Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It Was A Froggy Day!!

Not the ribbit kind of froggy, but the misty, can't see, no wind type of froggy day.  Not that I was really feeling like spending another full day at the beach, but surprisingly, I wasn't sore or hurting from sunburn, I was just TIRED!!  A GOOD kind of tired.  On the other hand, maybe it was from no sleep as my brain kept wrapping itself around each and every maneuver while my hands waved wildly in the air.

In all the conversations with John Barresi about kites, I was lacking in a few accessories, so yesterday was the perfect time to hit Northwest Winds Kite Store in Seaside.  If you need anything kite or wind sock related, stop in for a look see.  They are full to the brim of everything kite and FUN, even those little flags you hang outside your door.

They also happen to be right next door to the Tsunami Sandwich shop, and what a coincidence, I got there at 11:30 ... just in time for lunch.  This is a Stormwatcher ... thin sliced turkey, Tillamook cheddar, tomato and bacon grilled to perfection!!  Throw in chips and never-ending soda for $11.
Then I hit up Ted in the kite shop for some extra spars ... not that I've had any break, but different winds require different framework for the kites.  The second day I only had very heavy 4-wraps for my kite, making it much heavier and harder to fly.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

I bought up practically everything Ted had left in the store ... Terry Rowley, another GREAT (really really good) Team Flyer beat me to the punch.  It looks like a lot, but there's only two sets here.  You noticed the ice cream?  Well it just happens there is a secret place to park if you're heading downtown, which is strategically placed next to Sea Star Gelato.  This is actually two scoops, so you can mix and match!!  YUM YUM!!
This is another "hint" about where the parking is, usually still available by 11:00 am.  As with all Oregon businesses, their flowers are spectacular!!
Oh gosh ... I forgot to mention that Extra Vent B-Pro series kite I'm picking up, hopefully the end of this week!!  I sure could have used it LAST weekend!!  It just happens to match my red and black colors and fills out my kite selection.

With my belly full, my sweet tooth satisfied and my kite addiction calmed for the moment, I headed back home through the misty fog.  Not fifteen minutes later, I couldn't stand it.  I gathered up my kite bag and headed to the beach.  Not that I expected to be able to fly, but you never know.  I walked all the way out to find not a breath of air.  Some people can still fly in that condition, but I'm not one of them.
No worries, there will be lots more days to fly.   Tomorrow is Jessie's surgery on her hock for a one inch growth that has to be removed.  It's not a full blown knock her out kind ... they will just use a local.  The problem will be trying to keep her from messing with it.  I tried a collar once before and she went ballistic ... literally ripping it and her to shreds.  It may mean I put the kites on hold for a few days.


  1. That blue building with the hanging flower baskets sure looks like Norma's Seafood Restaurant.........

    1. You're so smart ... and you know this town pretty well, Betty!! I always try to park just beyond that building.

  2. I'll tell you a little trick to stash those kite rods
    Go to Ace Hardware tell him you want A clear tube ( they make long ones and short ones ) to go over your florescence lights Make sure he has pvc end caps ( if not that's a dealbreaker you have to go with white PVC )Bring the rods with you
    Slip them in the tube give yourself about an inch and a half or 2 inches and have him cut it,, you can superglue the cap to one end to the tube But only pressfit the other end if you got enough to put 2 set in,
    if not you can use one for each set What makes it nice and clear and you can see what you have

    If you're buying your kites direct from the manufacturer you might want to ask him to make your kite bags in clear ripstop with a label pocket so you can mark which kite is good for which Wind as well as to be able to see it Clear,er
    Or buy the material.(s) There's a very good seamstress (cheap) In iIlwaco (downtown) that made two duck canvas bags for me
    One never has enough kites

    1. The clear tubes sound perfect for keeping spars in one piece. I'll see if I can find some. I went old fashioned and just took a black marker to the bags I have. Each manufacturer has their own fabric, so I pretty much know which is which. You are SO right .... one can NEVER have enough kites!! LOL

  3. will you still be at Seaside on 7/31/16 we check in that day and we would like to meet you. if not, what is your next park? Dave & Bonnie, travman.six1@verizon.net