Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Saga Of The Pictures

For the most part, I don't take pictures for anything other than the blog.  Occasionally however, there might be a good one I want to have enlarged.  Such was the case with the Megler Astoria Bridge in Oregon.

The thing is, if you want to have landscape pictures enlarged, you have to use a tripod and different camera settings.  You also have to keep in mind that the camera takes pictures one size, while ALL printing uses other sizes.  In other words, if I enlarged this picture to 11 x 14, I would lose about 1/3 of the area.  That means you have to stand back FURTHER and take a bigger picture that can be cropped to printing sizes, which of course I never remember to do.

Wouldn't you think the camera people and the printing people would get together and make them the same??  Oh no ... that would be too easy!!

So I spent an entire month uploading four pictures to a professional printing company.  I had to download their software first, then upload my images.  Their software decided not to work for about three weeks.  Eventually, I sent them off, only to get an immediate phone call.

After another week of not catching up with them, I finally reached Eddie.  Eddie told me my pictures were horrible, terribly out of focus and they did NOT want to print them.  I know I didn't shoot these for enlargement, but are they really THAT bad??  Yes ..... yes they are.
With my ego on the floor, I cancelled the order, but I just couldn't believe they were so terrible.  Just for kicks, I went to the Walmart Photo Printing website.  I've actually printed portraits with them and they came out just great.  Suzy's mother said it was the best picture she ever had of Suzy.

An hour later they were uploaded, with a promise they would be ready in 4 hours.  You're kidding, right?  4 hours?  In no time, I had an email that they were ready for pickup.  I had them printed on poster board since that makes it much easier to frame.  Here's one of two 16 x 20 prints.  

Maybe it's the cheap posterboard, or maybe I just don't know what high dollar prints look like, but I think they look just fine!!  No, they are not gallery ready prints to be sold for thousands of dollars, but I'm pretty happy with them.  I ordered four more.  The cost you ask?  $20 vs $70 each.  
The rest of the day was spent giving Mr. Cooper a bath, his least favorite thing in the world.  I've discovered it's much easier to just roll up my pant legs and get in the bathtub with him.  That way he doesn't try to jump out.  After a quick brush and hair dryer workover, we plopped on the couch where he promptly fell asleep.  He smells so good and is SO soft ... I should do that more often!!
Just got notification that my other prints are done so I'll be heading back to Walmart.

By the way, I don't mean to brag, but I just finished my 14 day diet in 4 hours and 20 minutes!!  My goal for 2017 was to lose 10 pounds ... I only have 13 to go!!  Tamales are NOT helping!!


  1. Your photos look wonderful and glad you found a place to get them printed.
    No Tamales will not help loosing weight, good luck.

    1. Thank you ... it's not like I'm Joe McNally or anything!! LOL

  2. You might be notifying Eddie that if your pictures that he had access to show up on any ads that he'll be seeing your lawyer in court. He knew they were for Personal Prints only and by law cannot Capitalize on them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick and Kathy All personal photographs a copyrighted to the photographer or artist however if he allows them on the Internet they become open source
      That is why you will see a person's name or studio somewhere on that print if you crop the name of the studio or artist off it could be somewhat of altered copyright infringement,, and most people that use someone else's print will credit that person as the photographer or artist
      One other thing,,, don't don't even think about trying to make any money off the copyrighted picture or artwork in a private source

    2. That's true Rick, although I doubt that would happen. They print images for the Pros, so I'm sure they wouldn't take that chance. I've been wrong before though!!

  3. Love all of your pictures. You have a good eye.

  4. Yes I know both photographs one and two are from a different image but here's how it comes out
    Your first picture of the complete bridge is it excellent shot using the cars as a reference to size
    How could you make it better first is a ( don't ever leave home without it ) polarized filter to dramatize the green and the blue sky and take the shine out of the water
    Second would be used to highest megapixel your camera has
    On your second picture leaving the megapixel to its highest point
    You have enough sky and enough reflection in the water to make the picture perfect
    A tripod would help if you have a tendency to not breathe and shoot
    The next time you go to do a photo shoot keep your Camera level and shoot one picture take a second picture with your camera at a 90° angle and shoot that way you cover both bases about the same picture if you want to blow it up
    You're very first picture is longer right to left which dramatizes the size of the bridge
    Your second picture is longer up and down which gives you an abstract of the bridge,,
    and both pictures captured what you were after perfectly
    I think what you're more upset about is the pixel quality
    If you were a fan of black and white, try looking at both of those pictures that way.
    Here's a little inside
    When you go to a Swap market look at the angle of the pictures that the professional photographers take most of them are taller than they are wider
    If you ask them why they do that it is to dramatize what is in the picture
    As you did in your second bridge abstract picture
    If their pictures are longer right to left it's usually a mountain or field or water scene So even so the megapixel are up there they're not a factor in enlarging the photograph
    If you're going to enlarge a photograph that has a low pixel resolution do not use gloss front use a mat finish which would defuse the megapixel
    Your use of posterboard is an excellent idea is long as you keep size for size, once you go out of the size and cropping it you're losing your photos sharpness
    The next time you want to have a picture inlarged from your computer go to a reputable camera shop and show them the picture and ask their professional opinion they may give you better advice and pointers,
    As for dipshit Eddi I would say was a jerk

    1. I shoot in RAW, so you can't get any more megapixels than that. Unfortunately, more pixels don't make up for areas out of focus. The internet doesn't help ... it cannot upload a file that large so you have to resize images smaller when sending them to print. Unfortunately, the only solution is to print your own.

  5. If you get a chance and a few minutes look up the blog Bayfield bunch
    Al will admit that he is not a professional photographer but he shoot professionally ,, also has a Camera bio that might be of interest

  6. I love your pictures!
    Mary Klinger