Thursday, July 28, 2016

Playing Nurse Nancy

My poor Jessie girl was shaking like a leaf when I dropped her off yesterday morning for leg surgery.  She was so scared, she paid no attention to the kitty next to her on the couch.  I again mentioned the "cone" issues as they took her away.  Sniff sniff!!

I figured it would be a hang-around day while I waited, so I headed to the store for lasagna supplies.  Unfortunately, I left Miss Terry's Cookbook at home.  RATS!!  So I winged it ... dangerous territory for me!!  I had already scoped out a burial zone, just in case.
At 2:00 I ran back to pick up my girl, cone and all.  They removed the lump, but couldn't tell what it was.  Just to be safe, I had them send it out for biopsy.  Instead of going ballistic with the cone this time, she froze.  Those little feet just wouldn't move an inch.  I carried her to the car and to the rig, depositing her on the couch.  
Still frozen 15 minutes later, I removed the cone, fed the starving baby and carried her outside.  Once back in her spot, she wasn't a happy camper AT ALL.  She growled if I even looked at her.  Cooper didn't get any favors either.
Meanwhile, I made a mess of my kitchen, just for kicks.  Do you know how hard it is to make lasagna in such a small space??  Note to self ... get a bigger pan so you don't have to cook three noodles at a time.  Don't worry about that cheese on the floor, Cooper will get it.
An hour later, I had three beautiful pans of lasagna.  Two went in the freezer, one in the oven.  At the exact moment it came OUT of the oven, I remembered I had Miss Terry's book on my phone.  Well DOUBLE RATS!!  I could have had the REAL thing ... instead, I got the winged version.  Still, it's pretty tasty.  Could my cooking possibly be getting better??? 
While at the store, I was VERY surprised to find someone had made chocolate cream pie for me.  How nice was THAT??  Miniature versions ... perfect for lunch AND dinner.  No really, I had half of it for lunch and saved the rest for dinner's dessert.
In the afternoon while Jessie slept, I took Cooper out to play catch with his ball.  Surprisingly, he hasn't picked up Jessie's dog hating habits and actually played with three kids and their Havanese.  They were so excited when he rolled the ball to them with his nose so they could roll it back.  Little did they know they were stuck doing that for the next hour.  

Miss Jessie slept late into the night on the couch.  I figured it would be a little difficult with the cone under the bed covers where she sleeps, so I left it off.  She was a good girl ... I only had to holler at her once to stop licking her leg.  This morning she went up and down the steps on her own and doesn't seem to be having any problems.  Doesn't she look like a little angel?   HA!!!!
I probably won't stray too far from the rig again today, just to be sure she leaves her leg alone.  I'm already in kite withdrawal!!  All tolled, Miss Jessie is about a $2,300 dog after being fixed, repair of a broken foot, stitching up a torn shoulder and teeth cleaning, now including leg surgery.  Hopefully in her old age she will slow down a little!!!  I won't hold my breath.


  1. Close to Skruffy's total, but no cigar. Sure hope the test results come back negative and this is behind you. Skruffy is doing wonderful...worth every penny, aren't they? :)

  2. Nancy: Your e-mail did not reach me. did you use David

    1. I sent another ..... that's the one I used. Maybe in Junk Mail?