Sunday, July 10, 2016

Big Storm On The Coast!!

They said it would be an unusual storm ... for me it's shades of Kansas!!  A little rain on the roof is nice, even though I can't sleep, but when buckets get poured on your head like last night (continuing as I type), it can be nerve-wracking!  It really feels like Kansas Barbara and Tom Westerfield!!

I waited all this time to be able to put one of my kites in the air, but the winds yesterday afternoon were 25-30 mph, with gusts up to 40.  Funny, there was rain on and off all day, but the doppler radar showed absolutely nothing.  It's a GHOST storm!!  Feels like Sharknado!!!  (It's a Sci-Fi thing).

So I went to the Farmers Market instead.  Sadly, they have again had to move their location to a small street behind the Bank of the West.  Politics have rained down upon these people just trying to make a living.  This type of storm wreaks havoc, with less than half the number of vendors still trying to hang in.  It's a shame, to be sure.  I picked up peaches, tomatoes, strawberries (for strawberry short-brownie instead of shortcake), yellow cherries and a HUGE handful of basil.  Sweetest fruit I've ever had!!
Here's a kid after my heart.  He's here every Saturday, playing his guitar like a pro, and taking up a case full of collections.  He's THAT good!  I hope even more dollars rain down in his direction for giving up his Saturday mornings.
I rained a few dollars down at the local bike store myself.  Oregon Bikes is family owned by a great couple who were originally from Santa Cruz, California in the restaurant business.  They moved here looking for a slower pace, and have run this bicycle store ever since.  If you need anything bicycle, stop in at Newport Bikes and leave a few bucks.  Like any small business, they could use it!  
I left quite a few bucks for this FELT mountain bike, although I saved over $150.  It was on sale ... a GREAT deal.  Hopefully I get a lot of riding done in Seaside and Long Beach.  On my test drive to the church parking lot next door, I ran into the local Police Department.  Luckily, he turned just in time to miss me.  I was afraid he would rain a ticket down on my head, but he just smiled.  
With the bike, a tire pump and a helmet loaded in my Jeep, I made one last stop at Lost Creek State Park, just a few steps away from the Thousand Trails Park.  
The blue sky lasted about as long as my hair in the humid, windy air.  This is a nice beach to fly kites, but you don't want to get caught here at high tide.  This time of year the water reaches the cliffs rather quickly.
And so Nick Russell, the kite bag never left the car due to high winds.  Even the Shook wasn't vented enough.  It's okay, I'll make up for it in Seaside.
The rains came again around dinnertime, but I really didn't mind.  It was nice to sit and snuggle with the puppies, although they didn't give me much room.
I'm leaving this morning for Tillamook.  A little ice cream will help the blues brought on by not flying my kites.  I doubt there will be blue skies, but I AM hoping the rain quits long enough for me to hook up the car.  I brought three coats last year and didn't use one, so of course I left them all home.  Me thinks it's going to be a wet morning.


  1. A 135% Shook would probably fly in that wind, just sayin'. ;) Did you know the American Kitefliers Association National Convention will be in Seaside this year from October 3-8? Don't know how long you're planning to stay in the Pacific Northwest though.

    1. I'm sure you are right Joanna, but alas, I don't have one. I did not know the AKA Convention will be in Seaside, but unfortunately, I have other commitments at the end of September. Were it not for that, I would certainly stay here!! Will you be in Long Beach this year??

    2. Unfortunately I won't be at Long Beach this year since I'm planning to go to the convention.

  2. If you're looking for no frills county campground with water only just a nice quiet night right at the Tillamook airport (no noise either)( an real safe )
    Going north on 101 it's on the right side Matlock Road and Airport Road are the same it's a self-pay campground last time we were there three rv,s (Park anyway you want) but it can hold 50
    If for some reason you do stop there on the southside is the biggest raspberry patch you will ever see I wound up with a gallon just in that one area
    Tillamook RV repair and they sell propane cheaper than anybody(I asked him why it was so cheap and his reply was we sell volume not price)
    There on 101
    Going north there about 300 yards past tillamook creamery factory on the left-hand side big propane tank and a little funny car on top of the sign
    If you need propane this is a place to get it cheaper than any place you find
    Easy in easy out
    If you have about a half an hour go to the main tillamook library decorated inside with murals on the wall really interesting and pretty
    If you haven't been to cape mears light ( Car only )take 131 W. If the weather cooperates another good photo stop
    If you want to continue little further the town of Garibaldi it's called the port of Garibaldi RV park it's right on the water there are also three others rv parks in Garibaldi as well
    There was some talk about remodeling it over the winter time but the advantage is your right next to the water and you can walk to the town if you want to go on the steam train ride you could pick it up right there as well
    I got to be real good photographs of the steam train and yes I was standing on the tracks (it's that slow) which is good for a photo shoot
    And by the way it's 86° at your domicile you're complaining about a little wind and a little rain and 50° that wonderful weather you got i'll trade anytime,,, sides the rain it makes the raspberries growth,,remember when you find them there FREE

    1. Well gosh darn, I didn't get to read this until this morning, but I'm saving the info!! I'd love to go pick those berries!!

  3. When you get to Seaview between the campground and the ocean is The paved discovery Trail it's 8.5 miles and all the way up Ilwaco to Cape D and a good Lewis and Clark exhibit I will tell you though anything south of Seaview campground it,s a 9 /10 for stamina but the raspberries are good

    1. I think I've seen part of that trail. This time I'll remember to take along a bag for berry picking!! Thank you so much!!!