Thursday, November 30, 2017

Using The "Q" .....

Ever since I've been reading George and Suzie's blog "Our Awesome Travels" about their full-time adventures, I've been fascinated by everything they cook on their barbecue, which is EVERYTHING!!   I have the same Weber Q.  You may remember my frustration in putting something together that required NO assembly.  My big toe STILL flinches at the hit it took when the top fell off.
Undaunted, I was determined to try and make some of their magic happen on my grill.  After spending five hours doing accounting work, I was ready for a delicious chicken dinner.  

Seasoning is everything.  Every time I watch the Cooking Channel, they tell me so.  I sprinkled on some of Chuck Wagon Cook Extraordinaire Kent Rollin's magic dust and followed George's instructions to a tee.  Well, except for that part about the medium low setting ... I really didn't know exactly where to set the dial, so I just guessed.  That's how I cook anyway.

When I closed the lid, I got pretty worried as smoke poured out the sides.  George said not to peek, so I left it alone.
In 60 minutes I checked the temperature, just like I did with the turkey.  We all know how THAT turned out!!  I decided to leave it another 30 minutes.  I guessed correctly!!  Look at this beauty!!  I cannot believe I actually baked this chicken on my barbecue.  Plus, no oven means no high electric bill.
I began to cut it up, to find the most tender, juiciest, delicious chicken ... I was in heaven!!  I always peel the skin off, but believe me, THIS one got eaten.  It was amazingly crispy and YUMMY!  This is going to become a staple in my house!!  It might have been better if I remembered to wrap a potato in foil and set it on the side, but I'll take this any day of the week.  George, I can't thank you enough.

So if YOU want to cook like George, he has a link on his site to "George's Recipes".  I'm bookmarking the page and looking forward to many more good meals on the Q.

Just a quick note ... I got an email yesterday that I almost opened.  It was from DMV, our California version of a torture chamber.  It said there was a problem with my vehicle insurance.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't send an email, so I checked the sending email address.  Sure enough, it was a scam.  

The second one was about Identity Monitor Change Alert.  Please confirm this transaction.  I happen to have a monitoring service due to a hack at my local retirement office.  I came pretty close to opening this one too, so I checked the same address and found it to be a hoax.  It's amazing how creative they have become.  Don't get caught.  If you really think it might be real, go call that office personally.  

One last one ... a notice from Pay Pal that I had just paid somebody $18.49 and they were thanking me.  I don't pay anything through Pay Pal, but I'm sure millions of people do.  If you aren't sure, DO NOT open or respond.  Go online to your account and check that way.  The scammers are out in full force this Christmas!!


  1. Your welcome, Nancy so glad that your chicken turned out the way it should, they do end up amazing and as you know we do a lot of chickens and other great meals on our Weber Q. It is an amazing grill. And if you are inclined you can make a great chicken broth for some tasty soup as well.
    Thanks for the shout.
    Really got to watch those spammers they can be sneaky.

    1. I hope that wasn't just beginners luck with the grill. I see lots of chickens in my future!

    2. I have never had a bad chicken on our Q yet, times can vary bit depending on the size, outside temperature and wind, or bad anything in all the years.

  2. Amazing how well things turn out if you actually follow the recipe. :)

    1. You are so right Linda. I definitely need to keep that in mind!!

  3. Marcia got a call which left a was the IRS, said she was going to jail for failure to pay taxes. I told her I would visit her each and every week....