Friday, January 21, 2022


If you're going to do it, GO BIG!!!  Little did I know just how fast the tides were going to turn.  I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night.  I admit, I'm a wimp ... kind of like those husbands who think they are dying from a cold.  That's me .... I think I'm dying, or at least I feel like it.

I fed Cooper that morning, who did his usual pick up every bite, then spit it out before actually partaking of that good chicken.  And then I felt it.  That horrible heavy feeling in your chest that tells me I'm in for the big one.  Not a heart attack ... just a very bad session of sick.

I made the decision in a flash, or at least as fast as my sluggish little brain could.  I need to get home before this sets into what I know it's going to be.  Forget the solar ... forget the heater ... just get home where it's warm and I can deal with what's to come.

Thank goodness for Bill and Patsy!!  I told them my plan, being very careful to stay yards away, and I began the put together.  Apparently Bill was watching me look rather bewildered as I tried to remember the sequence of hook up.  He came over to be sure I did it right and provided even more tips ... if I can remember them!!

I just knew if I stayed, things would go downhill fast.  It's cold, not so good for a cold, and instead of resting, I'm constantly moving Jonathan around to keep him warm and carrying Cooper in and out the door since he too is a wimp and cannot climb up the steps.

I said goodbye to sweet Gibbs and waved goodbye to everyone.  

It was a long five hour drive back home, but boy am I glad I made that decision.  This morning the horrible sore throat and coughing has begun in earnest.  The good news is I'm warm and toasty on my couch with a down blanket and a hot cup of coffee.  Even better, Nurse Patty (yes, she's an ER Nurse) lives close enough to make sure I don't die.  That's a big plus!!

I even got the rig unhooked, although it took me 30 minutes just to be sure I wasn't forgetting something and make it roll off the end down into the gully.

On the way, I called Discount Solar who was very understanding and set up an appointment for me on my return trip.  The heater is still up in the air.

I'm coughing in earnest now, and though I had a temperature when I got home yesterday, it's back to normal, at least for me.  No matter ... I'm warm and Cooper is thrilled he can actually chase the ball more than three feet.  

I'll be ....... on the couch!!

Thursday, January 20, 2022


 The moon has been acting very weird of late.  Maybe that's the reason Doug and I are having so many problems!!  This was a quick hand held image because I forgot my tripod.  I think it's been a full moon for the last five nights, making it really nice to take Cooper out at 4:00 in the morning.  I can actually SEE!

Although I would expect this to be a sunset picture, it's actually sunrise.  As I said, it's been weird around here.

Cooper and I are usually out pretty early for that morning moon walk.  If not, he barks and wakes up all the neighbors.  There are just SO many rocks to smell and mark!!

Yesterday morning I got the sun coming up ... not so dramatic this time .....

And the moon going down.  I'm crediting this phenomenon with the cold I just came down with.  I can't believe it ... I've been so healthy for so long.  I thought it was allergies, but last night sealed it for me.  Cough cough cough ... runny nose ... lots of aches and pains.  No I don't think it's the dreaded C word because I don't have a temperature nor a sore throat, but I'm not taking any chances.  I'll be locked up for the next two days.

By the time the sun was full on shining, the moon STILL had not gone down below the horizon.  

These walks are full of interesting sites other than the moon.  If you were in the market, this setup is NOT for sale.  It says so not once, but TWICE.  I've never seen a live body around, but the car disappears every morning so he (or she) must work somewhere.  

On the way back, the Watchpup kept a steely eye on the property.  No one, and I mean NO ONE comes around THIS area without a bark to let everyone know there is an interloper.  What a good boy Gibbs is.

Finally back inside with the generator going for some Jonathan warm, the silly goose decided a bath was in order since he was sitting in the sunshine.  Yes, his head is entirely inside the water bowl ... that red spot is his wing to keep his balance.  

By the time he dunked in six times, he was soaking wet.  Silly bird!!  At least the heating pad was going and the sun dried him off.  I'm rethinking the blue flame heater ... and maybe that's why it hasn't come in yet ... karma and all that.  I certainly don't want to kill my 46 year old kid NOW!!  

If I can get enough solar and battery power, I may be able to do without it.  At this point, it's doubtful that three batteries will run the heating pad all night long.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

In the late afternoon, Doug and Yuma dropped by for a visit.  So good to see them again!!  Doug's offer to hike to the Palms sounded great, but with my cough now, I'm afraid I'll be tethered to my rig.

Here's hoping it's just a cold ... I've got a couple of Z-packs if necessary ... and I'll be up and running again VERY soon.  Tomorrow is solar installation day, even if I have to sit out in the middle of the parking lot all day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Where's My Blue Flame?

 I'm sitting in my chair with my computer plugged in to the wall, trying to type in my lap.  For some weird reason, nothing charged up last night.  I admit I forgot to plug in the computer, but neither my phone nor my watch sucked up any juice.  Weird ... but then this is the desert.

As for my Blue Flame ... it is still as elusive as the coyotes around here and I'm not the only one on the hunt.  Tom came back yesterday to say there was a guy in RV Lifestyles who wasn't the least bit happy he had not received his either.  

They seem to be on a truck somewhere, but no one knows where.  It's not looking good for Jonathan.  What I may do is ask very sweetly for Patsy and Bill to snag one for me since they will be here for the next month.  At least I would have one to hang out through the window and maybe get installed later.

As usual, I'm up early taking Cooper for a walk.  There has been an almost full moon for the last few days,  providing ghostly skies as it wanders through the clouds.  

There wasn't much of a sunrise as the clouds obscured the sun.  My plan was to get the sunrise and the moonset at the same time, but that didn't happen.  I can't complain about the clouds since they make it warmer!!

On we walked until I felt that first drop.  It said 30% chance of rain, but I didn't believe them.  Time to head back little Cooper buddy.

As you can imagine, there are piles of rocks everywhere, mostly for fire pits.  It's weird that I haven't actually seen or smelled any fires.  This one was different.  It must have had some bad juju attached because Cooper went ballistic.  He barked and barked, refusing to go any closer.  He's never done that before, so I believed him and we gave it a wide berth.  

See?  I was telling the truth.  Rain drops ... and no, that is NOT Cooper drops.  It rained for maybe 15 minutes?  That was different!

We spent most of the morning inside reading while Cooper crashed.  It's a hard job guarding the property.  

That was it, other than listening to four hours of generator running.  Today I'll actually go into town and once again ask about the heater.  I finally got my phone charged up this morning to find a message from friends Lynn and Dave Cross who are here in Quartzsite.  I'll see if I can locate them this afternoon.

Another weird coincidence ... I just found out one of my college friends bought a house here.  In Quartzsite??  Yup and he's in the process of moving his family.  I'm interested to hear that story!

So just for fun, as I was cruising the internet yesterday, I found this unique idea.  Probably not unique, but a good idea nonetheless.  I could use this ... or maybe I should just get rid of all my junk!!  

Fingers and toes crossed for a Blue Flame.  Gee, this is just like looking for toilet paper!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Whirligigs and Joe

 It was just a lovely day in Quartzsite.  The weather finally warmed up a bit and the wind was minimal.  It's time to go SHOPPING!!!

But not until Cooper got to play the ball game.  Of course you know who sits on the floor.  He rolls the ball off the edge of the chair, whereupon I catch it and toss it back up.  That went on for ten minutes.  You can tell he's a happy guy now that he feels better!!

The day before, Bill had spotted a whirligig he was really interested in for the Ridge back home.  I had my eye on one too, but didn't say much at the time.  We passed by the No Money, No Honey sign to find the small booth with two ladies already out and about.

Here it is ... Sunflower.   Well what do you know, they like the exact same one I do.  I have one in Vail, an expensive model from Oregon.  This one was almost $45 dollars cheaper.  I saw Bill dive into his pocket.  Sold!!  Gosh, it looks more like Indian feathers with a little turquoise in the middle to me!  SOLD!!  We brought home both of them.

I REALLY wanted this owl that flies with the wind.  Bill and Patsy wanted the eagle that does the same.

At $350 I balked ... maybe next year.  No kidding, when the wind comes up, it flies.  too darn cute!!

That's when I spotted a familiar face.  Meet Joe Rangel, turquoise jewelry maker.  He used to be over off of Main Street, but here he is at Tyson Wells.  I was so happy to see he was still in business.  I've purchased many pieces from him ... spectacular workmanship!  

There are just some people you meet that you can't get out of your head.  I purchased another bracelet, but this time with oyster shell instead of turquoise.  It was my small contribution to his artistry.

Root Farms was here from Modesto California, so we walked through and snagged a few things.  Their products are always top notch.  By the way, did you know if you eat a few pistachios before bedtime, it will help you sleep?  I had no clue, but that's what they said.  I got chocolate peanuts instead.

Once back home, I found out just how sneaky that Patsy is!  She had painted another rock for Miss Jessie that I found at the bottom of the solar panels Bill is letting me borrow while here.  

How sweet is that?  They will have a special place on my mantle when I get home!!

Here's the sneaky duo in person!!

With my wallet a little lighter and my credit card getting good use, I took Mr. Cooper out for a walk.  He loves to smell the smells and goes much further than I would expect.  That was to make up for our three hour happy hour!

Sadly, no blue flame heaters showed their faces yesterday.  Maybe today.  They are really going to get tired of me calling them!!!  Hopefully that means I'll be first in line to get one installed so I'll shut up!!

And it's raining!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Boondocking Takes Innovation

 Cooper and I were up early, looking for sunshine and a little warm.  It was still breezy, but a bit of warmth came through and thawed out Jonathan.  Boondocking takes some innovation when it comes to keeping a parrot warm.  

The same holds true for breakfast when you can't use your microwave.  Frying pan toast and English muffins is a no brainer.  Even tater tots are better fried than in a microwave.

Jonathan's cage is sitting on a heating pad that works when the generator is running.  Once warmed up, he goes up to the bedroom where two quilts try to hold the heat in.  Being upstairs, the heater keeps him semi warm most of the night.  

By 8:00 he's back on the heating pad with the genny running while the morning sun helps warms him up.  Really, I'm surprised he's still alive!!  They don't take temperature or location change well and I had no intention of being here this long.

Feeding him has caused some problems too.  Again, no microwave to heat up his favorite frozen muffin.  In a moment of innovation, a rarity for me, I threw it in the sieve over a pot of boiling water for my coffee.  It worked perfectly!!

Once everyone was fed, I wandered off to the trash bins, then on to get more generator fuel. I knew the football games would be on and the genny would require additional food.  What should I find when I returned but this cute painted rock with Cooper's name.

It's even the exact color of Cooper.  The back tells the story.  Thank you Patsy, I love it!!

At last Cooper and I headed out for a nice walk with him leading the way.  You wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but here are so many roads around here and dozens of rigs, it's easy to lose your way back home.  I try to keep an eye on the tallest cactus.

Lunch time found me digging through the bag of lettuce trying to find the edible pieces.  You do the same thing, right?  This was the last of the bag and I didn't want to be wasteful.  After all, you really can't get much food in these small fridges.  Next time I'll get more boxed ... just add water ... stuff.

Too bad, so sad ... this was the last of the peppermint cookies.  A trip to the store may be in order.

I played with Mr. Personality for a bit.  This kids sweet face makes up for anything impish he might do.  

At long last, it was time for the football game.  I went out to start the generator and look what I found!  Johnathan got his own rock!!  That Patsy, she's sneaky!!

The Forty Niners and the Cowboys.  What a crazy weird game THAT was!!  The Cowboys had a chance for a Hail Mary, but with 4 seconds left, they forgot to let the Ref place the ball on the field, or at least touch the ball.  By the time he did, time ran out.  The Forty Niners won!!

Today is hopefully the magic Blue Flame day.  I don't have much confidence that they will arrive, but I'll head down to the store and try to get an appointment anyway.  It's not just the buying .... it's the installation that I really really need this week and the sooner the better.  Quartzsite just can't seem to get past 45 degrees at night.  Worst case I guess I can buy a 5 gallon jug of fuel and run the hose out the window.  

There was another nice sunset, but I haven't downloaded those pictures.  I'll post them tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'm getting rather used to doing nothing all day long!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Never Again!!!

Thank you all for the good wishes regarding my kid Cooper.  He's such a sweetie ... but if he gets sick, you can be assured he thinks he's going to die.  After yesterday morning, he probably hoped he would.  After racking my brain to figure out what happened, the light bulb went on.  

I had opened a can of Costco cooked chicken to make a sandwich for me.  It's chicken, right?  He eats that every day.  I gave him maybe 1-1/2 teaspoons along with his regular dinner.  NEVER AGAIN!!  I'm sure that's what made him so sick.  I ate the same thing with no ill effects, but something in there didn't work for him.

This morning he's back to normal, playing hide the ball in the blanket and barking when he can't find it.  YAY!!

This was the very last of the sunrise pictures from yesterday.  It was probably the longest lasting one I've ever seen.  With not much else going on here at the moment, it's nice to have pictures for the blog.

In relating the story of trying to back up into the Yuma parking spot to Patsy and Bill, I mentioned the emergency brake cord getting pulled out.  Oh my ... Bill came over with a big box of stuff and a handy dandy drill.  In no time my cable was attached along the side of the hitch to keep that from happening again.  Rv friends are so amazing and helpful ... they pass on all their tips and tricks.

It was overcast, cold and windy all day, so basically we stayed inside.  In the afternoon, we walked over to two rigs, just down the road a ways to say hello.  I'll let you read that story on Patsy's blog.  It's a small world!!

On the way back, I picked up these two rocks laying by my rig.  They fascinate me for some reason, which is probably why I had an entire drawer full of rocks in the other rig.  Apparently I'm starting a new drawer.

In the interest of not being wasteful, I decided to finally cook up that hamburger and make spaghetti.  How hard could that be?  I cooked the meat and onions first, tossed in a healthy amount of garlic and the entire jar of sauce.  Although my pot is rather small, I got the spaghetti in it with no problem.

Let me just say .... NEVER AGAIN.  I will not make spaghetti again in this rig.  As I was trying to pour the sauce over the cooked noodles, oh so carefully, a big chunk of something hit my foot.  I froze!!  It was suddenly all over the stove and down the front of the cabinets.  

RATS!!  And on my new rug!!  I put everything down and began the cleanup.  But wait ... where did that big hunk of something go???  I couldn't find it on the floor or the rug.  Too bad I took three steps back because it was stuck on the bottom of my shoe, making lovely greasy red spots all over the rug AND the floor.  What a mess!!!  I peeled it off my shoe and proceeded to clean up.

By then, dinner was a little cold around the edges, but actually quite tasty.  Now I have lunch and dinner for about four days.  Those greasy spots even blend in to the brown in the carpet pretty well.  

And so another day ended with my generator humming as I watched not one, but TWO football games.  I might add that I've started the genny with one pull almost every time!  I'm getting the hang of it!  

Apparently it's the year of the underdogs ... the Bengals winning their first playoff game ... or at least I think that's what they said!!  

Today you'll find me watching the 49'ers and the Cowboys.  It should be an exciting game!