Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nye Beach For A Look See!!

In 1865, John Nye came to the coast after the government opened up the Coast Indian Reservation for homesteading.  There was nothing but cliffs here, except for one small stream (Nye Creek) that cut a path to the ocean which later became the turnaround.  Even in the late 1800's there were tourists coming here to bask in the sun, resulting in crowds of people listening to concerts on the beach.  Who knew??  Sounds like Woodstock of the North!!
A group of summer residents built the Summer Education Association auditorium, drawing teachers from everywhere to study science, music, art and religion.  That didn't last long before recreational activities took over and the Natatorium was built to include heated sea water bathing, roller skating, bowling and a dance hall.

Train service was the only way to get here for years, which included a short trip around the river mouth by boat.  Eventually roads were built and most, if not all of the old buildings were torn down, replaced by condos and cottages.

Not a real exciting history like many coastal towns.  To this day, it remains a quiet little area full of tourists looking for sun and sand.

Patty and I wandered down yesterday to check out one of our favorite little stores ... Tu Tu Tu Kitchenware.  For a small store, they have practically everything you could ever want, including these beautiful flowers right by the front door!!  I picked up a scoop for making cookies you can see below, a small bread knife and a new spatula, hoping they all will improve my cooking skills.
We wandered around the shops before heading towards the beach, where we were greeted by this guy at a bar doorway!!  I'm sure he's a sweetheart, but a little intimidating, as we continued down the street.  I bet he keeps the rabble rousers under control!!
A quick stop at a new quilt store was followed by someone in a black vehicle following us.  Yikes!!!  We can't see who it is due to the tinted windows!!  Finally a phone call relieved our fears ... it was Dan ... who thought it was time for lunch.  Surprise ... we just happened to be at the South Beach Fish Market!!  What perfect timing!  Their fish and chips are wonderful!!  Don't let the crowds or lack of parking stop you from eating here!!

Now sufficiently supplied with sustenance, we wanted to make a quick stop at the Thrift Store that supports animal rescue.  Patty found lots of goodies and I picked up these two glass pieces to use in making a small cake plate.  Just glue the plate on top of the vase and voila!!!  A cute cake plate for $1.00!!
We try to keep moving when on vacation ... especially when eating fish and chips and Dan's famous grilled seasoned corn and perfectly cooked steak!!!  So after dinner, Patty and I took another walk on the beach.  We didn't find much more than we did last time, but there will be many more walks.
Today we head inland to Toledo.  If you google this, you'll find Toledo Ohio, but we're not going THAT far.  Toledo has it's Farmers Market today, along with a big store full of used books, including train books Dan likes to collect, a quilt store and an interesting fact ... it used to be the home dock of the Kiska Sea, one of the fishing boats on Deadliest Catch.  Should be a fun day, even if it is raining!!


  1. I guess you found Internet somewhere...we have been struggling with getting a good signal on our aircard for two days now. At least here at Lake Almador we get a signal, but it is slow and comes in and out. --Dave

    1. It's not usually too bad up the Oregon Coast ... inland is another story. Enjoy the cool weather!!!