Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dogs and DOGS!!

I'm a little worried about my Cooper Boy.  In an effort to keep in better shape ... at least I'm trying ... I purchased two eight pound hand weights.  I used to work with these in an exercise class I took years ago and decided to give it another shot.  They're perfect for the motorhome.  Problem was, as soon as I brought them in the house, Cooper starting barking.

No matter where I put them, he just wouldn't let it go.  I finally laid them on the floor for him to see they weren't his "ball".  I thought maybe the smell of the vinyl coating resembled his favorite toys.  Not so!  He immediately ran over, wrapped his little teeth around one and tried to lift it up.  HEY!!  That's NOT a toy!!  He didn't get it ... literally ... because it was too heavy for him to lift.  He gave me THAT look.  After a second and third try, I put them out of sight.  I guess it does rather resemble his REAL toy!!  Silly dog!!
Not a great picture, but to get his mind off the orange toy, I took my best pair of clippers to him.  With temperatures still on the rise, it's just too hot for poodle hair.  It worked .... he forgot all about the toys and was magically cooler when he went outside!
Since finding this ad on Facebook, I copied and pasted it to every possible location I could on social media.  I see this ALL the time!!  People running their animals on the hot pavement or just walking them downtown on concrete sidewalks at mid day.  It's HOT people ..... if you can't walk barefoot on that sidewalk or across the road, NEITHER CAN YOUR PET!!!  PLEASE PLEASE leave them home on hot days!!!  End of soapbox.
While passing time before the Magic Kingdom of Bingo, I finished binding this quilt.  I really didn't want to get another one started, but I couldn't help myself.  It seemed like a monumental task .... to cut out 744 different sized rectangles from 5-1/2 yards of fabric.  Amazingly, in no time at all I was done .... with ONE fabric.  There are 12 more pieces to be cut into stacks and stacks of small rectangles before the sewing can begin.  I may have just gotten myself in over my head!!
In the meantime, Bingo carries on, but nowhere near normal!!  There's something called hot ball.  You pay $1 and get a stamp on your hand.  They draw a number.  If you win ANY Bingo with that particular number, you win an additional pot, sometimes as high as $1100.  Last night was the beginning of TWO hot balls.  As always, there are a couple of people who are never happy ... who live a miserable life and are permanently grumpy ... and just happen to be volunteers.  

In no time at all there was yelling and arguing over how the money collected was to be divided.  People threatened to quit ... commit harry carrey ... and amazingly, lost all their brain function in an instant!  Their hearing completely disappeared too!  It's funny how that works!!  At any rate, when cooler heads finally prevailed, they saw the error of their ways, at least for the time being.  I'm hoping they all come back next week, since that was my last night on the infernal machine for the summer.

As a going away treat, I had their foot long DOG ... cooked to perfection (meaning burnt) with a toasted bun!!  Gotta LOVE those kitchen gals ... they really know how to do a DOG up right!!

In a couple of hours, poor Miss Jessie has to go to the Vet to get updated on her shots.  Every year they have her record of rabies shots WRONG!  So for the third year in a row, I will try to get them to make corrections.  I promise to keep my brain functioning and my ears open!!  I'm hoping they finally do the same.