Monday, July 27, 2015

Farmers Market #2 ... Astoria!!

Probably the best farmer's market I've ever been to, The Astoria Sunday Market is well worth the trip.  It amazes me how creative people can be.  Unfortunately I can't show you lots of images.  Those same amazing Artists don't like people walking around with big cameras "stealing" their ideas and possibly their customers.  I can't say I blame them, so even if you don't see something you might like here, definitely wander up to Astoria on Sunday!!
At 10:00 in the morning when they opened it was pretty crowded, despite the light rain.  If you like fresh veggies, this is the place to bring a really big shopping bag.  They have everything you could ever want.  Dan is a meat eater, so vegetables and goat cheese weren't on his list.  
Many, if not all, of the vendors we saw in Ilwaco were here.  This was probably the most interesting idea we saw for picture frames.  The gentleman took pictures of everyday items and added corresponding things to the shadow box.  The glass of wine picture had wine corks, the sand dollar picture had sand and a dollar bill, the Sees candy picture had empty candy wrappers .. you get the picture!!  Since this was DEFINITELY an idea to copy, I snuck in a quick picture when the vendor wasn't looking!!  
Next Sunday ... yes we will return next week ... I'll take more "phone" pictures, pick up some fruit (blueberries, raspberries, marionberries, blackberries) and maybe some jams and jellies!! 
My favorite place to drop a few bucks is at the very end ... the bakery!!  They have samples of everything but the pies ... a great place to pick up dessert on the go.  I purchased a small cherry pie (bribery for Dan in case we run into a quilt shop) and taste-tested every cookie, including the lemon white chocolate.   You can also sample every jar of jam and jelly!!  Breakfast on a cracker!!
There were tables of peaches, apricots, carrots, basil ... weird looking things I won't eat, like eggplant ... just an amazing variety of edibles!!
It's almost as fun to people watch as it is to shop!!  There are some interesting characters here ... like the girl with shocking turquoise-blue hair and her matching husband.  I didn't know Just For Men came in brilliant blue!!
This one I couldn't figure out.  I thought they were maybe wind socks ... some kind of hanging drapery accent ... but finally discovered they are mermaid outfits for your granddaughters ... or daughters as the case may be.  I'm not sure how they walk around in them ... maybe they are just for lounging around the pool!!!
At the North end are the food concessions, everything from falafel to Indian cuisine to Chinese food is served here, including hand sandwiches.  I purchased one for $6 .. BBQ pork with cole slaw in the middle.  It was delicious!!!
From the market, we drove up to the highest point in Astoria ... reminiscent of the streets of San Francisco.  The view of the big ships waiting to go up the river is spectacular!!
At the very top is the Astoria Column ... under construction on this day and so wrapped up you couldn't see any part of it.  It's $2.00 to park and enjoy the view, so we just drove through the parking lot and headed back out.  It's totally worth the drive up however, just to see this amazing scary bridge that crosses the Columbia River.  Hard to believe, but they say it is actually 4.1 miles long!!!
 The view to the South is where Lewis and Clark built the fort we visited a couple of days ago!!
More exploration and adventure are on the horizon for today ... Cannon Beach ... and I'm taking my phone for pictures!!!


  1. We, too, loved the Astoria Farmer's Market. We probably stopped (away from the water) and bought sugar-free jams/preserves for David. If I remember correctly, they offered samples, too. And, close by were the peaches. Now, if I remember correctly, a vendor selling birdhouses was closer to the water...amazing looks. I am hoping in August to attend the farmers market in Jackson, WY at the 'Square'...only on Saturdays. Enjoy.

    1. They have samples of every single jar of jelly and jam they make Lynn .... excellent stuff!!! I bet Wyoming would have good markets too ... hope you get to go!!