Thursday, June 2, 2016

You've Got Mail .....

The temperatures are rising in California.  At 102 yesterday, it was sweltering.  Yes, I could turn on my air conditioning and face a $500 PGE bill, but instead I choose to suffer, brood and complain as sweat drips off my chin in spite of the not one, but TWO fans in my living room - kitchen area.  I'm just too cheap I suppose.  I'd rather spend that money on fuel!!

The trick is to never go outside after 10:00, but I had too many things to do.  I received a "You've Got Mail" text in the morning ... no, not THAT kind of mail.  I shy away from LOVE at AOL and E-Harmony.  The text I received was from the UPS store saying the big box I was expecting had arrived.  By the way, thank you to everyone for all those birthday cards ... I guess I should get my mail a little more often.

I was thrilled to see the big box ... finally a bird cage worthy of Jonathan's stature!  It should be, it cost me a small fortune!  Made entirely of aluminum, it all slides together ... nary a bolt or screw in sight.  THIS is a quality, million dollar home equivalent for Jonathan!!
I was so excited to see the actual size, thinking it just might fit in the motorhome, that as soon as I had it together, I braved the heat and lugged it outside.  Did I mention it was heavy??  Were it two inches narrower, it would fit perfectly, but it's close enough to perfect!!  It has a slight overhang on the front, but a thin sheet of plywood cut to fit and placed underneath for support will give me my table back!!

Now to secure it to the counter.   I could nail it down, but that wouldn't do much for the resale value, so I'm going to put that shelf liner stuff under and over the plywood to lessen slippage.  Then I'll bungee a block of wood to the table in front of the cage just while traveling.  That should keep it in place nicely.  I can't wait for Jon to try out his new house!!  By the time I was done, you would think I had jumped in the shower.  I'm SURE it was 130 degrees inside!!
On the way home from getting mail and a haircut, I stopped in to pick up three quilts that were just completed.  Remember this one?  Not the most exciting .... until I saw her quilting!!
This gal's machine cost something like $25,000 .... and it's worth every penny!!  Her quilting brings these pieces of fabric to life.  This is the pattern we chose with waves and bubbles to match the fish, which she adjusts on her machine to fit perfectly.  She took it to her quilters meeting to show off and immediately received nine more to quilt with the same pattern.  Pictures don't do it justice!!
While it's cool this morning ... 75 at 5:00 am ... I'll finish cleaning the motorhome and start packing.  It's time to drag out all those lists and post them around the house so I don't forget something!  I have company coming this evening, an Elks meeting (somehow I became an Auditor) and a queen sized bed to load in my truck for delivery tomorrow morning to a family who sleeps on the floor.  Since it's NOT in a good part of town, I'm looking for volunteers to ride shotgun!!


  1. All I can say is OMG I did not know what a long sewing machine is until I went on YouTube this girl is amazing to do this free hand
    Almost want to rush out and buy a half a dozen
    Either that or run up to St. George Utah just to watch her do her magic
    You get a chance check her work out on YouTube especially the diamond and the dragonfly
    Judi Madsen blog at www. ...
    Now I understand why those quilts are so expensive

    1. Pretty talented ... it costs me as much to have one quilted as it does for the material, not to mention my time!! Yup ... that's why they are so expensive, and why I make my own!! Thing is, they last two or three lifetimes!!