Saturday, June 11, 2016

BBQ In A Box

While wandering around the house yesterday trying to remember everything I needed to take, I spotted my new Q1000 barbecue sitting on the patio.  YIKES!!  I can't forget THAT!  Sometimes I should just sit and watch television instead.

I unhooked the little propane tank, actually remembering there was a little cover for the valve.  Trouble is, I couldn't find it.  The little yellow strap was there, but the cover was gone.  That's when I remembered cleaning up and throwing it away.  Gosh darn it!!!!!  I thought it was from the little tank, not my bbq!!

That's also when I realized the entire inside is covered in grease and crud.  I did a quick clean, brushing most of it into the little pan underneath, which I totally forgot about as I placed the really nice fitting cover over the top.  Of course the only box I had to put it in was a little small ... don't want grease all over the motorhome bay, you know ...  I stuffed it in.

That's when I realized I had forgotten to take the nasty grease-filled pan OUT and throw it away.  But NOT before it spilled on the bottom of the box.  Good grief!!!  I un-stuck the bbq legs, scraped and bloodied my knuckles, took the pan out and replaced everything back in the box.  It fit nicely in my only open bay area.  When I checked on it later, I noticed grease along the entire bottom of the box.  (Big sigh)  Now to find ANOTHER piece of cardboard to put UNDER the box.
Since I was on a roll, even if it was DOWNHILL, I trotted off to Harbor Freight (gotta love 'em) to pick up some allen wrenches.  $8.99 and I was in business.
I fixed the hose attachment on the power washer and drug everything out to the porch.  I vaguely remember something about letting the water flow through before turning it on, but nothing came out the hose.  It's that mechanical thing again!!  I reread the directions three times before giving it another shot.  Finally ... water came out the end of the wand, so I stood as far away as I could and flipped the "ON" switch.  

YAY!!!  It's working .... or maybe not.  It would start spraying, then stop.  I know from experience when you hear a motor screaming, it's not a good sign.  I turned it off.  After three times, just when I was ready to give up, it started working.  I'm guessing there was still air in the lines or something, because it began to purr like a kitten as I aimed the wand at the ceiling.  YAY!!!
Just so you know, pointing a powerful spray of water at the ceiling instantly removes all the spider webs and bug carcasses, whereupon they immediately land on your head!!  In two seconds I was a wet buggy mess!!  Pretty soon I got the hang of it and cleaned away years of dirt and bugs.  SUCCESS!!  Sort of anyway ... by the time I was done, I needed to turn the power washer on myself.  
Honestly I didn't do that great of a job, but it's better than it was!!  I'm taping the instruction manual to the back of the unit, just in case I forget by next time.  On a side note, do you know how hard it is to get wet spider webs and dead bugs out of curly hair???

Since I received notification this morning that I won the MILLION EURO LOTTERY and now have financing from some foreign bank for that yacht I've been eyeing, I can probably afford to hire a full time maintenance man.  Experienced, mechanically-inclined applicants, please apply within.  


  1. I'm beginning to think you're future Mexican handyman is looking better better every day,,,,,, A little tip,,, it's OK to invite him to the lodge for a meal with 500 guest BUT just don't try and cook for him

    Or your long overdue for another Hawaiian vacation

    The next time you go to a dollar store pick up A spray bottle of degreaser It's called AWESOME it's really good just don't put it on any paint
    If you do delud 50-50. Also there is a dilution scale on the back of the jug
    It works good removing grease from the barbecue grill kitchen the bathroom and yes the engine
    And no sorry you can't wash the dogs with it Even if they do come out sparkling white,,, but they Won't be happy.
    Will you hurry up and go on a vacation all your work is getting me tired

    1. Both are true ... don't cook and I AM ready for a Hawaiian vacation!! I actually have a bottle of Awesome. I'll try it out!!

  2. Isn't it funny how you win all these lotteries and cruises and such when you didn't even enter.

    1. Isn't that amazing?? Wish it was that easy to win the REAL THING!!