Thursday, May 27, 2021

Screwdriver #28

 Like any good maintenance man, I have 27 screwdrivers in three different tool boxes, including one completely full kitchen drawer.  Honestly, I've no idea where they all came from.  Now I have 28, or 38 if you count each of the different heads that fit into this one.  I mean 11 in 1 screwdriver ... who knew?

I scrounged through the Home Depot aisle for 30 minutes before finding this one, the only one that had a square head inside the impenetrable packaging.  Even after one long cut on the right hand side, it took me 15 minutes to pry the little screwdriver head out using a pair of pliers.

There's four of them ... which I'm sure will get immediately lost as soon as they go in the drawer.  Maybe put them in the handle?  Nope ... it doesn't open, twist or turn at all.  I might as well throw them in the trash and glue the square head into the handle.

I went straight to the heart of the problem.  Somehow I need to get these covers off to check the batteries.  Seriously, how did they put this together?  The little red wire between the two boxes just goes through a hole in the side.  There's no way to lift the box off completely without removing the wires.

One by one I unscrewed the little white buggers hoping to gain access.   FINALLY!!!  It's loose!!!

Or NOT!  The top would barely lift up enough to get a picture, let alone check any water levels.  And HEY ... where's the little caps you lift up??  Can someone explain to me what this is?  I'm guessing, and it's a BIG guess, that it doesn't need water?  It's a sealed battery??

You mean I went through all this for NOTHING?  Is this a marine deep cycle battery?  Because that's what pops up when I google L20.  Does that mean no maintenance?  That would sure be a plus in my little world.

And so with that problem completely unresolved, I put away the 28th screwdriver and finished up this quilt binding just as my neighbor knocked on the door.

It seems some big time water polo team will be having their winning celebration one house over in our tiny little neighborhood with four parking spaces.  They have called to warn everyone they are expecting over 100 people.  Oh gee .. won't THAT be fun!  At least they gave us fair notice.  The last time there was a party, my mail box took a nap, flat on the ground.  Hopefully this time it remains upright.

Next up ... assembling the little red cart.  I'm back in the screwdriver drawer!!


  1. Those L20 batteries are not maintenance free you have to wash wax and polish them every year to function properly
    If you take the duck work off it’ll probably allow the dust to get in and dirty the batterys so you may have to wash them at least twice a year just remember to buy plastic screen so the bugs don’t get in
    Plus those L 20 batteries don’t admit any acid so if you want to take the duck work off you won’t cause any issues although you may gain some extra room

    1. Yay!!! Now that's good news. I can wax with the best of them!!

  2. Ummm...did 'they' (place that sold 5th wheel to you) not tell you that you had good batteries in there??? Who told you to 'check them' every month??

    1. THEY are the ones that told me I had to check the water level in the batteries. LOL

  3. I love your way with words--mailbox took a nap. :D

    1. Actually it died a horrible hit and run death! LOL