Thursday, January 30, 2014

PLEASE HOLD ........................

I rather imagine that if you live in a larger town, it is easier to get things fixed.  In my case however, being a very small agriculture town, RV repair shops are few and far between.  After my aborted attempt to have repairs done at LaMesa RV in Yuma, I'm more determined than ever!!

First off ... the dreaded D R Y E R!!  I called two local appliance repair companies who had never heard of this brand and declined service.  Then I called Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay Alabama.  If you want something done, you have to go to the top.  An actual human being answered the phone there, a big plus, and suggested I call the California Rep Phillip H.  Phillip answered, but was just checking in to a hotel in Montana (???).  He did however, give me the number of the Westland Sales and Service office, home of Ariston by Splendide dryers.  Please hold .....................

Finally, a serviceman answered, who when told of my problem, promptly chastised me for "probably" trying to dry rubber-backed rugs, which will break the belt every time!!  With all the warnings on the front of the dryer, why did they forget to mention this one??  I confessed, I did actually dry one small bathroom rug with rubber backing.  THAT was my problem, I was informed.  Okay, can you just tell me where to get it fixed??  Why yes ... Chris in Yuma!!!  I held my tongue, but I'm sure my voice gave me away when I explained THAT particular episode!!  He then tells me to find the serial number, which confirms I am definitely in their system, but my warranty is no good (which I knew).  He did give me the part number, then suggests I call Fresno RV (the closest), have them order the belt, THEN make an appointment for repairs.  Okie Dokie!!!

I dialed Fresno RV.  Please hold .........................."This is Mel ... I'm out of the office, leave your name and number."  As of now, I have received no callback.

The next problem was the windshield wipers.  No wonder they were so expensive in Yuma ($185.00, I declined the service).  I called a small local RV repair shop.  Please hold ...................... You need to call the service department.  Please hold ....................... how can I help you?  I need windshield wipers for a Tiffen Phaeton.  Please hold ......................  Pretty sure I was on hold today more than I was talking on the phone!!  Finally, she says $45 EACH!!  I frantically called the Tiffen Rep back, now happily settled in to his hotel room, and we discussed wipers for about 30 minutes.  It appears that you cannot just replace the rubber ... basically you have to replace the entire apparatus.  Why can't I just replace the rubber part??  You can, but then you have to purchase additional arm thingies that will cost even more!!  THEN I find out the previous set I purchased probably still had a warranty on them .... somewhere .... which I imagine will involve more "holding".  The Tiffen Rep did have some advice however ... buy wiper COVERS ... it will triple the life of the wipers.  NOW you tell me!!!  To lessen the cost, most people just purchase the gray pipe insulation and cut it to fit ... not exactly pretty, but covers for about $2.00 ... that works for me!!

The wiper blades will be in today ... now if I can just figure out how to get the old ones OFF the "J" arms .... sounds like I know what I'm talking about, huh???  Not so much ... I tried twice last night with the Rep's instructions, but so far no luck.  As of this morning, I certainly need to figure it out, as FINALLY the Good Lord has seen fit to dump some rain on Central California!!  It's pouring outside!!  Wish me luck ... and if you know a good dryer repairman, PLEASE send him my way!!


  1. Nancy, have you tried calling CENTRAL VALLEY Bus & Truck Repair at 5349 E. Home, Fresno, CA? On the advise of Tom & Barb Westerfield we went to them in 2012 to have them remove our Hugh Net Internet Satellite on the roof. When they removed it, that is when we found out where the water leak was coming from. The satellite was removed and we had them fix the leak. No more problem. The Westerfield's recommend them highly and we have friends here at the Escapees Park in Coarsegold that also goes to them. Give them a call at 559.255.6188. Lynn Cross

    1. Thank you Lynn!! I put them on my "to call" list!!!