Friday, January 21, 2011

Zip Lines, Puerto Vallarta

Rapelling 130'

Zip lines were soooo much fun!  Just don't look down.

Zip Lines, Puerto Vallarta

This was a 60 foot ladder we had to climb about half way through the course.  Yup, I was tired.

Puerto Vallarta

Just spent a week in Puerto Vallarta.  Wonderful place ... 75-80 degrees, lots of sun and sand to play in.

We took a trip to San Sebastian, an amazing little town about 90 minutes up in the high mountains.  The people were so nice I couldn't believe it.  I learned so much more about Mexico's history ... not what they teach you in school.  We had traditional Mexican food in a little restaurant that barely fit 20 people.  Being from central California (where 9 out of 10 restaurants have Mexican food), it was just like being at home.  The food was exactly the same ... it was the atmosphere that made the day.


FINALLY!!  1/28/2011 is my official retirement date.  Hopefully from then on I will be able to post more often with pictures of all my trips and adventures.