Saturday, November 18, 2017

NO Competition Here

Aren't they beautiful?  I thought so, but these aren't mine, as I'm sure you guessed.  This is what they were SUPPOSED to look like.  This cookie decorating is highly overrated and WAY too much work.  I quickly discovered I do not have small enough tips to end up with results like these.
I also didn't have a clue about the consistency required, even though I watched several You-Tube videos.  Something between toothpaste and Karo syrup didn't compute for me.  The next big discovery was I really required at least TWO boxes of frosting.  One box you make thin for flooding the big spaces and one you keep thick for decorating.  These were all I completed.
I was laughing so hard when I tried the Santa that I gave up.  I thinned the frosting with a little water, but forgot I had already used about half.  Yup ... TOO thin.  It ran all over the countertop before I could get my hair dryer going to dry the edges.  When I tried to cover the Santa, it ran right out the tip and down my fingers to the floor!

Once the white was sort of under control, I let it dry while I tried to develop skin color.  The first try was too red, the second try too GREEN.  I suppose I could have passed them off as Grinch cookies, but NO, I went for the NUDE color.  Unfortunately, it ended up closer to dark skin, so I figured to be politically correct and use it, but I couldn't stop laughing!!  I think he looks like a Yeti!!

I'm now OUT of frosting and can't finish the hat ... or anything else for that matter.  As simple as these look, first tries should be with a MUCH simpler design and maybe only TWO colors.  I'm pretty sure the bakeries around here don't have to worry about competition from ME!
I'm going back to playing ball with Cooper ... something I'm much more adept at.  Not saying I won't decorate cookies again, when I find a round cookie cutter and a very simple pattern.  
Speaking of which, guess who is under my feet as I type, pushing the ball to me with his nose.  Who could resist that cutest of cute faces!!!


  1. Getting the right colour is always a challenge.
    In Ontario we purchased our Icing Sugar at places called The Bulk Barn. We were averaging 50 lbs a month. We saw how tied down we were and packed it in.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You are such a hoot��. Love that you seem to be willing to try anything once even though you know it might not turn out so good. Enjoy your adventures every day.

    1. Thanks Corky ... trying new things is always an adventure!!

  3. Sure looks like you are having some frustrating fun, at least you have it a good try, its the thought that counts.

    1. You nailed it!! Frustrating fun, but always good for a laugh!!

  4. know it's not Christmasy and no food coloring is involved but I've got a real quick vegetable soup recipe for your 6qt instant pot
    I've made it twice now and each time it comes out fantastic the only problem is it requires a knife but no chicken or meat was harmed or put in the soup
    Three ripe tomatoes cut in quarters
    Three medium potatoes cut in quarters
    4 stocks (stick) of celery Cut to size but to your preference ( leave the leaves on)
    2 cups of carrots
    1/2 medium diced onion
    Teaspoon of chopped or diced garlic
    If you have any ginger a tablespoon will do
    A little bit of salt and pepper if you have a special spice that you like feel free to add that
    If you have chicken broth or beef broth add 2 cups
    Add water to just the top of the vegetables
    If you cook it on the stove simmer until the carrots and potatoes are done
    If you cook it on the Insta pot, until the potatoes are done you have to determine the timing
    If you make the soup as the recipe calls for it's best to have friends over because unless you like leftovers it goes along way

    1. Sounds much easier than Christmas cookies ... I'll give it a try!

  5. I remember when I was old enough to cook and decorate my own Birthday Cake...some 'XX' years ago. It turned out to be a pink cake with purple frosting and no one wanted to eat it but me. Still get teased about that...

    1. Oh but what a great idea ... you got the cake all to yourself!!!