Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dinner .... It's TROUT!!

I seem to be running a day behind!!  I left Le Grande at 6 am under cloudy skies as the weather in central Oregon cooled off.  This was going to be a long haul for me, about 5 hours, as I wanted to reach Bend Oregon and the Thousand Trails Park before all the sites were taken.  I traveled this road going the other direction on the way to Alaska several years ago, although nothing looked familiar!
I do remember following a truck up a long steep hill and not getting over 30 mph.  Once you get over the mountain range, it flattens out into these beautiful geological formations with stops all along the way to check it out.  I just kept going.
This is a crazy little canyon, very narrow and winding.  The riverbed has cut this deep trench over the years.  It wouldn't have been a problem, but I got behind a guy pulling a small travel trailer, always at a reduced speed.  If the sign said 50, he went 40.  If it said take the corner at 30, he went 15.  I certainly hope he's not your neighbor, because I said a lot of bad words every time he didn't pull out at one of the 15 spots we passed.  By the time we got over the hill, he had five rigs and 8 cars behind him.
Once I finally got past him, the snow covered Cascade mountains came into view, so I knew I was getting close.  It's a good thing, since my voice was gone from hollering to Jonathan.  This was a long trip for him, meaning he was tired, nervous and talking up a storm.
When I got to this weird statue, I knew I was home free.  Just a little ways south and I would be parked for the next three days.
I debated whether to follow S. Century Road the entire way, or take a shortcut.  Century won, as I came to the familiar landmark ... my favorite ... round-de-rounds.  Hang on Jonathan!!!  Gosh I hate these things.  I was sure I needed to take the third exit going south.  Funny thing, when I got around, there WAS no third exit.  Well RATS!!  I went around again, trying to look at my phone map and not run anyone over.

At one point, I thought I might just make another round to freak out the other drivers ... it was rather scenic.  Eventually I took the second exit, which means I went straight, and finally arrived at Thousand Trails.
I prayed and prayed for a parking spot.  Luck was on my side ... I drove up just as the previous campers pulled out.  I couldn't make the U turn, so I had to seesaw before getting the rig around the corner.  The bad news is there were six rigs lined up at the sewer dump ..... which unfortunately is right behind me.  It turned out okay, the smell was only fleeting since the wind was blowing AWAY from me.  No satellite, but I pulled in the local stations.  When I got tired of Judge Judy, I switched on America's Got Talent.  What a lineup!!
Last night I threw some chicken on the barbecue, although I forgot the marinade.  THIS time I used skinless chicken, so it didn't burn.  Amazing, right?  I actually cooked a real dinner, with wild rice, chicken and salad.  Oh .... you thought I had trout??
It wasn't me, it was the osprey at the end of our campsite in Le Grande that had fish for dinner.  I followed the female around with my camera while she flew figure eights.  Finally she landed and I got a couple of pictures, just before this big guy came along.  Apparently it's DAD and like any good father, he brought home the bacon ... or trout as the case was.  
That's a huge fish in his talons.  He landed without a bobble and made cooing sounds to his Mrs.  I could see her tearing into the fish, which she promptly fed to her baby.
NOW I'm ready for the quilt stores!  It's going to be a shopping marathon since all the stores have discounts due to the upcoming Sisters Quilt Show ... one of the most famous on the west coast.


  1. We can never get out of round abouts on the first trip,always confusing. Sounds like your in for some fun shopping.

    1. Aren't they crazy? I don't know who invented them, but I'm sure they were confused too!!

  2. Don't forget the free Row by Row patterns.

    1. I've picked up a few Row by Rows, but they always seem to get stuck in a drawer somewhere. One of these days I'll put them all together!!

  3. We are here too at the TT park. We are out in the overflow. The Discovery with Solar. Let's get together.

    1. Now I see you ..... sorry I didn't get to meet you sooner, as I'm leaving in the am. Enjoy the cool weather!!