Friday, August 4, 2017

Back To The Scene Of The Crime

Not having visited the little town of Manzanita before my lunch date with Tom and Barbara, I decided to return to the scene of the shopping crime for a little more exploration.  There are several turnouts as you round the last hill and head down into town, all well worth stopping at.  The views are magnificent.
I didn't go to the antique store in Wheeler again ... that place could get me in trouble and I didn't want to be reminded of the beautiful wicker chair I couldn't have.  Arriving a little early, I found perfect parking right in front of the Grand Opening Ice Cream Store.  It was fate!!

The first thing you see is lots of bright colored fabric blowing in the wind at the kite store.  That's when I spotted the crayon fence decoration.  How cute and colorful is that?  Your grandkids would probably love working on a project like this with you!!
This is Finnesterre.  Be sure and stop in here.  When it comes to shops with touristy souvenirs that resemble decorator items for your home, this one wins hands down.  Some of the most interesting stuff I've ever seen lives here, not to mention the house and the back yard.  Stop in with a cup of coffee and veg out in the zen garden in back.  
Believe it or not, I passed on the Manzanita Sweets store.  Had I gone in, I would have come out with some very expensive candy.  You can spend $20 in two seconds, ending up with a TINY bag.
At the very end of main street is the beach.  It looks just like every other beach, huge with lots of sand, although this one was more crowded than most.  Then I saw these guys dragging something down the trail.  At first I thought wind rails or whatever you call them ... the ones with big sails that push you down the beach.  
I was surprised to see the kids jump on and pedal around.  They were FAST and turned on a dime.  How fun would THAT be, especially since none of it was UPHILL.  
On the walk back towards my car, I discovered a hot dog stand.  This is NOT your ordinary hot dog stand.  Meet Mudd.  He sells Chicago Dogs and ONLY Chicago Dogs.  I've never had one before, since dill pickles, onions and the greenest relish I've ever seen aren't exactly in my flavor category.  He was so nice, telling me all about his dogs while his Chicago friend cheered him on, I just had to try one.  I'll sit in the corner close to the trash can.
Lo and behold ... it was downright GOOD!!  I even ate the pickle and green relish.  I ate it all!!!  He and his friend came over to be sure I liked it.  That's when I saw the Mudd Nick Foundation sign.  What's up with that?  It's a non-profit foundation created by Jim Mudd and Doug Nicholson to raise money giving all the kids of the Manzanita area experiences they would normally not have.

With all the cuts in school funding, these guys decided every kid should have all the school supplies they need, along with expeditions that instill respect, citizenship, responsibility and curiosity ... you know, all those traits people should have.  It started with a golf tournament and grew from there.  Stop in and have a dog ... they're delicious and the $6.00 (cash only) goes for a good cause.
Almost back where I started, there was one small shop that caught my eye.  These beautiful mini pie plates are about 5" across.  I know that means I have to bake mini pies, but maybe I could just serve dips in them at rallies.  That was it, my only purchase ..... at least the second trip didn't do the damage the first one did!!
Oh but then there was the very last stop in the building where I parked.  The ice cream store had many amazing flavors, including pistachio (one you don't see often) and lemon meringue pie.  I went for the lemon.  The devil on my shoulder tried to get me to have TWO scoops, but the Angel won out this time.  I savored every single tasty bite and my wallet was a happy camper.  Should you need it however, there is a bank ATM just up the road.  Don't ask how I know that.
I think the hot weather is over for the time being.  It's nice and cool with overcast skies this morning.  That means I should be out on the beach this afternoon, squeezing some fun out of my kites.  I also heard the whales were spouting by the Astoria-Megler bridge.  Decisions, decisions!!


  1. Sounds like visiting that small town would be a reason for buying new clothes that would fit the extra pounds.
    Figuring that you see more whales in the earlier/cooler part of the day which just happens to be the best time for flying your kites you have a hard decision to make.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hahaha ... yes they DO have nice clothes there, but they are VERY pricey!! It's a tourist town after all. Best time for kite flying on the West Coast is in the afternoon, which works out perfectly!!! Noon to maybe 5:00 is good here ... I've no idea why.

  2. Having lived in Chicago and love those Chicago dogs, Benson, AZ is lucky to have one of those hot dog stands where I go to get my fix. Also, (but have not been yet) I understand there is a Chicago dog place in Bisbee, AZ....hope to get one of their dogs in the near future. Lynn Cross

    1. You lived in Chicago? How fun to have Chicago Dogs right at your doorstep!! If I saw them in Bisbee, I probably passed it by. Next time I'll have to try one!!

  3. Marcia said, "Yep, looks like a Chicago Dog alright...but did they have little peppers too?"

    1. Yes it had hot peppers Marcia ... a true dog!! They were small but pretty hot by my standards!!

  4. Gotta love the Chicago Hot dogs, oh and I have not had one for a very long time.