Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Power Tools ... OH YEAH!!

It's a good day when you receive power tools in the mail.  That was a pretty fast delivery from Home Depot.

My friend Cyndae came down from Sacramento to spend the night at Hotel Kissack so the dogs could play.  One of her pups is Cooper's twin.  He got all the good parts.  He sits quietly, doesn't play the ball game and sleeps on the floor.  Good twin -- bad twin I suppose.  At any rate, we had fun watching Cooper bully the pup who is twice as big and weighs twice as much!!

That's when the doorbell rang.  YAY!!!  My power saw is here!!  It took me a couple of minutes to get it together.  Directions are in five languages with the first six pages being Safety Notices.  Don't cut your arm off, things like that.  I'll charge up the battery today and hopefully get to try it out tomorrow.
In the meantime, Cyndae and I went to lunch in the neighborhood.  Applebees is our claim to fame.  The best part is it's location ... kind of out in the sticks ... so there's never a long line.  I'm pretty sure however, that all the new hires come here to train.  Service is not their forte unless you want to be bothered every five minutes ... the opposite of never seeing them at all!!

I was nicely surprised when I drove up and saw that little sign in the corner.  US Veterans Reserved Parking is printed in big letters.  That's pretty cool!!!  Of course there's only ONE spot when there should be four or five, but nonetheless, it's a nice gesture.  Good for Applebees!!
By the way, their salmon dinner is AMAZING!!  

It was quickly time to head to the Castle for some Elks Bingo Bonanza!  I strengthened my patience level with TWO coca colas this time, along with a fresh batch of popcorn.  I'm trying to increase my level of P words.  Patience and positivity.  You need both here.

Trying to keep the players happy while listening to their sad tales about never winning is a challenge. Believe me, they all have sad tales because they never win enough.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is my friend Maria who won THREE bingos in a row to the tune of $750.  Now THAT was a happy woman!!

The infernal machine did it's job, although it seems to eat those rolls of paper like a lioness.  We are back to smaller ones since the larger calculator rolls do not print on a heat sensitive cash register.  The mini me infernal machine came up with a couple of new cancellations notices, but all in all, we did well at the end of the night when we balanced to the penny.
I got a pretty good scare on the way out however.  I pushed open the door to ascend the few stairs to the outside door when I came face to face with three older teenagers lurking on the steps.  I looked them straight in the eye and asked what the heck they were doing hiding in the alcove.  

It looked like a perfect spot to grab someone on the way out and rob them.  Oh we're just waiting they said as I reached inside my purse.  You can just wait outside please ... and surprisingly, they did.  I'm pretty sure that was because 6' tall Brian came up behind me.  

So all in all, it was a good day ... I kept my cool at the Magic Kingdom and offered solace to the addicted gamblers who never win.  By the way, my "solace" is how nice it is for them to get out of the house to see friends and enemies and US at the local Elks Lodge.  It usually works.

I have lots of boring accounting work to do today as I input a whole years worth of transactions from five different bank accounts into an accounting software program for tax purposes.  Now what could be more fun than that??


  1. Power tools are fun. And looks like you had another busy day as well.

    1. It feels like I'm always sitting on the couch, but I guess I am rather a busy bee.

  2. Power tools like chainsaws whether Gas, Electric or Battery Powered all have a tendency to Kickback. I know someone that knew it all. He has a glass eye today.
    Nice to have friends stop over for a visit like that.
    Looks like you had more fun then usual at the Magic Kingdom. As a safety to anyone attending or working the Bingo it would be wise to have someone watching the outside door.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That's one reason I like battery operated tools ... they don't have quite the kickback the REAL ones do. Someone watching the door is a VERY good idea.

  3. Sure glad Brian had your back, I would have hated to read about how Nancy had to put a couple of thugs down in front of the Elk Lodge. :)

  4. There's nothing better then to see the gleam in a womans eye when she has a new battery operated toy...... you go girl