Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pear Wine And Chicken Parm!!

Most of yesterday was spent on another quilting project.  I'm dead in the water on the turquoise one until I find more fabric.  Unfortunately, my favorite store in Clovis California is going out of business.

It seems everyone in the fabric business is OLD (like me) and retiring!!  That's a shame since I'm left with one small store located about 30 minutes North.  Oh ... I forgot Joanne's.  They have begun to carry decent fabric, although not a lot of it.  They have even removed their Warning-Formaldahyde signs.  Quilting seems to be going the way of needlepoint.

In honor of their retirement, not that I need a reason, I finished off the last bit of Pear Wine I purchased in Oregon.
That made for a pretty boring day.  No macrame either since I can't go further with this pattern until I receive the second spool of cord.  A foray into Walmart or Michaels may be in order.  You never know, I might get lucky and not have to wait two weeks for Hobby Lobby.  

With my crafty things at a screeching halt, my mind wandered to dinner.  What to cook!!  It happens that lunch was a Lean Cuisine chicken parmigiana.  I quickly ran through the ingredients in my head. I was missing mozzarella, but had some gruyere in the freezer.  They say you can put cheese in the freezer, but take my advice, gruyere is not one of them.

Seems they are feeding chickens steroids or something that makes the pieces as big as turkey breasts. I cut them all in half and they were STILL too thick.  I pounded them for twenty minutes.  Half frozen chicken doesn't pound so well.  Undaunted, I coated the chicken and browned it in my 100 year old WagnerWare cast iron frying pan.  I do love that pan!

Once on the baking sheet, I smothered it with crumbled gruyere cheese that totally fell apart upon cutting, and a jar of marinara sauce.  Thirty minutes later (according to the recipe) it wasn't done, but the spaghetti was.  Oh well, it won't be the first time I ate everything separately.  I finally served up the thinnest one (again, a REAL plate) and put the rest back in the oven for another fifteen minutes.  Mine was cooked through, but the rest are now cooked to perfection.  YAY ... dinner for five days!!
I definitely have to remember that recipe if I ever have company.  It was quite good!!

The rest of the evening was spent cuddling the puppies.  In spite of the arguing about who gets to lay where, they finally settled down to watch Christmas movies with me.  Can you believe it?  It isn't even Thanksgiving and they are showing those crazy Prince Charming movies every single day.  Too bad Prince Charming always seems to live in Minnesota or New York!!
How time flies .... it's Magic Kingdom day and I need to start psyching myself out for the bombardment of the peasants.  Oh what fun!!!  The only redeeming factor is a couple of friendly ladies who said they missed me (and I them) and the frozen turkey I'll take home with me.


  1. You dinner looked lovely now you cam eat well for a few more days.

    1. I'm always so happy when something turns out right!!