Friday, November 10, 2017

I Hear You Loud And Clear!!

Times change, you get older, you get yelled at by your body.  I don't feel any different than I did at 21, so why all the ruckus?

I have a list of recipes I want to make for dinner, including butternut squash soup, a hominy bake, bog (chicken, sausage, rice), shrimp paella and artichoke pasta.  Unfortunately, I don't have all the ingredients for any of them.  I make list after list, but somehow things don't get in my basket.

So yesterday, I tried out something I saw on TV.  Baked chicken and grits.  I've never cooked grits before and now I know why.  It's not exactly the most appetizing thing on the plate (notice a REAL plate).

Unfortunately, Nancy has been a bad girl.  I had two chocolate covered oreos, a hot dog, leftover ugly steak, a tamale and flan, all in the same day.  Do you see a recurring theme?  Maybe high doses of FAT?  In the old days, it would matter not how much half and half and cheese I used in those grits.  The baked chicken was delicious ... dipped in mustard (yup, yellow mustard) and panko along with garlic and thyme.  I have to say the grits were amazing, creamy and tasty, but too much like baby food.  I should have kept my thoughts to myself.

Within 20 minutes of eating, I felt the pain of bad decisions.  After an hour, I checked the route to the hospital and wondered if I could make the drive.  I tried every conceivable position on the couch to relieve what felt like a steel toed boot in my side.  Okay ... OKAY!!!  I hear you loud and clear.  NO MORE FAT!!  Geez ..................

Finally, about 11:00 I hit the bed for a restless night.  The good news is I did NOT have to drive to the hospital and this morning I feel MUCH better.  I got the message ... but it's really hard to open the fridge and find something edible that does not contain the F word.  So it's chicken and veggies for me ... anyone want a package of hot dogs, some sausage and a carton of heavy cream??
I was a sewing fiend yesterday before I got yelled at, finishing several more pillow cases while kicking the ball under the table for Cooper.
I even went so far as to sew all the rows of this one together.  Since that cutting error, I found the same material on line, only to be notified they are out of stock and it will take 3 weeks to get it in.  In the meantime, I'm checking out all my sources for an acceptable substitute.  
I learned my lesson ... the couch is my friend, the F word is not.  That's where I'll be spending my NO FAT day!  


  1. I agree to fat content does do do a number on some people, and try to keep ours down as much as possible.
    I have never been able to acquire a taste for grits, just no appeal to me at all. So I don't miss them at all.

    1. I think grits are more a breakfast food ... smother them in syrup and they are quite tasty. Cheese and garlic also make them more palatable.

  2. We agree that lots of days we still feel like we're 21 but then get a shock when we look in the mirror.
    Fat is not good for the Gallbladder but the Heavy Cream could be that you are becoming Lactose Intolerant. Don't go too far from home when that happens.
    Keeping the dogs busy will also benefit you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I guess I never thought I would get OLD and have these problems! LOL

  3. Grits,, is just another word for beach sand

  4. If you know about Bob’s Redill here in Milwaukie Oregon, Joe’s Uncle Wes and Bob were best friends. We had breakfast there one morning and my breakfast came with a tiny dish of grits. I asked Bob how he could eat the grits (yuk) his reply was with a little bit of butter and syrup. I tried it and really liked :)