Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting It Together!!

Day two of the Dogpatch USA Rally began with lots of questions and no answers.  All of the Golden Spike members are official volunteers and get to attend the Volunteer Dinner on Tuesday night.  I found out about 10:00 that "someone" should have tickets, which I didn't.  Three phone calls later, I discover I actually DO have the tickets in the guise of Volunteer ribbons, but I don't have enough.  More phone calls and they are delivered to my door.  Now THAT's service!!!  I'm keeping copious notes so next year I'll be a little more prepared.
The actual Rally schedule of seminars, entertainment and crafts, doesn't start until today, at which time our group will set up tables and join in the Chapter Fair.  He that has the best candy, lures in the most customers, which is when we give our speech about how much fun we are and they should join us!!  A quick trip to the store resulted in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as our lure, along with some chocolate goodies donated by Dottie Poole (I wonder if Bob knows??).

Patty, Dan and I took off in the golf cart to get final numbers on the ice cream deliveries and discovered many RV's have kitties!!  This beauty put on a show for us, rubbing his head all over everything on the dash.
While Dan made his annual trip to Harbor Freight, I broke our fairgrounds map into sections to be ready for the cleanup.  Time flies when you're having fun ... it was time to create appetizers for the 3:30 happy hour.

We were honored with another gorgeous sunset that I almost missed entirely in a matter of 30 seconds.  That's all it took for me to grab my Nikon from the rig before it mostly disappeared, leaving me with one image.  Desert sunsets are definitely spectacular!!
After dinner, Patty and I hit the tri-tip with a knife and lots of Santa Maria seasoning mix for tonight's BBQ dinner.  The guys will barbecue the meat while the ladies make scrumptious side dishes, resulting in a mountain of food!!  You never go away from this group hungry!  That might be a good selling point at the Chapter Fair!!

Today more rigs will be coming in, totaling in the neighborhood of 1250.  There is a First Time Attendee Orientation seminar at 12:30, followed by the Chapter Fair at 1:30.  A huge section filled with new motor coaches for us to drool over opens in the afternoon, with the evening entertainment being Bingo, starting at 7:00pm.  Being the Bingo Cashier for the Merced Elks, I KNOW that building will be packed ... so go early if you want a seat!!

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