Sunday, July 6, 2014

What More Could A Girl Ask For???

First a stop at a wonderful YARN shop, followed up by HARBOR FREIGHT!!  There are a couple more items on my shopping list that I haven't located, but luckily in the meantime, my good friends share their husbands knowledge when it comes to filling my tool box with RV repair items.  Yesterday was one of those days.

While Tom worked on installing a clip on his awning that the factory left off completely, Barbara and I found a yarn shop recommended by the Knitting Guild of St Louis.  A wonderful lady helped me lighten the load on my wallet quite nicely, while Barbara picked up some new patterns.  This place had more variety than I've seen in a long time, but unfortunately not the quantity we needed.  None the less, I have three new knitting projects to frustrate me (I'm not very good at it yet).

As you can see, the stop at Harbor Freight was much more prolific!!  Barbara and I braved the smell of burning brake fluid as we cruised the aisles picking up "stuff".  What brought this on was the loss of a screw on one of my side panels that needed a special screwdriver.  I now have a set of 20, among other things, including a new level, a tape measure (I know I have 5 at home, but none in the rig) and a 50 foot extension cord to reach the light pole behind me for fan operation (now I can return Toms).  They also have an assortment of required geocaching items ... extension mirrors to see under the bridge boards without crawling on your knees and long thin forceps to keep from getting bit by critters in the rocks.
Tom also needed a piece of aluminum dowel to finish his repair, so a stop at Home Depot was next.  When I mentioned to Barbara that most of my small tools were in the kitchen drawers with the cutlery, she said OMG .. don't tell TOM that!!!  We made a beeline for the tool box section to find something small to keep inside the rig.  At $6.95 you can't beat the lightweight Husky one shown here!!

Another one of my headaches is the large storage area above my chair.  At 5' wide, 21" deep and 17" high, the entire top half is wasted space.  If I could just find some kind of shelf to install, it would make for SO much more room.  That Barbara ... she's a pretty smart cookie.  As we looked at the wire shelves, I said "no way ... everything will just fall off".  Barbara says "this little edge on the bottom?? just install this shelf upside down and you have a ledge to keep things in place"!!!  Since I'm not sure of the wall construction, I got a small stud finder (no I already checked ... they don't make THAT kind of stud finder or I would have bought one LONG ago!!).  Possibly today on the return trip from Grants Farm or the St. Louis Arch, I'll get to work on measuring for my shelf installation project with all my new tools from my new tool box!!!  I'm so excited!!!

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