Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo Day!!

Another wonderful breakfast of all the leftovers,  and we were saying our goodbyes to members of the group who were leaving early.  It sure was nice seeing these wonderful people again!!  The RV Park thanked us with a beautiful "train" Costco cake.  How cool was that??  Course we still had half of OUR cake left ... but that didn't keep me from having some of THIS cake for breakfast!!!  AND a big chunk to put in the freezer!!
Finally hooked up and ready to go, Barbara, Tom and I left for the first official day of our Great Adventure!!  It was a tough day ... maybe 10 miles to the Garden Grove Elks Lodge on the corner of Trask and and New Hope.  With a huge parking lot, it was easy to drive in, get unhooked and back up to the power and water lines along the fence.  Barbara guided me in perfectly by standing where she wanted my back left corner.  It was a breeze!!!  Much better than trying to interpret hand signals or waving flags!!!  We will be here two nights while we wait for parts to arrive for their rig.

This is a nice lodge with a wonderful RV Hostess named Diane.  Out back there is a park complete with a huge patio, a deep pit barbecue, horseshoe setup, swings for the kids and lots of green grass for Jessie and Cooper.  To make it even better, today is Taco Day at the lodge!!!
So where do RV'rs go for lunch???  Why COSTCO of course!!  There were probably 20 cars fighting for parking spaces at any one time, but we lucked out and caught someone unloading.  This place is huge with more checkout stands than I have ever seen ... good for a quick exit!!  I was looking for a bluetooth phone connection when I'm driving the rig.  
I have bluetooth, but it is an add-on only because the CD player broke.  Apparently the microphone I should be talking into, is wadded up somewhere under the dash.  Until I can get it fixed, this will be the solution.  We didn't find the one I wanted at Costco, so Barbara graciously drove us to Best Buy where I STILL didn't find the one I wanted, but this Motorola one instead, for less than the Costco version.  You can't even tell I've got it on ... and it charges in this neat little case, which is also a charger.  If you are out and about when the battery dies, you can just stick it back in the case and it will charge up again .... twice!!!  Pretty cool!!  So everyone give me a call so I can see how it works!!!
We'll be dining on Lodge Tacos tonight in celebration of Cinco De Mayo ... or maybe not, as Barbara's niece is one of the pyrotechnics at Disneyland!!!!!  So we just might be having dinner there!!!

The weather has finally cooled off to a nice 60 degrees with clouds (or fog) and is expected to stay cool for a few days.  A nice relaxing start to the Great Adventure!!!

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