Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday

If you are interested in those money saving on-line DEALS, today is the day.  No doubt Cyber Monday will become Cyber Tuesday and Wednesday as well.  Good luck with that.  I've been having trouble just getting on to my blog site, let alone a website offering 75% off everything!

Here's a tip though ... be sure and do your homework.  Here's a quick example.  As a photographer, I've attended a few conferences and training sessions.  Because one in particular is a friend, and I LOVE his big productions, I won't mention his name.  Here's the DEAL of the DAY.  Join his online classes for $179 a year, a $100 savings.  So originally the classes are $279?  Nope ... I paid $99 last year.

How about the conference for $499, originally $799.  A $300 savings ... WOW!!!  Except when I sign up through normal channels, it only costs $400.  Advertising tricks can sting you ... keep an eye out!!

So over the Black Friday shopping days, I hit the sewing machine.  I wish there was a chill pill I could take that would stop my brain from working overtime.  Instead, I sew.  I added two borders to this one,
then finished off with one more wide border.  That's when I discovered I didn't have any backing material.  No use looking around here ... maybe I'll find something in Arizona.
I finished sewing this crib quilt together, but again .... no backing.  I've broken my cardinal rule of buying everything at the same time.  I just get so excited, I forget the most important things.
Even "I" know those pillow cases don't match.  They will be going South and I'll make a couple new ones for this quilt I just finished sewing the binding on. 
I love my quilter.  Every time I'm not too happy with something I've sewn, my opinion changes the second I see her quilting.  She makes these become beautiful works of art.
Only 36 more quilts to sew!!  Hahahahahaha

Just a note ... that chainsaw on a stick I bought is only 9.5 feet long.  I had 18 on the brain since that's the battery voltage.  It will be plenty long enough for the trimming I need done once I'm up on that 8 foot ladder!!  Just kidding.  I'll wear my climbing helmet just in case a branch falls the wrong way, which of course would be my luck!!


  1. You are really going to town with those quilts, all looking good.

    1. Thank you ... my way of keeping busy when I'm home.

  2. You are doing a wonderful job on those Quilts.
    The same Buyer-Beware you see Online also happens in the stores themselves. We normally buy lots of our Christmas Gifts at Low-Low prices in the Summer. Just certain things you can only get now but we watch the prices.
    Actually have a 12'-00" Stepladder stored at my son's and a 18'-00" Painters Pole that I used for doing Christmas Decorations. Wasn't so much fun on Windy Days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. WOW ... nice ladder!! You are smart to buy Christmas gifts early!

  3. if you get the Pillsberry dough boy outfit that will save you a lot of broken bones if you fall
    Some of the ads that you see on the Flyers are not the actual every day product that you would find in the store there are usually manufactured for specifically Black Friday sales there usually a lesser version of the high-priced electronics product
    the other thing is be careful of the five star ratings. there is an app out there that The competition uses to degrade his competitors product.
    and inflate his product, you could actually get paid at home to sit there and do that,
    As you said look online for the particular product that you're after and buyer bewere
    Here's an example Amazon,, got a fire 10 notebook for sale it normally goes for $150 they had it on sale for $99, and I bought one,
    here is the biggest problem. Its loaded with spam ads stuff to buy and spend your $$$ and they keep you on Amazon is much is possible
    It took me an hour just to download google search app
    It took me that long to bypass amazons advertisement so I'm going to bet google chrome book is probably the same thing
    I was on the verge of putting it back in the box and shipping it back to them once I figured out how to bypass I'll keep it as a back up again so buyer beware

    1. I didn't realize they made lesser versions of things, like the computer you bought. That's crazy!! Anything to make money I suppose.