Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do You Know What Time It Is???

It's geocaching time!!!  While Tom tried again to obtain the correct air filter for his rig, Barbara and I walked up the street with her phone in hand to see if we could find this easy cache.  When she tried to lift the cap from the chain link fence (to no avail), I tried the one on my side ... and voila!!  An old film cartridge container was glued inside!!  YAY!!  My first geocache!!!

But really ....... it's Mickey time of course!!!  An unexpected surprise ... we went to Disneyland!!  Barbara's niece was under the weather however, so her pyrotechnic understudy Justin met us at the gate.  Needless to say, I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!  My new watch is charged by hand movement and is a skeleton watch, meaning you can see the workings inside.  The back is a clear view into the watch's inner wheels and dials ... VERY cool!!
We headed straight to the Blue Bayou for dinner, and after picking myself up off the floor from the prices, we ordered from Waiter Drew.  Guess I'm used to the lunch menu ... but my amazing salmon dinner with roasted corn risotto was beyond tasty ... for $34.00.  To top it off, I got a fake ice cube that changes color for my glass of lemonade!!  You can't beat THAT with a stick!!
Dinner over, we stopped by the back alley to find Door 33 (the private entrance) to discover canvas covering the walls on both side.   I assume construction work is happening in this area.  Too bad ... I really liked the way it was before!!
Monday must be a good night to attend, plus it was Cinco de Mayo, because the crowds were at a minimum.  Does this hearse look familiar??  With no lines, we walked right into the Haunted Mansion.  For the last 10 years, I've only been here during Halloween/Christmas, so to see everything without decorations, was very strange!!  Seems to me the entire ride was much darker than I've ever seen!!
A quick inside shot with my phone ...
By now it's pitch dark outside ... time to check out the ISO on the new camera.  I cranked it up to 10,000 and took these images.  You really need a tripod ... but Disneyland will kick you out if they catch you.  
We are standing in the location of the control panel for Fantasia, where niece Denise rises into the sky  while pushing all the right buttons for the fireworks and water show.  I've never seen it from beginning to end ... next time for sure now that I'm in the know!!
The park is still on Winter hours, so at 9:00 we stopped in for an ice cream (YUM YUM) and streamed along with the thousands of people leaving the park.  A quick shuttle ride to the parking lot and we were back to Home Sweet Home.  What a GREAT way to start the Adventure!!!

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