Monday, May 10, 2021

I Smell Like Waffles!!

What a GREAT day that was!!  Of course I'm exhausted and my shoulders feel like I lifted at least two horses, but it was so nice to see so many happy people.

We began the morning at 6:00 with things like breaking up the Krusteaz waffles and panning them for baking.  Along with that, biscuits and sausage, about 17 pans altogether.  We keep them on a tall rack which I didn't get a picture of.  Every time I took a picture, I had to change gloves ... sanitation and all that stuff, so there are few to look at.  

I started cooking at 7:00 and continued hauling those heavy pans around until 11:30.  If I only had ONE of these ovens at home, I'm sure I would be a much better cook!!  The four big ones are convection with the two in the middle for keeping things warm.  In no time at all, I smelled like waffles.

Then it was on to making the egg casseroles.  Eggs, sausage, onions, a can of Rotel tomatoes, some jalapeños and cheese makes a quite tasty breakfast.  These take a little more finessing in the oven and have to be stirred, which is why I have two tag burns on my arms.  Touch those racks and TAG ... you are marked for destruction!!  Not really, but it does hurt a tad!!  Once done, they are topped with MORE cheese and a few jalapeños for good luck.    

At least I didn't have to make the gravy in those huge pots on the stove, nor cook the regular scrambled eggs.  For the size of our Lodge, we have an amazing kitchen where our crew serves lunch Monday thru Thursday and a huge best-in-town Friday Night Dinner.  

All those pastries were also panned up, ready to hit the tables.  I promise I didn't have a single bite.


I really didn't see the crowd since I was at the ovens every minute making sure I had another pan ready when the last one was empty.  When I heard we were up to 270 people, I was rather surprised.  It was only 10:00 and we had 2-1/2 hours to go!!  MORE FOOD!!!

We quickly made another casserole and whipped up more potatoes.  The dining room was completely packed with people and I only saw one mask.  This is a small Ag town and people are fed up with the mandate thing.

At long last the crowd slowed and I shut the ovens off.  It was time for MY breakfast.  A huge piece of Costco CAKE!!  I mean how else to celebrate Mother's Day!  And yes, I DID top it with a scoop of strawberries and whipped cream from the waffle station!!

We fed over 350 people ... many more than we ever expected.

While most everyone else sat down and took a break, I started cleanup.  No Bob, I'm not an over-achiever, I just want to get OUT of here.  In the middle of cleanup, I noticed almost all the help had disappeared.  Only a few Indians were left to do the hard work.  No worries, that netted one more piece of CAKE!!

And ..... roses!!  Every Mom got a rose when she came in the door.  There was an entire dozen left over which the guys donated to me.  I think this is the first time I've ever received a dozen roses!!

I'm a little worse for wear this morning and the first thing I noticed is I still smell like waffles.  Hmmm I wonder if skunks like sweet things?  Yup ... I'm back in my trapper gear.  No surprise since I have no back fence.  I'm sure hoping my Contractor shows up this week to get it back up!!  


  1. Glad you enjoyed Mothers Day Nancy Style.
    Be Safe and Enjoy smelling like a Waffle.

    It's about time.

  2. Wow! That was quite a feast! 'Great job' to all of you!!! 350 hungry people is a lot of mouths to feed.
    Have another piece of cake, you deserve it!!
    Beautiful roses, you deserve those too pretty lady!🌹🌹

    1. Truly I don't need the cake, but it sure is a nice treat!!

  3. Wow. What you all pulled off is amazing. The roses are beautiful. My daughter uses a white pitcher for her flowers. They always look so pretty.

    1. The white certainly does make them stand out. Since I don't GET flowers, I don't have vases. I scrounged that from the Christmas box. LOL

  4. The smell of "Roses & Waffles", I am hungry!

    Sent mom 2 doz Roses for delivery on Saturday. One of the workers at the facility brought them to her room and said, "Look at these wonderful Roses someone sent you want them in here (it is like a one bedroom apartment) or do you want me to take them to the entry area for everyone to see them?" Mom said, "Don't you dare try and take my roses away!" She was so happy! On Sunday she went to Sandy and Arny's house along with my other sister Patti...wish we were able to be there.

    1. Ahh that's so nice of you! I'm with Mom ... leave my roses here!!

  5. Yikes, that is a lot of work! Glad to hear you came through with only minor scaring and scented clothes.