Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lunch In Bay City

Since I was hot on the trail to Seaside and only spent one night in Tillamook, I missed out on the GREAT food at The Fish Peddler, inside Pacific Seafoods Oyster Plant.  These guys really know how to make clam chowder and cioppino.  When out of the blue my brother Dennis and his wife Sharon sent a message they were in Lincoln City, we decided to meet in the middle.  I immediately picked the Fish Peddler.  I'm pretty sure I haven't seen them since 2001.

If you want lunch there, go about 11:30!!!  In spite of the packed parking lot, all from employees shucking oysters, we were about the first to arrive.  If you wait until noon, you will wait quite a bit longer for a table.  Yup ..... it's THAT good!!
Traffic wasn't TOO bad, but it still took me 1-1/2 hours to drive 45 miles.  These crazy tourists make ME crazy.  If the speed limit is 55, they go 35.  If it's 25, they go 15, not to mention they just stop in the middle of the road for no reason other than to decide if they want to pull over.  PLEASE people ... for the sanity of those behind you, don't do that!!   Even the timber-loaded trucks and gas trucks drive faster than the tourists!!!

I finally arrived in Nehalem just in time for a parking spot in front of Buttercups.  They have a different combination of ice cream and soups.  This is NOT your local Baskin Robbins.  There are only about 8 ice creams, which you are welcome to taste.  Marshmallow first, followed by Blueberry-Lemon, then Burnt Chocolate.  
She described how the chocolate powder was burned on the stove before being blended and made into ice cream.  I tried it, but wished I had not.  I get enough burned food with my cooking.  Unique ... yes ... but not for me.  I went home with Marshmallow and a container of Thai Corn Chowder soup.
Next stop ... Cannon Beach ... a place you don't want to drive through around 1:00.  I spent five minutes blocking traffic trying to turn right into the Center Diamond quilt shop.  Everyone ELSE was trying to get into the public parking lot next door.  The guy first in line didn't care how many cars were behind him as he unloaded six people and a TON of gear (with no parking spot in sight) while four cars waited behind him, each taking up enough space for TWO cars.  

I'm bad ... I finally honked until they all pulled forward and I could get off the highway.  I know you've been there too and probably honked, so I don't feel so bad.  Please be considerate and aware of your surroundings!!
Miss Patty Chance will recognize these beautiful flowers.  The gardener here in downtown Cannon Beach is amazing.  She keeps all these beauties blooming and showing off their finery!!
The Quilt shop was a bust ..... can you believe it?  I didn't find anything except many bolts of Cannon Beach Haystack Rock batiks.  Yes, you too can have anything you want printed on bolts of fabric for your enjoyment.  You just have to buy 500 yards of it .... that's about 15 yards to a bolt ... and submit a picture.  I passed this time.

I DID have a long conversation with the Owner about how she dealt with the tourist traffic.  She says it only lasts 10 weeks.  That's enough to send me to the looney bin!!

I'm headed to beautiful downtown Seaside today, where you need to be parked by 10:00 am, to pick up another kite bag.  I know ... crazy for someone who really can't fly them that well ... but I don't want to drag all of them to the beach, so I need something smaller.  Hopefully, I'll also get out with my camera for a shot or two.  

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