Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Did A Crazy Thing ....

That probably doesn't surprise you, but it sure gave me a shock!!  I got an email from Magic Fingers Joanna that John Barresi was giving a Team Flying class this weekend.  I laughed ... because I know how I am about those kinds of things .... scared to death!!

I pondered and pondered, finally logging back on to Kite Life.  It said Beginning Team Flying, so I thought what the heck ..... I'll sign up to go fly my Revolution kite with the best in the world, even though I can hardly keep it from crashing!!  What could go wrong, right?  My registration actually says "Beginner ... up and down, some control, bumps and crashes".  I immediately got sick to my stomach.  What was I thinking???
I fly with 80 foot lines that usually come with the kites.  The class said 120 foot lines required.  I knew I had some, but they had never left the bag.  I figured I better get out and at least set them up once to get them untangled.  Boy ... that's a   L  O  N  G   way out there.  After 30 minutes of getting them unwound and straight, I pulled the kite into the air.  

WOW!!!  WHAT a difference!!!  At least in this wind, those longer lines made it easier to control ... easier than it WAS anyway.  Two hours later, my back was aching and my shoulders hard as a rock.  
That's when I noticed this really black cloud coming my direction.  Time to go!!  The nervous nelly sick stomach comes and goes, this morning worse than ever.  Here's hoping I don't make a complete fool of myself!!
Back at the rig, I went straight for the wine bottle to settle my nerves.  The freezer drawer refused to close.  I slammed it a little harder.  Nothing.  I finally crawled underneath and removed this latch at the bottom of the big drawer.  This is it with the little piece in the middle, in the up position.
This is the same piece in the down position.  No matter how I moved it, nothing worked.
This is the black piece that it should lock into .... but it doesn't, nor can I get the latch hooked on to this piece.  Anyone out there have any ideas??  The freezer door stays shut, but I imagine the first corner I take too fast will have it slamming open, breaking something.  I appreciate anyone's help!!
So I'm off early this morning for the hour's drive to Long Beach for this class.  Worse case, I'll get sick and come home, but I'm really hoping I learn some cool moves so I can fly better, without all those crashes!!!   

Thank you Joanna ...... I think .......


  1. Anyway you can bungee the door to stay shut while traveling?At least until you can find a tech to fix it.
    Good luck with flying. Great you get to take a lesson.

  2. Try this: Probably cost $20 by the time you quick ship to where you are...

    1. Thank you Dave. If I can't get this one to work, I'll definitely order that one!!

  3. You can order replacement latches from Tiffin. We've replaced both of the ones on the refrigerator surround, and a few on other cabinet doors and drawers. They work great when they work, bummer when they break which they do fairly often!

    1. Thank you Sharon, so much! Miss Terry gave me some instruction on fixing the one I have, but if that doesn't work, at least I know I can order one!!!