Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Great Friends ... Great Burgers!!!

Cannon Beach ... Carmel of the Oregon Coast.  Named for a cannon discovered in 1898 from a U.S. Navy Schooner that went aground in 1846, Cannon Beach lost it's Hwy 101 status when a tsunami hit in 1964.  With the bridge gone, the highway was relocated further East, but that didn't keep Cannon Beach from being a tourist magnet.  Come early in the day to find a parking spot!!
The first thing you will notice is the abundance of absolutely amazing flowers, growing in every inch of dirt and flower pot available.  Miss Patty went with me to check out the local yarn/quilt/candy stores and we oohed and ahhhhed the entire walk around town.  It's a good thing she didn't bring her "nursey" scissors!!  Patty being an ER nurse, always carried her scissors around, which she used to clip pieces of greenery at everyone's doorstep!!
As is the case on the casual coast, some of the stores weren't open at 10:00 as we wandered down the street.  The Picnic Basket opened it's doors a little after 10:00 ... close enough to lunch for me!!!
I guess this is what "laid back" means ... many of the stores have signs saying they will be open about 10 ... or maybe 11ish .... or "be back soon"!!!
The Picnic Basket had one of the best showcases of different flavored fudge I've ever seen!!  At $8.00 for two squares, I was able to pass it by ... most unusual for me!!
Bruce's Candy Kitchen was our second stop.  They make all their taffy behind the glass wall so you can see how the crazy little machine cuts and wraps each piece.  You can taste test the newest flavor sensation from the small basket just inside the entrance door.  They had some weird candies here ... many that hark back to my childhood.  You know, the ones my parents would never let me have ... including these Gummy Fried Eggs!!!
There are many galleries here with paintings, photography and glass.  Although a little too pricey for my beer budget, it's fun to wander through and admire the artistry!!
This group of flowers were definitely happy campers!!  I've never seen so many blooms on one plant!!
Another gorgeous variety of nasturtium.  I think these are called Phoenix Mix (internet search because I had no clue).  Nasturtiums are edible ... wouldn't this look nice on your dinner plate???
We stopped in at the quilt shop to find this beautiful succulent blooming like crazy!!  It's about 15 inches across!!!   Maybe if I lived here, I could actually grow things!!!
More succulents still holding the morning dew ... 
If you like quilt material, stop in at Center Diamond on the south end of town.  This shop has more batiks than you can shake a stick at ... and many more unique fabrics than I've ever seen anywhere ... and that includes a LOT of quilt stores!!!
Miss Patty is a GREAT friend ... she helped me pick out 20 ... yes 20 fabrics for a quilt called Turning Twenty.  This picture doesn't do the fabrics justice at all!!!  They are just gorgeous and will make a great memory quilt of my time on the Oregon Coast!!
As you walk around town, there are markers giving the history of many of the buildings.  Back in the 20's when the rich and famous rode trains to this area to relax on the beach, they built this skating rink.  It's now the Coastal Theatre Playhouse where locals put on shows like Little Shop of Horrors.
Tired of shopping, if you can believe it, we headed back to the rigs for a little rest before having dinner with Terry and Nick Russell at this 100% dive bar called Relief Pitcher (right on Hwy 101 just south of Seaside).  Don't let the outside decor, peeling paint or motorcycles, keep you from having dinner here.  They have the best burgers on the coast!!
There's a half pound of burger here, covered with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles alongside two huge thick slices of bacon!!  I skipped the fries and went for the cole slaw, full of cranberries and raisins!!  Miss Terry and Patty had tomato basil soup, also delicious!!  The service was great and the prices reasonable ... what better place to have a great burger and tell stories!!
If you're really lucky and you have good eyes like Patty Chance, you'll find one of these beauties sitting just outside the window.  This is a Giraffe Moth, aptly named I think!!
Today the wind is supposed to come up a bit allowing us some afternoon kite flying time.  Maybe I can get mine to do more than go up, go down and crash!!!  Hopefully everyone's kites will fly high and long!!!  

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