Monday, July 20, 2015

How Many Kites Is Enough??

The answer depends on how much you like kite flying ... and I definitely DO!!!  Patty, Dan and I went out for an hour or so yesterday morning, flying our Snapshots since the wind was pretty strong.  We are starting to do tricks ... sliding from side to side, turning circles, stalling and touching down then taking off.  When I did crash, I was able to get it flying again by myself, saving Miss Patty many steps.

Soooooo  ...  my number of kites increased by one today.  Having left my Revolution 1.5 kite at home (forgotten by the back door) and hearing how much Terry and Nick enjoyed their lesson the other day, I called around looking for the kite that was recommended to them.  They had one at Seaside, but  told me to check Lincoln City instead.  I called in the morning to place my order, figuring I would meet Nick and Terry at the store ... fairly sure they were headed in the same direction I was.    

See the gray stripes on the wings?  Those are actually mesh panels that let air flow through the kite, making it much easier to fly in the high winds along the coast. 
I waited to pick it up as long as possible, but just couldn't stand it any more.  About that time, I got a call from Nick that he was looking at my kite in the store!!!  Needless to say, the three of us are now proud owners of new Revolution 1.5 vented kites.
The Russell's definitely have more kite time, having flown their other Revolutions with major success.  Since we are all going to Seaside, maybe we can get in some flying time where I can watch them soar through the skies and gather knowledge through osmosis!!  I can't wait to get it in the air.  It's definitely an addiction, this kite flying!!
On the home front, meet Missy Chance ... she posed for a couple of pictures the other morning ... a sweetheart, as long as you don't try to pick her up.  That's not her favorite activity ...
but she is happy to roll over on her back and let you rub her tummy!!!  She's most affectionate, except when Jessie stops by for a visit, which causes her tail to whip around pretty dramatically.
Patty and I hit the Antique store under Big 5 in Newport where I found these great boots for her.  They will add an additional three inches to her height but she was having none of it!!  Attractive, don't you think?
There's lot of cool stuff in this store including this device to make cannon balls.  You can find ANYTHING here, including rattlesnake eggs.  Check them out on the front counter!!
There are Cow Tales too ... but don't bother with this one.  For 50 cents, I tried it ... caramel apple ... it's nasty!!!  Yes it kind of looks like a cows tale ... I think it tastes like one too!!
This was Cooper last night, with me right behind him.   Wayyyyy too many 5:00 mornings!!  
We're heading North again today to another Thousand Trails park where we will stay for two weeks ... hopefully kite flying every day!!

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