Tuesday, July 19, 2016

UGH ... Beach Hair!!

You know those women who have beautiful hair that looks great any time of day, whether at a Rock Concert, the Opera or the BEACH?  I'm not one of them!!  I spent a LOT of time yesterday morning washing and fixing my hair just for a trip to the Vet.  Not for me ... Jessie has a spot on her leg that needs looking after.

When they called to cancel (my appointment is now today at 4:00) and the wind began to change, I decided to go flying again.  Two seconds out in the misty, rainy wind and my hair was a hot mess!!  Visor time!!  Of course once a visor, always a visor ...
After a terrible Chicken Carbonara Lean Cuisine lunch (my advice is don't buy that one), I headed out with my bag full of kites.  THIS time I was smart enough to grab a large black marker and note which kite is which ... full sail, mid vent, full vent ... to I can choose depending on the wind and not get sand burns on my knees from being drug down the beach.
Even with the Shook kite, it was a little too windy yesterday.  If the wind isn't steady and smooth, it's MUCH harder to fly.  Most of the time it felt like a helicopter was overhead with gusts thrashing the kite right and left.  I think I got flying upside down pretty good (for me anyway) turning to the left, but turning to the right was another story entirely.  
How Joanna from the San Francisco area could just grab the handles, get the upside down kite to lift three feet off the ground and stay put while she walked fifty yards, is totally BEYOND me!!  She did that last year at the kite festival.  I'm in total AWE of that skill!!!

The beach has been really quiet.  With wind whipping the sand around and a little rain, most people have stayed away.  That's a good thing for a novice kite flyer!!  At least I won't whack someone in the head.
On the way back from flying I stopped in at a car wash on Roosevelt.  Do NOT go there.  It did a really crappy job for my hard earned $10.  There MUST be something better in town, I just haven't found it yet.  
There are lots of interesting vehicles around here, including this one ... but I have no idea what it is.  Yes, it's a pickup, but look at the size compared to the car next door.  It almost looks like a Matchbox Car.
At any rate, I had been waiting all day for dinner.  The anticipation of a beautiful piece of barbecued salmon ran through my head constantly.  I couldn't wait to try my Nephew's recipe.  It's pretty easy, spread out several pieces of heavy aluminum foil, plop the salmon skin side down on top and roll up the edges to keep the juices in.  Then go to adding whatever spices flip your skirt.

Place the entire thing on the barbecue ... I cooked mine on low ... and 30 minutes later you have this.  The cool thing is, the skin sticks to the foil perfectly ... making slicing and serving a breeze, to say nothing of the TASTE!!!  
Throw a few asparagus into the handy dandy veggie bbq cooker and dinner is served!!!  I did get a little concerned when I heard rain while everything was cooking, but apparently it didn't matter.  The BEST part ..... no cemetery required!!!
I'll probably just hang out today, but it won't be quiet.  Between the big barking dogs at the permanent site two rows behind me, followed by the two SMALL barking dogs one site down, the drills going constantly from Mr. Tweety Bird and the screaming kids on bicycles, it hasn't exactly been restful.  Two of my neighbors left early shaking their heads.  What can I say .... it's your typical Thousand Trails where there are lots of rules that NO one follows!!

I'll let you know how Jessie does ....... 


  1. The pickup is a '50/60's British Morris Minor. From Morris Garages, creators of the MG. The engine/transmission was the same as the MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite which made speed parts readily available.
    I owned a four door sedan and then a convertible. Often see them in Public Television British shows.

    1. Well it certainly was cute, Don!! Thanks for the info!!

  2. Some woman pay big $$$$ for curls.
    We don't belong to TT for those reason. Want rules for all enjoyment.

    1. Unfortunately, I'm one of them!! And the foggy weather takes most of that away!!! LOL

  3. Hope it was good news with Jessie.

    We pulled into the Oceanside RV Park in Haines this morning, the people next door are traveling in a Roadtrek and where out walking their dog. When the got back, she (Pat) comes over to our open door (much like I did with you last year) and knocks. She has been following our travels and wanted to know how Skruffy was doing. Her and Ron and their dog Murphy also have a 5th Wheel that they leave in a RV Park not 30 miles from our Condo that they live in when not roaming around in their Roadtrek. Amazing this RV travel life, isn't it...

    1. Isn't it weird how we meet so many people while traveling around? I've met several from Sacramento and even a couple from Modesto!!

  4. You'll be able to do inverted hovers too. It just takes practice to know how much (rather how little) to correct when the kite starts not doing what you want. I'm sure you'll be a lot better at it by the end of the summer with all the practice you get.

    Here are a couple things to try if you really want to learn that inverted hover. Start with the kite inverted on the ground. Fly up a few feet carefully (yes you're flying backwards). Before the kite veers off or does anything unwanted, set it back down on the ground. The goal is to always be in control, not how high you get. You might only get a foot or 2 off the ground, but that's ok. Once you can get to 5 or 10 feet, you can start holding the hover. Again, set the kite back down on the ground before it does anything unwanted. Even a split second hover but full control at all times the kite is in the air is better than trying to hold it until you lose control. This exercise is to train your hands to balance the kite. The other thing to try is using forward flight at all times, fly straight up to the top, turn around and fly straight back down. Turn around and repeat. Every time, fly down slower and slower. Eventually you'll fly so slow coming down you'll end up in an inverted hover. Continue all the way down before you lose control. See the theme of land before you lose control? That's also training you to know you're about to lose control and do something else so you don't. Good luck, and don't forget to have fun.

    P.S. Mmmmmmm....that salmon looks good. No way you're a bad cook.


    1. Thank you, thank you Joanna!!!!! I can't wait to get out and try that!!