tiffen Rep did have some advice however ... buy wiper COVERS ... it will triple the life of the wipers.  NOW you tell me!!!  To lessen the cost, most people just purchase the gray pipe insulation and cut it to fit ... not exactly pretty, but covers for about $2.00 ... that works for me!!

The wiper blades will be in today ... now if I can just figure out how to get the old ones OFF the "J" arms .... sounds like I know what I'm talking about, huh???  Not so much ... I tried twice last night with the Rep's instructions, but so far no luck.  As of this morning, I certainly need to figure it out, as FINALLY the Good Lord has seen fit to dump some rain on Central California!!  It's pouring outside!!  Wish me luck ... and if you know a good dryer repairman, PLEASE send him my way!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


How could one little toaster oven cause so much trouble???  I think I've been fighting with them for at least 40 years now!!  It's that love/hate relationship.  I  love my toast in the morning, but I hate the machine that makes it!!  My current RV toaster oven doesn't like me one little bit and shows it's distaste every morning!!

I definitely prefer the models that actually have holes in the top for toasting AND an oven for heating, which I have at home.  My toast always comes out perfect ... I mean how hard is it to just push the button down!  Bread pops up ... it's done!!

In the motorhome however, I have this monster that likes black ... burnt black!!  You put the bread inside the oven and turn the knob.  Who knows how long it's set for ... there are no markings!  In Boron yesterday morning, I burned it not once, but TWICE!!!  I SWEAR I only turned my back for five seconds to get the butter from the fridge .. and BLACK!!!  Alarms started going off, the dogs ran barking to the bedroom ... and of course when you open the monster's door, even MORE smoke erupts like a volcano!!!  I made a mad dash to open the front door and grab paper plates to fan the smoke detector.  Burnt toast fragrance again!!

I'm now very close to throwing this mechanical contraption in the trash!!  All I want is a decent piece of toast ... or bagel as the case may be.  As I contemplate heating my one last piece of frozen pizza in the toaster oven versus the microwave, a light comes on in my head.  The rack inside the toaster is in the top position ... there is one position lower!!  Oh for heavens sake!!  Maybe THAT's why the top keeps burning and the bottom never gets toasted!!  I moved the rack.  The third attempt at toast came out edible ... maybe it was operator error THIS time!!

The Governor has granted a toaster oven reprieve ... temporarily.  We shall see if it's temperament improves.  If not, it's GARBAGE time!!!

Five long hours driving from Quartzsite to Boron and another five hours to home, pretty much wore me out.  Amazingly, traffic was non-existent everywhere except Fresno!!  My only complaint is the State of California deciding to fix miles of freeway all at once!!  Where did they get all the money??  I mean really ... just drive down Hwy 99 and you will be white-knuckling it beside those white barriers most of the way!!

I have a long list of honey-do's today, all of which have to be done by me ... so I'll be spending the next four hours cleaning the inside of the rig.  I'm hoping no little critters hitched a ride ... I'll let you know!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


You KNOW how much I love trains ... but last night, not so much!!  Between 3 and 5 am,  EIGHT ... count them, EIGHT trains passed by here with whistles blowing, not to mention the VERY low flying plane that roared overhead and the six cars that revved their engines before takeoff!!  Even with Advil PM and earplugs, I was wide awake!!  There is a sign in the RV park office saying City of Sunsets, which is mostly true.  My "Sunset Over Trailer Park" image isn't exactly what I was hoping for however.
I wanted to wander around to get better images, but for those who DON'T know this area, it's not exactly downtown Mxxxxx where I feel relative safe.  Carrying a big camera doesn't make it any better.  I really need to get a small point and shoot ... but probably STILL wouldn't walk around THIS neighborhood alone!!!
The Phaeton engine started!!!  Having been parked out in the desert for the last week with some Phaeton nay-sayers, I was thrilled to hear the engine roar to life when I turned the key yesterday morning!!  Forgetting the time change I was soon to cross, I packed up, stabilized the load in the jeep and left early.  Coming into Indio, traffic got heavier, when all of a sudden I heard a bang ... it sounded like my door opened ... and I could hear air rushing in, but the door was closed.  I know I'm always too safety conscious, but I'm glad I've made a habit of locking the deadbolt.  When I stopped for a puppy break, I relocked the door, thinking I just didn't pull hard enough to latch it.
Not far down the road, it happened again.  Upon arriving in Boron at 1:00 California time, I pulled in to the Arabian Oasis and checked it again.  Apparently with all the jostling from the last 16,000 miles, the adjustment bolt has come loose.  A little wrench work, and hopefully it won't happen for another few miles!!

FINALLY, in beautiful downtown Boron ... I have internet!!!  So here's a quick catch up on the last four days.

The box is full of chicken ... a very large ceramic rooster from Cracker Barrel, Yuma.  You can find some amazing things in that restaurant.  I've been searching for this one for three years.  The wagon wheel, also a sought after specimen of yard art, Dan found in Tyson Wells.  We each bought one ... mine is bungeed down in the back of my jeep!!
I think this was the second day of shopping ... last year this lot was almost full of vendors.  Patty says she thinks this is the slow death of Quartzsite.  Too sad!!
This site had lots of old hand pumps Dan was looking for, as well as several more wooden wheels.  The proprietress however, was totally unwilling to negotiate ... on ANYTHING!!!  So we passed her by!!  Here's Patty pretending to climb on an old time large-wheel bicycle!!  
After Patty and Dan left, I went to visit Barb and Tom Westerfield in Boomerville.  Slightly up the road, you can barely see some of the hundreds of RV's parked in the valley.
With not much to photograph, it's all about the sky in Arizona.  The evening sun lit up these mountains, making them bright pink.  
This is actually a sunrise instead of a sunset.  Just as spectacular, they are more yellow than red. 
I camped out by this cactus for over an hour, waiting for the gorgeous RED sunset, but it never happened.  Just my luck ... the clouds were too thick and the sun just disappeared.  
This is the exact opposite direction of the sunset above.  I love the cloud formations!!
Miss Jessie the guard dog, keeping watch for coyotes!!!
At the Quartzsite Improvement Association Gem and Mineral Show, I picked up a few stones to play with.  I'm pretty sure if I check out You Tube, I'll find some instructions on wire wrapping stones.  Since I know absolutely NOTHING about rocks, I asked ... and the vendors were more than happy to explain how the stones ended up like this ... with lots of expensive equipment, and where they come from ... Russia, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the hill behind my rig.  
After breakfast and a quick nap, I'll be heading home to beautiful cold Central California.  This trip was awesome, meeting up with Golden Spike friends ... but going to Arizona to get warm, just wasn't in the cards.  I think the freezing cold up North and back East leaked out to the Western States, as it was chilly every night, and not warm enough for shorts during the day!!  Nick Russell usually brings the cold weather ... Hey Nick ... are you and beautiful Miss Terry in Arizona????  

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I guess the band just isn't wide enough for all of us, as I still can't load pictures.  I should have tried around 2 am when I was up coughing for several hours. Yup, still getting over my cold!!

My safety net disappeared yesterday and it's not a very good feeling!!  It's like being a trapeze artist with no net. I know I can swing with the best of them, but what if I slip?  It's the what ifs that are uncomfortable!!  In case you didn't guess, Patty and Dan left yesterday morning. I lasted a couple hours before contacting Barb and Tom Westerfield who are still parked in Boomerville about 7 miles away.  We visited for a few hours where I learned some more full time RV information, mostly about batteries and inverters and got to play with Kitty Pansy!!

With a $14K roof bill hanging over my head, I bypassed the fleas and opted for a long puppy walk and some afternoon photography. People here are very friendly and my Tiffin neighbors struck up a conversation I could have done without!!  They own a 2005 gas rig and proceeded to tell me MY rig came from the era of no quality control, water logged floors rotting, broken slide rollers and roof cap misalignments. I could have gone all day without hearing THAT!!  Really, all I'm worried about is that the engine starts when I'm ready to leave!!!  Maybe a trip to Red Bay IS in my future!!

My friends Cyndae and Joe are in Yuma and called last night to say they are on their way to check out the big tent today. Being it's the last day, I'm not sure anyone will be there, but there are other fleas to fry, so I'll meet them around noon.  In the meantime, my puppies are enjoying some snuggle time!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today my MIFi says I have 40% signal, but it still won't load a page. I'm relegated to my phone again!!  It rained last night, getting me up extra early, but that didn't help either.

Off we went early yesterday to get in all the rest of the flea markets before Patty and Dan head home for their RV shade build.  I'm staying a couple of extra days.

I have seen some amazing pieces of history, as well as a bunch of junk. The hard part is telling the difference. There are some great Indian pieces, including some peace medals from 1792. I'd love to have one, but don't know how to authenticate them. For $600, you better know your stuff.   I'm not the gambling type, so I left empty handed.

The Quartzsite Improvement Association has a gem and mineral show that we stopped at for a couple hours--least Patty and I did. I finally got up the nerve to ask lots of stupid questions and learned a LOT about rocks, or rather gemstones!!  The most beautiful came from Russia. There are even several people here from Lebanon. One nice lady said those guys really know their stuff.  Rather than buy the raw rock and spend thousands on polishing equipment, I bought a couple pieces already cut and polished. It was hard to choose since there are an amazing number of colors, some rare, some not.  Along with the stones were booths full of jewelry made from the stones. Most rather expensive, but all beautiful. I plan to try my hand at wire wrapping the two I purchased.

Back home, Dan barbecued some steaks, followed up by the rest of the cherry pie!!  With cloudy skies this morning, I'm hoping for a nice sunrise. I probably won't be able to post it for a day or so until I move on down the road closer to civilization!

Friday, January 24, 2014


The Internet isn't cooperating this morning, so I'm posting from my phone, a difficult task at best!!

We were lucky enough to be visited by Diana and Bob Rush from Havasu City.  Loved seeing them again since parking at their house in May with several inches of snow.  We chatted for a bit, then took them down the Tyson Wells path to buying items we just might need.  Dan had mentioned some old wagon wheels which I had missed the precious day.  With a little bartering, we got a great deal, one for each of us!!

There was supposed to be a picture here, but of course that's not working either. Don't you just love technology???

So after rolling the wheel--yes rolling, it was too heavy to carry, along with at least 15 comments about I wanted that, or where's your other three wheels, Dan got them loaded in my car.

By now most of us are starving in anticipation of Dans famous BBQ pork sandwiches, so we headed back to the rigs for lunch. Doused with some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, and served with great Patty cole slaw, it was amazing stuff!!  To make a great meal even better, Diana brought a homemade cherry pie!!  YUM YUM!!!!  Good friends and good food!!  What could be better!!

All good things must come to an end, and it was time for Diana and Bob to leave.  We waved our goodbyes, but shortly had another quick visit as Diana forgot her wallet and Dan forgot to take a picture!!

With such a frustrating Internet morning, I think I need some shopping time to relax!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll have some pictures!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


You just can't beat the desert for spectacular scenery!!  Yesterday morning brought an amazing sunrise, almost as good as the previous sunset.
Having checked out the big tent, today was Tyson Wells day.  The rows go from A to Z, so you can imagine just how big this place is.  Prices can go from a few cents for ribbons and knick knacks to hundreds of dollars for artwork.  Some of the more unusual people I've seen in the past, weren't here this year.  Maybe it has something to do with the drug dogs down the road a few miles!!
Of course, I'm all about the dogs ... they're much more fun to photograph than the people anyway!!  These two 49er fans are from Southern California ... you can tell because the one on the left has a purple mohawk!!
These two were lounging on the back of a vendors rig.  This has to be the best image I've ever seen ... almost 3D!!  It's terribly hard to get depth of field like this in a flat image.
The cutest puppy of the day award goes to Molly!!  There were not as many strollers as I expected, but truly, I'd rather see the puppies safe in a stroller, than running around getting stepped on.  It seems the newest thing in dog carriers is a backpack that hangs on your front.  We saw LOTS of those contraptions!!
Once we got the caramel and cheddar cheese kettle corn we were REALLY after, we headed back to the BBQ stand at the end of the Big Tent for some BBQ ribs and chicken!!  Pretty good stuff ... half a rack with beans and slaw for $13.  The guy cooking the chicken said this was his little brothers rig.  They definitely had their act together, as we stood in line for just a few minutes before being served.  Within 15 minutes, the line was 30 people long ... yup it was that good!!

A quick trip down the Rice Ranch area, which has thinned out considerably, didn't result in ANY treasures, but this Indian was parked in front of the leather shop.  Mighty pretty!!  
A little further down the line, I just had to laugh.  These are reflexology mats ... there's a picture of a foot and each point you should put pressure on to cure all your ails.  I'm guessing that's what the puppy is doing in this picture ... but really, these are round, rather flat rocks, randomly glued on old carpet samples!!!  I guess you have to admire the ingenuity and the initiative ... I was left wondering how many they actually sold!!!
This pretty baby doesn't fit in her dog bed, just like Jessie ...
Although we were told she's not very friendly, this baby wanted someone to throw the stick for her.  It was about five feet long ... and she twisted it every which direction trying to get someone to play.
The grand prize goes to Greta.  This is the most amazing dog I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  Not only is she beautiful, she was so meek and mild ... the owner said anyone can pet her, and of course I did.  Her story is just as amazing ... he was driving south of the Salton Sea/City, and found her running along side the road, at about 6 months of age.  She finally let him put her in his car.  With no chip and no collar, he took her home, and has obviously taken great care of her.  He said it took quite some time for her to warm up to him, but she finally did, and now goes with him everywhere.  It was just meant to be!!   Truly, the most spectacular, beautiful, sweet dog I've ever seen!!
Today we expect friends Diana and Bob from Lake Havasu City for lunch.  Can't wait to catch up on all their news.  We may even have time for a quick trip to town for MORE flea markets! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Gosh ... I forgot my Sprint MiFi doesn't work well out here at all!!  It just took over five minutes to get to this page, let alone upload anything!!  So for the next few days, pictures will be far and few between!!  I'll catch up when I get back to civilization!!

From Yuma to Quartzsite was an easy 80 some miles with not much traffic ... in fact, I thought we must have the dates wrong because everyone seemed to be going the other direction!!  There is a check station on Hwy 95 with a working drug dog.  I watched as he sniffed Dan's car from bumper to bumper, but he was waved through.  He stopped me and asked if there was just the two of us ... I said no, just me and my dogs.  He waved me through too, but the buy behind me didn't fare so well.  He got pulled over and I never saw him in my mirror again!!  At mile marker 99, we pulled in to the same area as last year, set up the rigs and made a beeline for the Big Tent in town.
It seemed much more crowded with people, but there were a lot of empty vendor booths.   None the less, I found a small collapsible teapot for dry camping coffee.  Patty and I had barely finished half the vendors when Dan called ... he was out the door at the far end.  We took a quick look at the outside vendors and found the Beer Belly's Adult Day Care (a bar of course) had moved to a new location, where it was PACKED!!  Location is everything ... and I'm sure they will be raking in the money here!!

Back home again, Dan built a nice fire while I wandered down the way looking for a saguaro to photograph.  It's pretty hard to find one without twenty RV's parked around it.  The sky looked promising, so I waited ... and waited ... and waited ... nothing.
I finally gave up, freezing because I forgot my jacket, and went back to the house.  I should have more patience (and a down jacket) because a few minutes later, Patty hollered to get outside ... and this was why!!!  I've never in my life seen a sky this red ... there is no photoshop enhancement on this picture ... and I probably missed the best part!!  I'll be out again tonight with a heavier jacket for sure!!
Today we will check out Tyson Wells flea market with rows several hundred feet long, marked from A to Z  ... so you an imagine just how big it is!!  I'm taking a BIG backpack ... you know, just in case I find something I can't live without!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I realize Yuma IS a destination for lots of old folks ... I mean Snow Birds ... but for people as active as Patty, Dan and I, it's not exactly teeming with adventure!!  The biggest draw for me was the Yuma Prison and Supply Depot, which we spent several hours at last year.  The trip to the Peanut Patch wasn't quite what we are used to.  After several trips to Wally World, we've purchased just about everything we could possibly ever use!!  So what do we do now???  How about a drive up town to look at the stores??  NOOOOO ... that puts us in the realm of "old folks", which Patty quickly reminded me we ARE!!  So, since groceries for Quartzsite are still on the list, we took off ONE more time!!  After much discussion about lunch, we ended up at Golden Corral for another SENIOR late lunch.  

Earlier in the day as Dan and I did some outside chores, we met some new people ... the Assistant Managers of this park.  They have just been employed by Patty and Dan's old boss, the Corringtons in Skagway and stopped in to say Hi (due to Dan's Alaska license plate) and ask a few questions.  It is definitely a small world!!

We arrived back at our rigs just in time to see this balloon cruise over the park.  
Just another exciting day in Yuma!!!!!
At Bealls (like Marshalls and Ross) I found a really nice dog bed for Jessie.  Actually it did say kitty bed, but I didn't think she would care.  Hmmm my sense of size isn't what it used to be ... Jessie seems to be much bigger than I thought!!  She doesn't exactly fit!!
But obviously she doesn't care WHAT size it is ... she snuggled up anyway!!  Too funny ... I'm pretty sure we are going to donate it to Miss Snoopy from the Chance residence!!!
For those interested in the final results of the Costa Rica trip ... for all our troubles, including the missed flight, the miserable red-eye flight and layover in Miami resulting in no sleep for 36 hours, they have given us $200 each for our "inconvenience",  a credit to my Visa account of $60 each, we suppose for the airport food we had to purchase, and a $200 voucher to use on another trip before December 2014.  You KNOW that's not going to happen!!!  I think most people will take the money and run, as I'm sure I read in their contract that arbitration would be required ... and they live in Rhode Island!!   I would like to visit Costa Rica again some day, but it won't be with Collette!!

This morning we head out for our next destination ... the Big Q ... Quartzsite to see some crazies and check out the Big Tent as well as the many flea markets on steroids!!  Don't worry, I won't be tying my dogs OUTSIDE to be coyote bait.  They'll be safely inside or with me every second!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014


First off ... the day was spent watching football.  According to my DishNet, the network channels had a problem ... and never got it fixed.  I trotted across to the Chance rig where we watched the Broncos win and the Forty Niners lose on their Tucson channels.  It was a sad but maddening day.  How the Refs could make so many BAD calls against one team is beyond me.  Holding when there was none, when our player had the ball on the one yard line, they gave it to Seattle, "running" into the kicker instead of roughing the kicker ... I mean really.  It was the biggest joke ... even the announcers were making comments about all the bad calls against San Francisco.  Poor Snoopy kitty (and Patty) hid in the bedroom because of all the yelling in front of the TV.  Hopefully karma bites them in the butt!!!

I did take a few minutes to run outside with my camera for the best sunset I've seen so far!!  It started out slow, then went crazy.  These images are right from the camera .. I could never photoshop something THIS good!  Nature sure can be amazing!!

Running back to the rig so I didn't miss anything football, the sunset was reflected in these windows.  Looks like this fifth wheel is on fire!!
I was hoping for a wash and wax while here, but didn't make my phone call soon enough.  I doubt they will be out and about in Quartzite, but I'll give it a try there.  Tomorrow morning we head to the big city in the desert.  The only thing left on my list is someone to adjust my Automotion night shade ... it's crooked and eating up the left hand side.  LaMesa Yuma said to just get some scissors and cut the edge off.  Seriously ... that's what they said!!  So with a couple of tweaks, I'll be ready to hit the road for the summer!!  

Sunday, January 19, 2014


It was finally time to do some minor repairs and maintenance on my Phaeton.  Dan crawled up on the roof to fix the loose tape problem, saving me many hundreds of dollars, while I filled my DEF tank.  Anyone having a newer model diesel RV has to deal with this ... but I did find a slightly easier way.  Look for a saltwater fish store ... they have these heavy duty 5 gallon square clear containers for saltwater, very cheap.  They work great for DEF, can be filled up at the diesel truck stop and aren't too heavy to lift.  You just need a funnel to fill the rigs tank.

Next up I set out with my Tire Tracker instruction book to figure out what was going wrong there.  When I removed the right rear device on the Jeep, the monitor said the LEFT FRONT was flat.  After some maneuvering, I deleted everything and started all over again.  EUREKA!!!  The car tires are reading correctly.  I still have the two inside duals of the rig to fix with the valve stem gizzy, but haven't quite gotten up the nerve.  It says there's 10 pounds of pressure now ... with my luck I'll end up with REALLY flat tires!!!  So I put that off for another day when I'm feeling braver!!

While in Indio, I noticed the display on my Progressive Industries EMS box had disappeared.  Not that I ever looked at it anyway ... when I plug in, I just wait for it to klunk loudly, and figure I'm good to go.  Ken Carnes has the same thing ... and he showed me what all the blinking lights were for.   Being able to read the volts, amps and errors would probably be a good thing.  I called Daryl Lawrence ... now THERE'S a guy who knows service ... and he told me how to fix it.  Armed with a screwdriver (I know ... scary, huh??)  I unplugged the rig, took off the cover, found the display module and very carefully plugged it back in, under Dan's watchful eye (just in case I electrocuted myself).   With the cover replaced, we plugged the cord into the stand and hit the breaker.  VOILA!!! I'm always amazed when I do this stuff and it actually works!!!

Lunch time ... we headed out to Golden Corral, a place I've been to maybe once in my life.  The food was excellent!!  I was pleasantly surprised ... although the chocolate waterfalls are highly overrated.  The chocolate cake was MUCH better.

We made a quick side trip on the way home to the Peanut Patch for some game day snacks before calling it a day. 
About 7:00 pm, with Patty as my lookout, we wandered the trailer park looking for some night photography opportunities.  I wanted "Moon Over Trailer Park", but we never did find it ... the moon that is!!  Unlike last year's park full of 1940 models, this one is much more modern.
These lighted palm trees for sale in the Yuma Market Place, are in front of many units.  This one was interesting because the light was reflected in the front of the black motorhome.
Some solar lights were making faint markings on the concrete walk ... a sight I would probably not take the time to photograph, but with few other options, I gave it a shot!!  It picked up the light soooo much better than your eye does ... pretty cool I thought!!
And lastly, Jessie has wanted to put in her two cents for some time, so I am finally giving her a chance!!
It's GAME DAY!!!  so I'll be sitting in front of the tube screaming and yelling for the 49'ers!!!  Hope the neighbors don't mind!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I think I can barely see a minutely small light at the end of the cold/flu tunnel.  At least I didn't cough as much yesterday as the day before.  The swelling has gone down too ... oh yeah, I forgot to mention this one.  The guys know what this is about ... the slide-out and my eyebrow had a boxing match, and of course I lost!!

While Patty and Dan went to Algodones Mexico in the morning, I hung out with the puppies until I gained enough strength to hit Joann's Fabric Store and Albertsons for some groceries.

With 40% off, I couldn't pass up this knitting book and a couple skeins of yarn.  I've started one project three times now ... I keep dropping stitches, so maybe it's time for a new pattern!
I drove through Cactus Propane so I can see where to get the tank filled on our way to Quartzite, called three places for dryer repairs, to no avail and headed to Albertsons near the Marine Corps Air Base for groceries.  THAT turned out to be an exciting experience!!  Just as I and two other people got out of our vehicles, a large but rather quiet plane came almost close enough to touch the top of the building, before making a VERY sharp 90 degree turn and screaming off.  We all just stood there with our mouths open, not believing how close he came to landing in the parking lot.  WOW!!!

Now exhausted, I headed back to the rig where I planned on becoming a couch potato, but Patty and Dan drove in with Patty suggesting we hit the indoor flea market while we could ... so off we went again for shopping, shopping, shopping.  Purses, kitchen utensils and a blue denim shirt made it into our bags.

Dinner was another Patty masterpiece of rice/chicken/broccoli casserole with veges and corn muffins.    My personal chef is back!!!!!
So for the football news ... yesterday, I saw one of my friends on Facebook, who is a diehard Seahawks fan, making comments about Go Hawks and all that nonsense.  It irks me that they are not selling tickets to California, so I made a comment asking her what the deal was.  So here's the scoop directly from Seattle!!  There were less than 3,000 tickets available (What does that have to do with limiting sales in California?)  SHE says 43 other states were included with California (hmmm that's not what the media said, I read only 6).  Supposedly, Denver limited their tickets also (never heard that one).  The Seahawks are saying that the decision was made long before they knew who they would be playing, because before the SAINTS game, brokers were buying up all the tickets and reselling them at a higher price.  (But isn't that what even StubHub does for your season ticket holders??  And don't you think there are brokers in the States you are LETTING buy tickets?? Maybe you should limit the number of tickets per sale!!)  At any rate, I've never known San Francisco to limit sales to keep people out of OUR stadium!!   I think they are so afraid of losing that they want to be sure every seat is filled with THEIR fans ... otherwise, the Hawks don't have a chance!!  


Friday, January 17, 2014


Oh my ... what a night!!  This cold/cough thing is horrible.  Hoping my brain doesn't explode before I finish the blog!!

I've been having such good luck, why break the carma!!  My internet connection freaked out and died an awful death .. it must feel like I do.  After an hour on the phone with a tech, he said just bury it and get a new upgrade, at no cost.  Can it be that easy??

After a leisurely morning yesterday, we couldn't stand it any more ... the Yuma Flea Market kept calling our names.  First however, we stopped at a huge new RV store on Frontage Road called Southwest Exchange, with everything you could possibly want.  Truly, this store is amazing.  We found needed measuring spoons, doggie bags, meat thermometers and "stuff", all at good prices, with free popcorn to boot.  I'm pretty sure Dan snuck in TWO bags of popcorn!!

Next up ... lets check out the fleas!!  I really didn't have much on my flea list for this year ... Dan found the gizzy to adjust the valve stems on my rig so the Tire Tracker pressure system will read correctly.  I really do like the system, but I'm up to six blinking lights saying all six tires are flat, and I would REALLY like it not to screech at me every thirty minutes going down the road, as it has for the last 9 months.  Liar liar pants on fire, although I've stopped a few times, NO tires have ever been flat.
Everywhere you go now, you see these plastic lights ... especially in the RV parks.   Although they look quite complex, they are easy to put together and look amazing as the light filters through.   Here's the photographer's version ... 
This is the full size of the same one.  Great art pieces, but unfortunately they don't have a cowgirl one  that would fit my decor!!
I'm pretty sure that you could find anything you want at this huge flea market ... although Patty said it isn't near as large as it used to be.  Where else can you get TWO sets of earrings for $20 that can be mixed and matched with the ones I already have??  I even found a pair of waterproof sandals, made in the USA!!! for $16.
We finally made it to Sprint where I hoped to pick up my new MiFi ... except of course, NOTHING is easy!!!  It wasn't free ... it was $100, but they would completely re-zap my old one and make it new again for free ... in about an hour.  Since we have now wandered miles from home, we opted for an early dinner while we wait ... can you guess where???
You're right .. Cracker Barrel.  Why mess with a good thing!!!  Patty and I had the roasted turkey and dressing lunch plate, which was delicious and more than we could eat, for $5.99!!  With biscuits, gravy, cranberry sauce and mac 'n cheese ... how could we go wrong!!!
Back at Sprint, I walked in and out in less than 60 seconds with my new/old MiFi that seems to be working great.  Finally ONE thing went right!!

On the ride back in the Chance Jeep, I'm getting pretty squished by all the goodies that are filling up the back seat, including a welder, a metal stand, a welding helmet and a large roaster oven!!  Course there are two big boxes of wood that will be burned up in Quartzite ... to make room for more goodies picked up at THAT flea market!!  I really can't throw stones because I now have a bigger-than-life sized rooster in the back of MY jeep!!  Hey ... I've been looking for three years!!  OMG I think I sound like Si Robertson!!!

When we got back to our rigs, the big JAM was going on.  Turns out there are about 15 musicians that play while someone sings ... karaoke style ... kind of ...  The room was totally packed, with overflow seating outside.  The overflow even danced on the patio!!
They had guitars, flutes, banjos, accordions and even a saxophone!!  Although the singers weren't ready for American Idol, they were having one heck of a good time!!  Being a seniors only park, they have lots of activities like this to keep everyone busy and their participation rate is very high!!  It was good to see them rockin' out!!
By now it's getting late, but I went online to see if there is a way Dan and I could repair my dryer.  Have you heard the words "Not A Chance"??  Well that was in big print on my computer screen when I saw you basically have to dismantle the entire thing in order to access the belt.  My best bet I suppose is to take it home and see if I can find an appliance repair guy in Modesto.  Since it is not the washer/dryer combo machine, but JUST a dryer, I should be able to find SOMEONE who can fix it.  In the meantime, I took advantage of the park laundry room to dry all my laundry before hitting the hay.  I should have had someone knock me out ... cuz I was up all night coughing and sneezing.  My dogs growled at me for interrupting THEIR sleep ... definitely hoping this crud eases up soon!!