Saturday, August 26, 2017

WSIKF Day 5 ... I think!!

I've totally lost track of time.  When you're up at 5:00 every morning, the days seem to run together.  I've temporarily traded in my huge GPS watch for a Fitbit.  It tells me everything I want to know except what day of the week it is.

This Australian flyer in his painted coveralls, has made dozens and dozens of fabulous kites.  They are kind of free form pieced and sewn together like a quilt.
These guys were flying under the barn door.  I didn't count exactly, but there look to be about 25 or 30 kites strung together on this one.  The little guy in the middle was spinning around like a crazy kite.  Seems his lines were a tad tangled.
There's every kind of bug you can imagine, including this caterpillar whose legs made him look like the real thing.  Who comes up with these ideas??
All of these banners were homemade.  Many sport the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse from just down the road.
This one made me laugh.  PLEASE DON'T LITTER and HAZARDOUS MATERIAL signs covered the 50 gallon barrel kite.
More Aussie kites, all of these have faces on them, from Shakespeare to Einstein.  As you can tell, the sun came out all day to showcase the best of the best.
All the while, I'm answering questions about "Kite Time" (sometimes things run over because of so many participants) and did anyone find my keys, my gloves, my phone, my eyeglass case (that had toothpaste ?? and $57 dollars inside) and lastly, MY DOG!  One little girl got lost, but Mom finally found her crying in the middle of the competition field.
There are lots of buggy critters, tadpoles, octopus ... if you can imagine it, you can fly it!!
This drum kite made my eyes hurt!!
Several looked like bumblebees dancing in the wind.  It's just amazing the number of shapes and sizes.
And some looked like stained glass.
This picture of another bug was taken by Diane Morris.  I love these guys!!
Lunch was Hawaiian BBQ again.  Why mess with a good thing.  In case you want to try this, the chicken is marinated in a teriyaki pineapple juice combination with pineapple chunks added to the mix.  The onions were cooked separately and added on top along with fresh tomato.
At the end of the day, I was tired again, having walked an average of five miles every day.  I can feel it in every muscle, but with the wind in the excellent to OH YEAH range, I took the Shook out for a spin.
I almost got wet.  Trying to get pictures with one hand, I wasn't paying enough attention.  Behind me the very high tide was coming in fast.  I got it back up in the air and moved over just in time!!
This morning I have a date to learn how to set up the big kites.  I don't want a BIG one, just something small that I can anchor to the ground and let fly.  Of course that means I have to be on the field extra early.  I hear my couch calling my name already!!


  1. what better place to ask if any of the older round ground kites are for sale in the 5 m range
    Or even better bring your lawn chair and a cuppa coffee and sit down with someone that makes their own kites and pick brain
    or even better than that would they teach you the starter fundamentals

    And having a metal detector we know the area where you can get $57
    Although you may have to walk 5 miles to find it

    1. I'm kind of in the shy department, but I have made a couple of friends who make their own kites. I think I'll become better acquainted!!

  2. Why Carry 2 ,,,, when you only need one

  3. even better bring your lawn chair and a cuppa coffee and sit down with someone that makes their own kites and pick brain

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