Saturday, May 29, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

I remember when I LOVED three day weekends.  Not only did it mean I got three days off, but the next week was a short one.  That's not to say I didn't love my job.  All that accounting and math kept me busy.  Nowadays I think more about the reason for the holiday.  A lot of my high school senior friends went to Vietnam and never came back.  

I hope everyone remembers all our lost servicemen this weekend, and that you remind your children to tell your grandchildren about this holiday.  It's important to remember ALL the people who made this country the best place to live in the entire world.

With that said, I'm celebrating the completion of my fence.  FINALLY the hole is closed up.   Maybe there won't be any errant skunks running around the back forty, at least for a week or two.  In spite of their appearance, the boards are still in excellent shape.   

About the grass ... I know, it needs to be mowed, but the landscape and gardener people don't want their fancy mowers going off-road.  I'm thinking maybe a riding mower I can race around on doing donuts in the sand.  At least it would make weed mowing fun!!

My first errand of the day was the little red cart.  It looks nice, yes?  Here's my thoughts.  I can easily lift the top off my B & W hitch.  Not so easy is lifting it up to the pickup bed to put it back on.  The base is even heavier, and although I've lifted it in the past, I'm not so sure, now that I'm old.  

Maybe I could slide it off the tailgate onto a cart, then roll it around the garage.  Maybe even go for a spin down the driveway.  Harbor Freight had carts.  Though I know they come from China, it's fits my wallet, meaning it's cheap.  

Sadly, it comes in a box.  Okay, I'll put it together since it only costs $40.  THAT should have been the red flag waving wildly over the red cart.  The SECOND red flag waving in front of my eyes like a tornado was when I opened the box and ripped the cardboard in half with absolutely no effort whatsoever.  Gosh, they made cheap cardboard in China.
Okay ... and we're off ... except the directions are in Chinese and there was an extra washer not shown in the picture.  I tried to attach the first leg piece to the bottom tray.  That didn't go well since the holes did not line up even a little bit, as in there was no way that screw was going to work without drilling another hole.  

Not to be deterred ..... well actually I was.  I was so mad at the crappy workmanship that I threw it all back in the box and drove back to Harbor Freight for a refund.  I told the kid retrieving it from my truck to watch out for the cheap cardboard.  "Oh I KNOW about the cheap cardboard" he said, "I work here!"

And so my great idea dissolved into thin air.  Maybe Lowe's or Home Depot has carts ... I'll check them out.  

In the meantime, way back in the recesses of my mind I remembered when there was a store you could go to and prepare meals in bags to be frozen and later cooked for dinner.  I guess it wasn't their time because they went broke.  Or maybe it was a bad idea.  Anyway .........

This is what happens when you sit on the couch too long.  You think up these crazy ideas for healthy meal prep.  I'll let you know how it turned out tomorrow ....... BECAUSE

I just let the puppies out and I SMELL SKUNK!!!!!  It's time to patrol the property again!!


  1. 🦨🦨🦨🦨.s back
    So Why are you Taking the hitch off ? It seems like you’re creating a lot of work for yourself if you’re worried about deterioration they have coverage for BW hitches also that it comes in two-part upper and lower two pins that hold the fifth wheel plate and four pins that hold The frame . easierTo remove and not so heavy
    If taking it out of the truck is inImportant leave it attached to the pin box and pull the four pins on the floor of the hitch when you raise the trailer up the pin box and the hitch will come up Which will give you the full use of the bed . All you do is reverse the process to reinstall
    And 8.69 per Per pound for that meat is really not a bad All day when you consider it’s 5 1/2 pounds Its ok for all the neighborhood

    1. I just love that skunk icon! There are times when I need my truck bed without the hitch in, not to mention there are people around here who would steal it. I was just looking for an easier way to take it out when I needed to.

    2. If you Leave the hitch attached to the pin box like the picture that I sent you, their are Pad eyes that you can put a padlock on And also makes it harder to steal the 5er as well

  2. "IF" you need a cart, I would look into a Manual Lift Table that will go as high as your truck tailgate so you can just slide it right onto the bed of the truck...but when you move it to the garage, you lower the cart so it isn't 'top heavy' when you move it. YES, a bit more $$$$ but in the long run I think you would be happier with it.

    1. I've never heard of a lift table. I'll check it out. Sometimes you just need the entire flat bed of a truck.