Saturday, November 25, 2017


Who has cleaned their dishwasher lately??  No one, right?  Me either.  Honestly, I don't remember EVER cleaning ANY dishwasher.  Once in awhile I might pull out a stray fork here and there, but cleaning it?   Ah NO!
It happened one day that I saw a post on Facebook about cleaning the scale from your dishwasher due to hard water and the crud left on dishes.  Since I have already had a problem with the water, I thought that might be a good idea.  It's simple.  Place a big bowl of vinegar in the center of the top rack and set it on high heat clean.

That's when I noticed something in the bottom that looked like you could turn and remove it.  Maybe a small screen to catch "stuff".  I unscrewed it and immediately wished I hadn't.  It was beyond gross and smelled even worse.  Something akin to a REALLY dirty diaper!!
This was after rinsing off the big chunks.  Good grief ... I had absolutely NO idea this was there, let alone that it should be cleaned.  I don't know how water even got through the screen ... it was almost solid calcium and scale, not to mention mold and mildew.
Maybe this is why my dishwasher goes on forever and doesn't get things clean.  I spent at least 30 minutes trying to remove the gunk, all the while breathing through my mouth to keep from throwing up.  DISGUSTING!!!
Little did I know it was going to get WORSE!!  When I went to replace the screen, another big screen on the bottom moved.  It looked pretty corroded too, so I pulled on it.  Lord have mercy!!!  Underneath it was even MORE disgusting, if that's even possible.  This crud was baked on so hard it wouldn't even come off with a sharp knife.  

Another 30 minutes of scrubbing with vinegar ... at least it smelled better than the screen ... I finally got it clean enough to replace in the unit.  One more time!!  I inserted another bowl of vinegar and let it run through a cycle.  
Finally ... clean as a whistle!!!  The thought of the water washing my dishes swishing around this muck .... I think I'll set my distaste of cleaning aside and at least keep this one spotless.  

Not that I'm saying you have a dirty dishwasher ... you may not even have a cleanout screen in yours (or even a dishwasher for that matter)  ... but if I was you, I'd sure check it out.  Mine is a Whirlpool by the way ... 8 years old.  I feel much better about using it now.

This is the cartoon Mister Ed sent me yesterday.  Apropos I think!!!
I had lovely leftovers all day long after re-baking the turkey and dressing.  I had no ill effects from my dinner disaster, but I wasn't taking any chances.  

Today I'm checking every appliance in my house for cleanout screens.  I don't want to see any more disgusting pictures on my blog!!!


  1. The last time I cleaned the dishwasher she got mad because I use lava hand soap instead of Dove,,,, it must be a woman's thing,,,, works for us
    Oh,, that kind a dishwasher,,,,,
    Now I guess there's a reason why people wash their dishes before they put them in the dishwasher???
    Dirty dishes pots and pans, the crud🌭🍖🥒🍤🥘 has to go somewhere, just like a garbage disposal, what's wrong with this picture,, too lazy to walk to the trashcan??
    God forbid if We get in the bathroom sink and shower drains😝😖
    That's a real place for life form 🖖🏻👾alien life form
    For the dishwasher loader a glass of red wine works best
    For the mechanical dishwasher A 1/2 cup of bleach or a half a cup a CLR Will do the trick
    1/2 cup Bleach in the bathroom sink and shower

    1. Don't tell me about any more drains ... I don't even want to think about it!! LOL

  2. Nice that you found those clean outs and took care of them , they should work much better now. Or at least smell better.

    1. I'm hoping it gets the dishes cleaner!! Not that they have been dirty, just apparently rinsed in dirty water. UGH!!