Saturday, May 15, 2021

Beautiful Buddies at Buzzard's Roost

HELP!!!!!  There's never a dull moment at Buzzard's Roost.  Daring darlings of the darkest night prowl all around me.  It's scary just how much goes on that you have no idea about.  My biggest question is WHY ME??

Here's the teaser.  The video is below for your perusing pleasure.  You may want to stop the action like I did here.  So just what do you think this might be?  Skunk?  Or some other demon of the night. 

I was sure it was the feathers of a long skunk tail until this part of the video.  Is that not an ear??  Is that not an eye??  MUST be a kitty cat, right?  But kitty cats don't have spikey hair.  You can check it out on the last video.

In the meantime, guess who came to dinner?  I know you always wanted to see a skunk's a$$ up close and personal.  Me ..... not so much.  I've seen it several times!!  Well looky here ... seems he's just finishing off his midnight dinner.  Too bad I had locked up the gate because I had company and didn't really want to deal with it if I actually caught the bugger. 

Of course NOW, I don't know which video is which, and there is no indication as I type, nor can I actually get the video to play until I post it.  So these two may be switched around.

One of these has the beautiful buddies of Buzzard's Roost.  Seriously, don't they look like pals?  Wait ... is he going IN THE TRAP?  Just WOW!!  Brazen little buddy, no??  The skunk ate his fill because all the goodies were gone in the morning, including the week old rotten egg.  

On the other hand, I'm rather disappointed that the peanut butter covered Ritz crackers were left untouched.  I guess my canapé skills are lacking.

Here's the creepy critter crooning for the camera.  I mean really .... this is weird weird weird!!!

So last night I set up the trap again, loading up lots of tuna, cat food and eggs.  A veritable gourmet buffet suitable for the wildest of night creatures!  This morning I'll go check and see if he came back for seconds.  At least I still have Cyndae here to help if I need to haul yet another homesteader to his new digs.

I'll finish the "club" story tomorrow.  Turns out it wasn't such a big deal, and this was a lot more fun to write about


  1. White Cat with big whiskers?

    So, if the fox comes around and the skunk is back there already, who is going to win that battle???

    1. I don't think there would be a fight. The fox was there when the skunk was in the trap and he turned around and left. Pretty sure they know to stay away.

  2. Sure looks like a kitty cat to me! Interesting videos. At least the skunk has a pretty tail from the back side! 🦨🦨
    Now that he knows you put out good food, I hope he returns when the trap is set up.

    1. Patsy, you were SO right!!! Food is a great incentive.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't he a beauty? I had no idea there even WERE foxes around here.