Saturday, June 15, 2024


 Well here we go again!  Half the month of June is gone just like THAT!  Not that I'm counting .......

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there that make a difference in so many lives.  Sometimes even if the kids aren't yours, and even if you don't know it ... you influence us all.

This is a shorty ... yesterday morning we met at the Elks Lodge at 9:00 ... a respectable hour ... to prep for the free breakfast.  Yessirree ... free breakfast for every member and their family, cuz that's how we roll.

We pared down the menu a bit, so all we had to pan was pastries and sausage.  The bagged eggs are thawed and ready to cook.  No kidding ... they are cooked in heavy plastic bags in boiling water, then smashed in a pan ... and believe it or not, they taste like really good REGULAR eggs.  

I asked with all my sweetness, including pretty please, that the head Chef make the gravy.  Gravy is important and can be messed up SO easily!  In return, we will all arrive at 6:00 to clean up the mess left from a 40 year anniversary.  It's worth it!!

It's going to be cray-cray because we really couldn't prep much in advance with another party going on the night before.  I only have 10 volunteers, so hopefully we can pull it off.

And so for Father's Day, here's a picture of my Dad up at the cow camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I think it was his favorite place to be and where he taught me how to fish when I was VERY young.  I became the camp fish cleaner and caught more than anyone.  You know the rule, you catch them, you clean them.  Dad would fry them up for dinner, along with homemade biscuits cooked in a cast iron dutch oven over pine cone coals.  Best biscuits EVER that I have never been able to duplicate.

A quick leftover from Flag Day ... when I got home late that night, believe it or not, the solar light was shining brightly on my flag.  I guess it decided to work, if only for one night!!

I'm off ... hoping for a no-burn easy day of cooking 60 pounds of sausage and about 500 biscuits!!



  1. Hope the breakfast went well. Also nice to take time to think about one's father...miss my father a lot.

  2. It will be a busy morning for you and volunteers!
    What a wonderful jester!
    Miss my pops!

  3. Thirty-Two Years since mine has been gone and I still miss him.
    Thanks for Volunteering.
    Be Safe, no burns and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. He was a handsome man, father's are special

  5. I'm sure breakfast was great and appreciated!
    I love the pictures of our Daddy's when they were young. We tend to forget that they were 20, 30, 40 etc. ♥ your Dad is a very handsome man! Daddy has been gone 29 years and I sure miss his presence. ♥

    1. I agree ... hard to believe they were that young!!

  6. Your Dad was so young and looked happy in Cow Camp.
    What a handsome guy !