Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Christmas In May

 I checked my critter cam yesterday to find a HUGE new critter roaming about the back yard.  SURPRISE!!  This being about 5:00 am, I completely forgot the camera was there.  See the big beam of light?  Yup .... that's me checking for skunks while letting the puppies outside.  

This image is part of my education gleaned from the internet about my 5th wheel.  Who knew the walls were stuffed with styrofoam??  I'm sure they call it something else.  This is just a reminder to me when I'm hanging stuff inside.  This guy installed a TV in his bedroom with 1-1/2" screws, which he later found were protruding from the OUTSIDE of the rig.  

Heavy duty velcro is my friend, mostly because I can't see any of these screws holding up much of anything.  That and the single pane windows are the reason I'm looking at shades, but what I really meant was AWNING-type shades for the outside to keep the sun off the windows when I'm parked.  Inside I have blackout shades in a lovely gopher brown color.   I'm going to use window-sized pieces of reflextix (doubled up) underneath the brown shades to keep out the heat, cold and most importantly for me, NOISE.

In the meantime, I've ordered tons of stuff from the internet.  It's just too easy!!  Yesterday, it all came at once, although most of it was due two days ago.  It's CHRISTMAS IN MAY!!!  Yay for me!!!!

I discovered quite by accident ..... again the internet ..... that my B & W hitch requires grease.  Who knew?  Yes I know about the plate requiring lubrication, which is why I bought that silicone ring.  Will wonders never cease ... when I looked underneath, sure enough there is a grease zerk.  Not having a grease gun, I looked them up to find the cost to be more than my little wallet can now bear, since I bought all the stuff you see above!!  

The alternative is to buy this lovely Lucas product and use IT, along with my fingers to smear it around.  Won't THAT be fun!!  To my surprise, this is the ONLY item that came in this HUGE box.  Now I get to clean up the hitch jaws (I don't even know how, other than scrape off the black stuff) and smear away.

Lucky for me (and the Elks) I was also delivered a pair of those expensive black pants I bought, but in KHAKI, a fancy word for tan.  I can't believe how well they fit!!  The Elks will be happy I'm in the correct uniform.

Next to be opened was another big box, but this time it was full of these.  Vent insulators.  Stuff them up inside the 5th wheel vents and they insulate against heat and cold.  Previously I used pillows with a lovely Hawaiian theme, which of course worked great with the Cowboy and Indian decorations.

Other items included the vent screens for the fridge.  There's one other critter I seem to have trouble with and that is wasps.  They build nests everywhere around here.  It's a good thing these attach with zip ties.  I don't think my fingers could take another rip and tear.

I'm off early this morning to make myself presentable.  The fence crew is showing up today to begin work.  Maybe my KSA  (Knight in Shining Armor, better known as handyman/skunk wrangler) needed a little extra cash and will be among those wielding hammers ... or nail guns as the case may be.  I do love a nice nail gun!!


  1. The friction plate that you have between your fifth wheel and your coupling if it’s plastic switch that to a graphite plate no grease necessary the graphite acts as degrees
    Grease jaws with automotive type chassis grease. Put a pair of rubber surgical tape gloves on and grease the jaws
    Grease the saddle through the grease zerk approximately every six months with mult-purpose grease. This allows the coupler to pivot freely. In your case at least once a year and you could probably find a hobbyist grease gun at a automotive store or Walmart (it’s a small version of the big grease gun )Or Or better still take it to a local oil change quick stop / Any mom-and-pop garage they’ll do it real cheap

    1. Okay, so I knew nothing about the hitch. Even more stuff to do!! running by the repair shop should be fast and maybe free!! LOL

  2. Also you can check for Honda generators at your three local pawn shops don’t pay full price.. I’d let AT&T do you walking you can call them first

    1. That's a possibility. Never thought about a pawn shop.

  3. Love all those packages! We get that all the time from Amazon, huge box, one little thing in it. Makes you wonder who they hire to pack boxes..Nice to be getting the fence done finally.

    1. I'm laughing because I know several RV'ers who are the packers! LOL