Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Scratching Those Itches!

I spent a lot of time scratching itches yesterday ... sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't!!  A couple more of those little bites showed up, and as it turns out, tea tree oil isn't the cure-all after all.

I spent a good deal of the morning scratching the puppies backs ... something they love and think I don't do enough of!!  As the temperature rose quickly to 90 degrees by 10:00, they passed out under the ceiling fan.
I was trying to scratch my hitch itch, it being the end of May and I'm still stuck in River City.  With my recall appointment now firmly in place, I'm just biding my time until lift off day.  In the meantime, I'm making list after list of things to get done in the next few weeks.

When it was finally time for scratching that Bingo itch, I left for the Magic Kingdom where Prince Charming bought me a coke at the bar.  It's always good strategy to meet ahead and unite in the face of angry peasants.  A huge glass of wine would probably have made it better when the infernal machine decided to "spring" one on me.  

All my help disappeared into the woodwork.  That happens often.  Once they get around the maddening crowds, they suddenly disappear, never to return.  Maybe they met THEIR Prince Charming, but for whatever reason, we never see them again.  The Castle Lawyer has been on vacation and hopefully will return TODAY!!

That meant I was alone in counting and running the black box at breakneck speed, when it spit out a "received on account" instead of a "pay out"!!  The more I tried to correct it, the deeper I sunk into the quicksand, to the faint giggles of the infernal machine.  Finally, at night's end when my brain was kicked in gear by the thought of staying until it was correct, it dawned on me how to fix it.  I balanced!!  One more night in the books as I scratched those now SIX little bumps!!
I've got a busy day today ... pick up mail, pick up quilts, lunch with a friend and either wash the RV or sanitize the water tank.  Neither of those labor-related tasks float my boat, but are necessary to get me out of the heat of the Central Valley, expected to be in the 100's this week and up to 105 on Friday.  THAT has made my hitch VERY itchy.


  1. If you have any Wendex in the house sprayed the itchy spot but don't wipe it off that should stop The itch

    1. Hahaha I remember that from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding!! You know what?? It works ... for a time anyway!

  2. If the itchy spots might be chiggers, coat them with nail polish. That seals off the air so they stop wiggling.

    1. Eeeewwwwww don't tell me that!! I HATE chiggers!! I had to deal with them while I was in Kansas City. Thanks for the tip Linda, I'll remember that one!!