Monday, January 13, 2014


The last of the Dogpatch Days was Sunday.   I didn't have time to take pictures of us picking up trash because I was picking up trash!!  After retrieving four more golf carts and splitting up the garbage bags, each group headed out to see what treasures they could find.  A credit card was among the most interesting, which ended up cut into pieces in my trash can after I reported it to the bank.

It took about an hour, before 6 or 7 of us returned for our cars and headed across the grounds to scrounge for a parking site, as we are staying here another day before heading South to Yuma.  People were scrambling everywhere ... Bob Tucker and I found spots next to the grandstand (the noisiest place on the grounds), while everyone else went further north to find 50 amp services.  It seems we are parked on the grandstand freeway, where tractors, trucks and cleaning personnel make sure everyone is awake before the sun!!

THEN it was time to get the satellites up as quickly as possible for the finish of the 49'er football game ... and a GREAT game it was.  Colin Kaepernick was amazing as usual, and they are off to the playoffs against Seattle.  They are heated (and hated) rivals, so I'm hoping our guys can keep their cool and Win Win Win!!!

A quick trip to RV paradise, Walmart, netted enough food for the next few days, including the makings for chicken soup.  I hope if I eat enough, I'll get over this cold/flue ... or whatever it is ... so if I cluck when I see you next, you'll understand why.

A day late, of course ... when I plugged in my power, the Progressive Industries circuit protection box window where it shows the error messages, disappeared.  Yup ... now you can see right into the box, but no message center is visible.  By the time I discovered it,  Daryl Lawrence and his truck were packed up and gone.  I'm hoping they will again open a shop in Yuma and I can catch up with them there.

At least one full day in Yuma will be spent at La Mesa RV Repair Shop, fixing some minor problems and repairing my dryer.  Good thing I got that extended warranty!!!!!

Safe travels to those who are on the road today ... hope to see you again soon.


  1. Nancy, Daryl Lawrence may be at the Big Tent in Quartzsite. If you have a business card of his, you may want to call him.

    You stated in an earlier blog you and Patty went to the Microwave/Convection Oven seminar and then later bought some of the silicone products. Was the instructor Janet Sadlack from Minnesota? I attended many of her seminars at various rallies; bought both cookbooks; and still use her handout of recipes. I bought silicone products from her as well. Safe travels. Lynn Cross

    1. Hi Lynn ... yes it was Janet Sadlack!! I got her cookbook too, but have been too sick to cook anything!!! Patty and I can't wait to try a test run on Dan!!

  2. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you feel better soon.