Tuesday, November 28, 2017

They Call Me Joyce

Every morning when I open my email to see what lovely sales pitches I have received for the day, I immediately know which ones are junk or spam.  This morning I received 193 emails.  I deleted every one.

The ones with all the red hearts go first ... those are the Russian Wife and Asian Charm sites pleading with me to CALL THEM NOW!!  The next big bunch all call me JOYCE, so I'm pretty sure those are meant for someone else.

Thank you, thank you from Amazon, Joyce it's your last chance to get the gift of a lifetime (probably a computer virus).  Joyce, you've just been approved for $250,000 worth of life insurance.  Just fill out this form.  Joyce, Walgreens has a gift for you!!

Joyce, your credit scores at Equifax need attention IMMEDIATELY!!  Yeah right!!  Apparently someone named Joyce used my email address many eons ago and I've been getting junk mail ever since.   Anyway, the upside of that is it immediately notifies me to hit the delete key.  Thank you Joyce, whoever you are!

It's finally getting to be winter here.  We had a huge rain storm, at night of course.  I love to sit and watch, but alas, they always seem to come about midnight and just wake everyone up.  The resulting sunrises are pretty spectacular however.
Usually they are just towards the East ... but THIS day it was a 360 degree awesome show of pink and orange.  As soon as my front room turned pink from the colors streaming through the window, I ran for my camera.  
When I got outside, I realized I was surrounded.  I'm sure Joyce would have resembled me if she were here ... looking up, mouth open saying wow ... just WOW!!
The further around I went, the more beautiful it was.  That's when I noticed something on my camera. Not that I haven't seen it before, I have, but I've never actually used it.  With everything set on manual (which I never do), I twisted dials until the little line disappeared.  This was the result.  
I think my way of skirting around the possibilities on my camera has come to an end.  It's time to get back to the classroom and use it like a professional, rather than a point and shoot on the run.  

Tonight is Magic Kingdom night, so I'm going to stock up on patience and niceness.  After all, it's Christmas time!!


  1. Instead of just deleting those E-Mails send them to Spam. After a couple of months the Virus Filters will automatically kick them out for you. Of course then you'll be spending less time on the Computer every day. My oh My what will you do, Quilts, Photography, Traveling or Cooking. Looks like you'll be bored.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Those emails are already in my spam folder, along with an occasional one from a REAL person or business that I need to read. I go through all of them "just in case".

  2. Don't forget to take ,,, Joyce,,, with you tonight,,,, my guess is she'll have a good time

  3. Nice to experiment with you camera . amazing the shots you will get. Just keep enjoying the good life.

    1. So true ... it seems to be even better if I slow down a little more!!