Wednesday, July 22, 2015

World Problems NOT Solved!!

It was mostly a stay-at-home day yesterday.  Nick and Terry Russell were moving up from Whalers Rest to the same park we are at, so we scouted out some sites for them.  As usual, the people who said they were leaving at 11:00 (perfect timing) pulled in front of my rig at 9:30 to hook up.  By 10:30 I was parked in their space, keeping an eye on one other.  In case you were wondering, the Ranger said you can stand or park in a site, but if someone wants it, you have to give it up.

No histrionics this time, and Nick pulled in at noon, able to chose the best site based on satellite reception.  In the meantime, Patty and Dan went to Warrenton to visit friends while I located the local UPS office to pick up escrow papers on the ranch.

I thought I would just sign them in front of the UPS notary and ship them off, but I was mistaken.  Have you ever gone through those packages of paper???  Yikes!!  I finally decided this was going to take a day or two to process and headed home.  The BIG question involves giving the State of California and the Feds their money UP FRONT!!!  Since this has been a rental for years, depreciated here and there, involves several step-up's in value and other craziness, I finally threw up my hands and called my accountant.

Long story short, I'm going to be out $60,000 in taxes!!!  HOLY CRIMINY BATMAN!!!  Here my family worked all their lives and paid thousands upon thousands for property taxes, scrimped and saved every penny in order to be able to keep the ranch ... and just when we are going to sell and hopefully live off the profits, they take ONE THIRD out of our pocket!!!  That's our good old government for you ... take from those who work hard and pay their taxes, to give to those who refuse to work, live on WELFARE and pay NO TAXES!!!
It's a good thing Nick and Terry stopped in and asked me to dinner ... I was just about to explode trying to navigate the pile of paperwork!!  On our way out, Patty and Dan drove in, so we all hot-footed it to El Trio Loco (formerly Mariachis) for some great Mexican food.

We certainly tried to solve the world's problems for the next two hours, but didn't even come close!!  I still owe $60,000, but with great company and a little good food, I was feeling better, kinda sorta ... okay, actually I was really depressed over the whole situation!!

Today we plan to hit the outlet stores, then the beach for some kite flying!!  Come on out ... the weather is FINE!!!


  1. Just think, in a year or two you could be "living in a state" while you travel and not worry about paying Uncle Jerry any more! It is so nice to file our taxes with the Feds and not have to worry about any state taxes at all!!!! That sure is a lot of $$$$. Feeling your pain, that is for sure. --Dave

    1. Thanks Dave .... I appreciate your thoughts!!