Wednesday, November 22, 2017


It's that time of year again when you get more than your fair share of SPAM in your email box.  It's just so irritating to have to deal with all this (insert bad word here), but unfortunately it's a sign of the Holiday times.

I know I've said this before, but I thought I would remind people again so they can remind THEIR friends and family.  Do NOT be taken in by these scam artists trying to get you to part with your hard earned money.  They have so many ways of cajoling, scaring and even blackmailing you into believing them.  Here are a few examples from MY inbox.

First off, I'm NOT a Sam's Club member and I don't want your GifBox.  Honestly, if you can't spell it right, I'm pretty sure you're a scammer.  That's the number one sign you are being swindled.  REAL companies know how to spell and they know good English.  You win prize big or confirm you want borrow is a big flashing red light.

Personal loans ... YAY ... free money.  Not quite, because if you open this email, for one you could get a virus that kills your computer (we don't have penicillin for that sort of thing) and for two, you will never see that money.  DON'T OPEN IT!!

There are always Russian Women Online looking for love, along with 9 million Asian women, Ukranian women ... you name it, they're looking for YOUR MONEY, not you!!  I have noticed recently they have changed to "Dating Agency" instead of (insert another bad word here) you all night long.  

All this is happening because somewhere along the line your email address was sold on the internet market, or was snatched from some server.  Speaking of snatched, I'm sure you heard about the Equifax disaster.  It seems to happen all the time now.  Don't be fooled by the email from Equifax asking you to confirm your information.  They would NEVER do that.
Your Walmart GiftBox ... at least they can spell ... isn't worth opening either.  Trust me, no big company is going to give you loads of cash or gifts for FREE.  It's better to just keep scrolling down. Here's another good one not shown here ... CONGRATULATIONS!!  Your loan of $5000 has been approved.   But I didn't apply for a loan you say ... it might be a scam.  Yes, yes it is.  DON'T fall for it and don't open it.  

If you really can't stand not to look, click on the email once, but do NOT open it.  You will see their name at the top with a small down arrow at the end.  If you carefully click that down arrow, it will show you the actual email address the message came from.  This Federal Tax Settlement email telling me to send money in order to avoid Notices of Intent to Close My Bank Account, is really from the address you see here.  That means it's one big scam.
IRS alert ... don't be fooled by that one either.  IRS won't email OR call you, so PLEASE don't send them any money.  You will only be filling someone's pockets overseas with your hard earned cash.

Winner Notification is another one I get a lot ... give us your bank account number and we will send you the money.  Yeah right ... don't let these guys get their hands in your pockets.

Here's another ... DONATION TO YOU.  Yup ... someone out of the blue just donated $10,000 to you because you are so sweet.  Just to be sure we have the right bank account, give us your number and $200 for shipping and handling, and we will send your money to you immediately.  NO, NO, NO!!!

By the way, I probably get 3 phone calls a day from the same type people.  I used to hang up, but now I've taken to discussing my major problem with them ... WHAT?  MY BANK ACCOUNT IS GOING TO BE FROZEN??  OH MY ... WHAT SHOULD I DO???  I do my very best to scam them for as long as I can.  At least they won't be making ten more phone calls while I'm on the line.  

Sometimes I even ask them why they have that job.  Did you just wake up one morning and think how much fun it would be to scam people out of their money?  Needless to say, that conversation never lasts long.

Speaking of phone calls, the one from your grandson overseas who got thrown in jail and needs bail money is also a scam.  A bad one that my friends mother got caught up in.  She said it even sounded like her grandson.  Luckily her daughter caught her before giving out her bank account information.  If you get a call like that, hang up and call a family member to verify your grandson's whereabouts.  I bet he's happy as a clam back in the U.S.

Here's one ... YOU'VE WON A NEW IPHONE!  In fact, if you've won ANYTHING in an email, it's a SCAM.  You might win a car wash, a pack of new wrenches or a bottle of booze at your local Elks lodge, but you're NOT going to win a new iPhone over the internet.  What you will win is the Award of the Year given out by those who wish to have YOUR money.  

One last email ... CONFIRMATION NEEDED.  You've either won the prize of the year or you have been selected (to be their next mark) ... maybe you've even won the lottery.  Don't fall for it and don't open that email.  If you are not personally familiar with the sender, just send it to the trash.

I have to admit there have been a few I have had to look at twice.  There's one out there from Wells Fargo that uses their exact logos ... trouble is, I don't have an account at Wells Fargo to confirm.  Same goes for Bank of America.  Never ever confirm ANY of your information through an email.  If you really think it might be legit, go directly to the bank and ask.  I'm pretty sure you'll find out it was a scam.

Don't let them win ... especially this Holiday season.  Answer the phone calls, have some fun acting like the poor little grandma who is distraught IRS is sending her to jail ... but DON'T open those emails, no matter WHAT they say!!!  Your holidays will be MUCH happier!!!


  1. I got a phone call a couple of years ago from someone saying they were holding my son at gunpoint and that if I didn't send them $5,000 he would be shot. I told them to go ahead and shoot him, I never really liked him anyway and it would save me a lot of money spent on presents at Christmas and his birthday. After making some more threats the caller hung up on me. I called my son and told him about it, and that I was going to miss him, but times were hard and I just couldn't spare the cash. He understood and we got a big laugh out of it.

    1. Nick, that's just INSANE!!! I love that you scammed the scammer!!

  2. The spam today is a sign of the times, Similar to the door to door salespeople and letters in the mail many years ago. This way they can reach more people and still manage to snag a few suckers.

    1. That's exactly true ... remember the old Kirbys?? They STILL sell them door to door here.

  3. I have been following the Robocall Task Force set up by the FCC last year...had some top people from ATT, Verizon, cable companies, etc. Anyway, they are on the verge of introducing a technique in which phone companies will be able stop the phone number spoofing, where spammers use a fake phone number to call from. It will be through a handshake process, much like a computer uses when on the Internet to make a connection. For the phone companies to do this, FCC had to change some rules. If you want to read about this new development, just google Robocall Taskforce and then click on the NEWS link in Google.

    Personally, I make each fake call a contact in my phone which I name Zspam#, Z so it is at the end of my contact and # is how many contacts I have named this way (up to 43 now). Each contact can store 5 phone numbers in it. Each Zspam has a special all I will hear is a short beep saying I missed a call. Much less intrusive. Marcia has 25 Zspams, and the last time I compared them, we did not have any numbers in common. (Yes, I was bored that day...a lot of work to compare, but not too bad when you put it in a spread sheet, just a lot of keypad use)

    1. I have done the same thing, only XCrap. LOL I think I've only gotten three calls from the same number. All the rest are different numbers.

  4. I don't know why everybody's upset about personal solicitation
    On my way home this evening a Well endowed young lady
    Stoped me on my way home said she'll do anything for me for 20 bucks
    I thought that was a damn good deal
    I even let her use my flashlight to mow the lawn
    Last I heard she hasn't run off with my lawn mower or flashlight and she still out there
    You don't suppose I could get one of those Russian asian Ukrainian babes
    That knows how to cook I really like foreign ethnic food

    1. Ed I have no doubt you can get one of those BABES to come to your house. I'm not sure if she will be able to cook though!!

  5. Now,, they have an app when your phone number is dialed you do not get the ring the app picks up the phone and goes through a 30 Second spiel
    That you've reached so-and-so's phone number and tell you to standby
    And then you're phone rings Normally with caller ID
    If the caller hangs up The call is not completed

  6. I must have 20 warrants for my arrest from the "IRS". I personally don't answer numbers I don't know and if they leave a message I can call back if it is someone I need to talk to. I have one caller that called daily with a number that ended with 60 and is now up to 72. I still haven't answered and never get a message.

    1. Hahaha Ray .. you are a BAD guy to have that many warrants!! LOL If I'm at home, I usually answer just to pass the time of day.