Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's All About The Food!!

Yesterday was a very good day to stay inside.  For once, I got it right.  Actually, I TRIED to stay inside, but by 9:00 I was going a little stir crazy.  In spite of all the kids running around (at least they weren't spinning bicycle donuts on the gravel road) and the smoky fires, I really wanted some pictures of the Ilwaco boat harbor.

Immediately out the door I was hit with what I'm guessing was a heavy fog, but it sure felt like rain.  Amazingly, I found a parking spot.  The salmon fishermen are here in droves, taking up every single space.  I even got OUT of my car and walked 50 feet to the nearest building for cover.  With a brisk breeze blowing, this wasn't working out at all.  I returned to my rig.
You may remember last year I found an oven-baked pizza restaurant down at the bait shop in the State Park.  Rather expensive but tasty, I figured to try them again since it's only a short drive.  Turns out it was even shorter, since they moved to the town of Ilwaco maybe 2 miles away.  Their barbecue chicken was delicious, even if it had hardly any ingredients on top of the dough.  I'm talking chintzy here!!!  Where's the cheese???
What to my wondering eyes should appear?  They have mac 'n cheese with bacon and onions, cooked in that wonderful oven.  I couldn't pass it up.  MUCH better than the pizza but it still needed more sauce.  Maybe it's just that I like ooey gooey things.  At any rate, it's called SERIOUS PIZZA.   Although not outrageously priced, it is a little expensive for what you get.  I probably won't go back.  On the other hand, I CANNOT make mac 'n cheese that tastes this good!!
Back at the rig, I couldn't get pizza off my mind.  That recipe that Miss Terry has in her wonderful Recipe Book Miss Terry's Kitchen, just wouldn't leave me alone.  A quick trip to the store for yeast reminded me exactly why I was TRYING to stay home.  Good grief it was a ZOO!!

Something else that has been on my little mind was Red Lobster biscuits.  Those tasty morsels of garlic fatty goodness have been calling my name for the last month.  I found a recipe on the internet ... AN EXACT DUPLICATE ... THE BEST EVER ... YOU CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE.  They lie.

At any rate, I whipped them up and baked them in my wonderful Breville oven.  They look EXACTLY like the picture on the internet.  Too bad they don't TASTE like the original.  I mean really, what was that lady thinking?  They aren't even close to the original, and now I have two dozen of these things to eat.  Not that they aren't edible, they just don't taste even CLOSE to the original.
On to Miss Terry's pizza, which I KNOW is the best because I've made it before!!  It's the easiest, most awesome pizza dough, and I can smother it in cheese and goodies to my heart's content.  Even better, the dough can sit in the fridge for several days before it needs to be cooked, giving it even more flavor.  I can't wait.  In the meantime, I'll be choking down chili and biscuits, soup and biscuits and MORE biscuits until they are gone.  Maybe I'll toss some in the bushes for the bears!!
In the afternoon the rains came down, a welcome relief.  They snuffed out all those smoky campfires the weekenders built.  On the other hand, I felt rather sorry for them as they stood out in the rain trying to cook their dinner.  I suggested a trip to Serious Pizza!!

The night didn't get any better.  It poured all night long, as you can see by the internet image above, allowing me no sleep whatsoever, in spite of the Benadryl I took to ease the mosquito bites.  The heavy rain/mist is still going strong.  Those newly purchased easy-ups, along with those tents and sleeping bags are going home soaking wet.

My plan was to hit the Astoria Sunday Market again today, but if the rain doesn't quit, I might just spend another day in the rig.  Hummmm ..... wonder what I can cook THIS time!!!


  1. Like you said finding something to do on bad weather days can be a challenge.
    After having made several trips to Red Lobster years ago when we owned our house Kathy made many attempts to duplicate their biscuits. She was however very successful but that was the problem. She had to hide the recipe so we could lose weight.
    Don't toss those biscuits for the Bears, it will be a calling card for them, "Bear Food In These Bushes."
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. if you go to a chain restaurant and you like a certain portion of their food main dish soups salads biscuits desserts
      All you have to do is type in the name of the restaurant the entrée that you're looking for on the Internet
      I'm a fan of Olive garden soup's,, they'll give you the exact recipe
      Or if you like Popeyes biscuits they have that online to
      *** But don't waste your time looking for Kentucky fried chicken recipe baking flour for their chicken. (Ethnic aisle) (Mexican food)
      So if you like exciting foods be careful of the Internet search.
      It won't take long to fill your receipt card holder,

    2. Rick and Kathy, I guess I'll have to do more researching on the internet. The recipe I used wasn't a good one at ALL. I'm sure the bears would like them, but it's not good to feed the animals!!

    3. Mister Ed ... I'll do more checking on-line. Chicken baking flour? That's weird ... but might make my chicken taste better!!

  2. In answer to your question on Nicks J/G blog,, they most certainly do
    I've been doing it since 1995
    If you think you're serious about trying it and having fun. you have my email address . I'll have a surprise for you
    The beaches on the north west coast are slim pickings you need an extremely popular beach
    If you wait until you get to Arizona i'm pretty sure I could turn you into a good prospector

    1. I think it would be fun to hit up the party sites here ... might find a ring or two. Would probably take me awhile to recoup the cost though!

  3. As for them biscuits...let set out for a week or so, then you have ammunition you can use to toss at them little tikes on bikes when the kick up dust near your site. :)